Getting 2 wives pregnant together

Hi readers, I am here with the ninth part of the series, ‘Incest Journey.’ I hope you all enjoyed the first eight parts of the series. Let’s start with the ninth part.

Keerthi is in front of my room, watching me with her angry eyes. Krishna is still sleeping. Keerthi went out of the room. I quickly dressed up and went to Keerthi to convince her.

Me: Keerthi, Listen to me. I went to mom’s room only, but,

Keerthi: But,What? What are you trying to explain? You lied to me. You said you loved me the most. But you lied to me.

Me: Keerthi, I didn’t lie to you. Krishna asked me to do this. It’s the first time she asked me something like this. And she finally accepted me as her husband.

Keerthi: That means you don’t want to sleep with me anymore?

Me: It’s not like that. Krishna has a wish. She had a lot of sadness in her heart. So she wants to sleep with both of us from today onwards.

Keerthi: Tell me the truth, Vijay. Is this her wish? Or do you want a threesome again, as your mom and I did that day?

While we are talking, Krishna also wakes up.

Krishna: Sister, don’t misunderstand him. He did this for me only. Anyway, this has to happen one day. I am sorry if it hurts you.

Keerthi: Don’t worry, Krishna. How are you feeling now?

Krishna: I am feeling better, sister. I can only say thanks to both of you.

Keerthi: Oh, No need for that. From today onwards, we all sleep together. We both will take care of you.

Krishna: Thanks, sister.

Me (in my mind): What the fuck! Just a minute ago, Keerthi blamed me for all that. And now she is joined on her sister’s side. I will definitely be crushed between these two women.

From that day onwards, we all three slept together. Sometimes Krishna wakes up in the middle of the night because of the nightmares she is getting. Keerthi and I were taking care of her all day. One day Keerthi and I talked to each other.

Keerthi: Vijay, Krishna is becoming much better these days.

Me: Yes. Her nightmares are also not coming frequently. She will become completely normal within a month.

Keerthi: She will. She also needs to start a new beginning.

Me: Yeah, I will take care of her. I will take her to the movies and dinners. She can also feel a change in life.

Keerthi: Ohh! My idiot husband, that’s not what I am talking about. She is a woman, and her life is also not fulfilled. I think she will become more confident if she becomes a mother.

Me: You may be correct. But we don’t know whether she is ready or not. It’s better if I take her on a trip to ask her.

Keerthi: No need for that. I will ask her. And I want a child too.

Me: Really, Keerthi? I am so happy to hear that.

I pulled her close to me and kissed her. After a minute, she breaks the kiss and waits for some time.

Keerthi: Today, I will ask Krishna. Then we will plan according to that.

Me: OK, then. I will go to the office.

Krishna is preparing lunch. Keerthi went to the kitchen to ask her about the children. She just started a casual conversation. In the middle, Keerthi asked her about children.

Krishna had no idea about that. Keerthi convinced her that children are more important in life. She told her to plan for that. Then suddenly, Krishna stopped Keerthi.

Krishna: Sister, my period is started, and I want to do it with him by today.

Keerthi: Wow! That’s great. I will call Vijay.

But Krishna stopped her again and told her,

Krishna: Sister, I want you to be there with me.

Keerthi: What the, are you stupid. Do you know what you both will do today?

Krishna: I know that and want you to be with me then. You can take this as my last wish.

Keerthi: OK. Fine. I will be there with me. There is no need to hesitate. Because the one who goes to do it there is my husband.

Keerthi called me and said that Krishna was ready to carry a child. Then I asked about her. Then she revealed the wish of her sister. I know how crazy Krishna and her sexual fantasies are. I told her that I would come soon today and cut the call.

Keerthi is a bit nervous about her sister’s wish. She is OK with doing that. I came home. Krishna took my bag and went to the bedroom without seeing his face. Keerthi came and told me to freshen up and come. I will serve the dinner.

I ate dinner and went to his room. Keerthi and Krishna also completed their dinners and went to the room. Both the ladies sit on either side of me. I placed my hands on both butts. Keerthi is all OK, but Krishna feels shy.

Vijay turned around Krishna and started kissing her. Keerthi is removing my shirt. I am playing with Krishna’s tongue. She is also responding to my kiss. I removed her blouse and started sucking her boobs.

Keerthi removed my pants and sucked my dick. Keerthi is sucking my cock soo good. She becomes a pro. Krishna is waiting for me. She wants to ask me to penetrate her. But her voice is not coming from her mouth.

I understood her situation. I pulled Krishna to the end and placed my cock on her pussy. She can’t bear this. She asked me to fuck her. Then I put my cock inside her and started fucking her.

Keerthi came top of Krishna’s stomach and started kissing me. Krishna is moaning. “Ahh, yeah. Vijay fuck, fuck me.” After some time, Keerthi went back. I turned Krishna and fucking her. Keerthi is sleeping in the bed, opening her legs wider.

Krishna pulled her and started licking her pussy. I was shocked to see that. Keerthi is moaning, closing her eyes. She thinks it’s me. But the real she is getting pleasure from her sister’s mouth. That’s insane.

That scene drives me crazy. Within five minutes. I cummed a heavy load on Krishna. She falls into bed. Her body is full of sweat, and the bed is full of her orgasm smell. That makes my cock erotic again. I pulled Keerthi and started fucking her.

She is hugging me, sitting on the edge of the bed. I am squeezing her butt. She is moaning crazy. “Haaa, yeah, fuck me, today you drove my pussy crazy. Fuck me. My pussy has been itching for your cock since you started licking it. Fuck me harder. Haa, yes, I became so angry hearing those words.”

She liked her sister’s oral sex more than mine. I fucked her so hard and came inside her. Both the sister came sleeping naked with cum leaking from their pussies. I left them like that and went to mom’s room to sleep with her.

In the morning, Vidya came home. 3 years of her is completed, and she has 1 year left. She came home for the 6th semester holidays. But she didn’t know that I married Krishna as my second wife.

Vidya asked my mother, and mom told her the entire story. Within 10 days, both Keerthi and Krishna became pregnant. And my sister started teasing me.

8 Months passed, and Both Keerthi and Krishna were near their delivery. I took both to their mother’s house. My mother is staying in my home, taking care of Arya. Both my wives are sleeping in their respective rooms.

At midnight, I went to the kitchen to get some water. At the same time, my mother-in-law also came.

MIL: Vijay, What do you want?

Me: I am thirsty. So I came here to get some water.

She took a bottle from the fridge and handed it to me. I drank and returned the bottle to her.

MIL: I think you can sleep now.

I turned to go to my room. But a hard sensation in my pants stopped me. I need to get relief from this. I dared and asked her.

Me: MIL, Can you satisfy the thirst rising in my pants?

To be continued.

I hope you all like this 9th part too. Leave a comment about this story. It will encourage us.

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