Getting sexual with virgin girlfriend inside bus

Hello everyone, I have been reading stories from this website for a long back and enjoying it. After reading many stories, I felt to post this and this is my first one.

Recently while watching an Instagram reel where the Instagrammer asked people how much was their kiss time, I was eagerly looking for answers. The answers were 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 15 minutes. 15 minutes was maximum. But do you people want to know a story that you won’t believe? It’s almost from midnight to early morning!

First, it all started with virtual kisses. Yes, it was with my long-distance lover. She was staying in Bangalore for her studies. At the same time, I was staying in a college hostel far away from Bangalore. Almost one-night journey to Bangalore.

Me and my long-distance girlfriend used to talk every single day like other lovers. I was not a pro at talking romantic things with her. Like other boys and girls, I used to watch porn. Whenever I see the videos, I start to feel I need at least a kiss from my GF. Indirectly, I started to ask her on the phone. She used to say no every day. I was sure that she would never give it. Then I started sending her romantic kissing images in the morning messages. She was not reacting to those and just said, “Good morning!”

On a fine day, I started a virtual kiss and it continued every day. It fascinated her and she also started to give it back. I started getting what I wanted. From that day, the call was never-ending without kissing from both sides. I used to ask her when will I get a real one.

One day, she and her college friends made a plan for a trip for which she invited me. I said okay and joined them. We enjoyed the trip and went to nice places. We both tried to kiss there but it was not possible as her friends were with us all the time. But it was my first time touching a girl. We got very close physically. Unfortunately, we returned without a single kiss.

After returning from the trip, I was very disappointed and my long-distance girlfriend noticed it. Days passed with the usual calls. Finally, she made a plan. It was her vacation time and she wanted to experience it in real. She used to travel to her native in private buses every time. So this time, she asked me to join her journey. To my bad, I met with a small accident and my leg was wounded and had very bad pain. So I said I might be doubtful for the trip. She wanted it badly and told me that I must come if I felt better. I never hurt her, so I decided to go in any condition. She was very happy and booked the tickets for the upper berths.

I traveled in the daytime and reached Bangalore in the evening. It was again time to travel back with her (The first time I traveled around 900 km total in my life for a single kiss).

So we onboarded the bus early and I rested. My girlfriend started watching a movie on her phone. I didn’t get sleep even though I traveled from morning. I was just using my phone.

After 2 hours and at around 11:30 pm, my mind finally started to think about when we would start, who would start, and how it would go. It was the first time for both of us, crazy!!! I started to see her face when she asked for a kiss. I waited for around 5 minutes and couldn’t control it. I just kissed her suddenly on her cheek. She was surprised and looked at me for a while.

She removed her jacket and kept aside her phone. Then she gave her first kiss. The play started and we got laid down on the birth and started kissing. She was on me and the smooching started. It continued and continued. Maybe for an hour. We were lying on each other and making out. Wow! It was an amazing experience.

Then I lost control and went to kiss her neck. She was not allowing me to kiss her neck (As it was the main part of turning on a girl). I controlled her by holding her hands and kissed her with some force this time. My long-distance girlfriend suddenly shouted.

We both paused and were silent for a few minutes as if someone may come and ask. Luckily, no one came and we continued for another half an hour.

The bus stopped at around 1 pm for a dinner break. We got down, took fresh some air (there was a cold breeze) and went to the restrooms. I was waiting for her. She came and started to scold me like, “You are so rough.”

I asked her what happened. She again continued scolding me nicely by showing the marks on her neck. I was feeling very happy that I made that mark. She was afraid that if anyone at home asked about that mark, what would she say? I convinced her by saying it would get clear by the morning and no need to worry. We got back on the bus and took our seats.

The bus started and the lights went off. As the game was not over, we continued. With more Josh, I started with the neck. This time, she didn’t say anything and allowed me. It continued. I gathered some courage and started to touch my face to her boobs. Later with my face, I started rubbing her boobs. My gf was a short girl and her boobs size was less. I got into the sexual heat that I forgot I had leg pain. It was like a dream.

This time, she lost her control and started to moan silently. It made me crazy and I continued with more intensity. My mind was thinking of removing her t-shirt but I controlled a lot as it was a bus. It was almost 4:30 am. We paused and she was sleeping in my arms. At 5:30 am, our stop arrived and we stepped down.

The very next day, my lover had a high fever as it was the first time and I again got scolded by her, haha. This is not a sex story for you, but it is the story of our hot romance and I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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The second story is on the way and it is about a different girl.

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