Gift Before Wedding From Elderly Friend

This real life incident will tell you how I got a chance to enjoy and fuck my elder sister’s friend which was unplanned and unexpected for both. But we enjoyed a lot

Hello readers and all female ( all age group) this is my 1st story. I’m very old ISS reader. I am 30 yrs old tall, well build avg looking guy from Mumbai. All your stories always inspired me. But never fucked anyone till 28. At the age of 28 I got 1st gf and I give my virginity to her. After our 2yrs relation we decided to get married. Our parents allow us and both families fix the dates of feb 2016.

All my bachelor’s starts from November itself. I used to upload pics of my all bachelors. And watching those pics others are demanding party for them. While enjoying my bachelors I got massage from my friend ashwini- (she is actully my elder sister’s friend she is 3 yrs older to me little bit chubby, cute looking, nice boobs and ass and hight) . And she congratulates me. And ask me for the party. She was not serious about that ,but just in general she said ” hume kab party milegi “.

I: ok karte hai party!

A: are mai to majak kar rahi hu .. you enjoy

I are par mai to serious hu.. Chalo milte hai.. Its been long time.

A: are you sure?

I : yes yes

A:ok den lets meet.

And then we decided to meet at lounge in kandivali. We fix the time and according to that I rched der. I found ashwini was not der. She was on her way. Meanwhile I was thinking about her. We were meeting after long time almost 3 4 yrs. She was working with my sister and their office was next to my office building. So we use have our lunch to gather. She was little bit modern, trendy and open-minded girl. Once ashwini caught me with cigarette first she gave some

“Bhashan” to me but then she said “Itane din se q nahi bola be” . From then after finishing our lunch me and aswini use to meet for the smoke in lunch.

As I told you she was open minded girl, she like to speak on all kind of topics … Politics… Some nonsense shots of movies… Sexual jokes and many more…. After some months we become very good friends and we started talking about sex girls shape, means body part. I use to tell her

“Dress uper khich le galli dikh rahi hai teri” and use used to replied me “Tuje kya problem hai.. Chupchap dekh na jab dekhane mil raha hai to”.

While thinking about her I got a call from her telling me ke “2 mins me aarahi hu”.

Within 2 mins she came.. She was same after after 3 4 years .. No changes. Only one thing added and thats mangalsutra and lal maang.

She came ..We hugged each other and went inside the lounge. The lunch was good. It was cabin system lounge. Privacy full on

We select one cabinet and settled down there. We order some drinks and food. And start chatting regularly. While chatting we were cracking jokes and that time we were giving hifi hugging watch other and while doing that her body aroma makes me hard. But I controlled on it.

We were their till 12.30 and meanwhile we had 5 large pegs each. We both were little bit out and we paid our bills and left the lounge around 12.45. We were out and laughing like mad . Giving hifi and hugging each other on road. While doing that I was hard and surprise to me she didn’t get notice or get touched.

Then we hire a auto to mira road. We decided that I will drop her to miraroad at her place. While traveling to mira road from auto rikshaw we were very close. I put my hand around her shoulder and she was comfortable with that and at one point our face come very close to each other and we both get involved in lip lock. We kissed each other for 10 mins very passionately. We forgot that we are in auto rikshaw.

After some time get back to our sense. We stop and we look into each other’s eyes.. We smiled and we start kissing again….This time I put my hand on her boobs. She remove my hand from there but again after few seconds I put my hand on boobs but this this time she didn’t react so after few seconds I start pressing her boobs and I found that she was enjoying that soft gentle press.

Almost after 10mins auto driver interrupt

Driver .. Sir aage kaha jana hai

Ashwini … Ohh shit humm kafi aage aagaye.. Bhaiya you turn lelo

We looked each other and start laughing on our self that we were soo much involved I kissing lips that we missed our regular rout.

Now we start adjusting our cloths because we come close to her house. I help her in adjusting her cloths. While doing that she kissed me on my chick. We reach to her society. We hug each other again and again I feel her boobs and whisper in her ear…

I: fir kab milenge … To complete this round

A: hahah ahaha shutup… Tumhari ab shadi hone wali hai….

I: so …. Tumhari to shadi hobhi gayi hai…. To tumhe kuch farak pada? Nahi na…

A: are you serious about this?

I: yes!

A: are you mad kya?

I: you made me….

A: hahah ahaha chalo jao abhi .. Let me think abt it… Mai bolti hu tumhe jab kabhi possible hoga tab

I: promise?

A: you naughty bachelor…. Go now

I got a signal from her … And on that naughty smile I left from there…

I took a another auto from there to my society

After 10 mins of ride my auto rikshaw get puncture…. Auto driver said …. 10 mins me hojayega tire change.. So I said ok.

Same time I got msg from her

A: where you reached…?

I :just cross dahisar and my auto get puncture

A: ohhh …So ab kya kar rahe ho.. Dusara auto mila kya?

I: nahi.. Rukaa hu yahi akela .. Ye driver tire change kar raha hai tab tak

A: same here .. Akeli…. Hubby office me hi ruke hai… Aaj nahi aayenge ghar….

I: soo (in naughty tone)

A: what? (soft laugh)

I: you say

A: are you mad kya?

I: why? you are not? you don’t want to …?

A: not like that .. But no … Bye

And she disconnect the call

Meanwhile my auto driver change the tire and we were ready to leave. And again I got msg from her?

A: you want to drink more….

I: where?

A:my place .. Told you I ‘m alone

I: what if your husband came back or came early morning and found me there?

A : we are spending full night here.. Just for cpl of more drinks ….

I: hum ok! But what about buzzz! Now its difficult to get from anywhere.

And I ask my auto driver abt the buzz “Kahi daru milegi kya ab”

He said piche miraroad jana padega .. Vaha pe milegi”

I said chalo pich

And I msg her that I ‘m coming with bus plz cock something to eat she said ok

I took buzz and reach to her place .. Rand the bell .. Doors open…. And I get stunned

She was in sleeveless knee length gown without and inners ( I just guess) she welcomes me and went inside to kitchen and back with 2 glass. Till then I wasnt just standing at the door removing my shoes.. I saw ashwing back with one stole covering her upperparts of body.

I ask her what happen to you why you put this stole around you. She just smiled and sat on sofa and said … Chal aaja yaha pe chupchap.

I sat on opposit side chair. She laugh and said why you are sitting so far…. Dar mat aaja yaha baju me .. Khanahi jaungi tuje!!

I replied …. Yahi to chahiye ke tu kha jaye muje and I shifted to her side she just hug me and sleep there and keep her head on my thigh (meri godi me sogayi.) I started moving my hand in her hair and on her chick. I make our drinks and tell her to get up and start enjoying our drink.

She said lets seat in balcony its open terrace so we shifter there . We sat on floor she sat next me and keep her head on my shoulder.

Her body smell make me hard again. 15 20 mins without saying single word enjoying the darkness and silence we finish our drink.

Suddenly she got up and went inside. I thought she might me bringing something so I sat there only, but after 10 mins when she didn’t back I went inside but she was not in kitchen so I checked her bedroom. She was not there too but I heard shower is on.

So I just called her to check whether she is there or not.. But I didn’t get ant reply from inside so I thought she is not there but she might be forgot to close the tap of shower so I pushed the bathroom door and I was shocked to see ashwing standing under shower with all the clothes on.

I: kya hua ?

A: pata nahi muje? Ekdam se laga ke shower lelu.. Andar se kuch feel hua jo muje yaha tak le aaya.

I: I just gave her naughty smile! And tell her to come out

She came out and took a towel and start drying her hair. Den I told her to remove her gown

A: tum bahar jao mai karti hu change

I:shuuuu ..Chup ekdam chup

And I pull down the zip of her gown. And drop her gown. She imminently wrap her one arm around her boobs and put other hand on her pussy. I didn’t react much. I just keep drying her body. After few seconds she remover hand and while drying her boobs I heard her moan…. But I didnt show anything on my face.

Den while cleaning her bottom part I touch her pussy this time she moan little bit loudly. .. I just saw her she gave me naughty smile. I kiss her pussy. She didnt react and that was the green signal for me…. Now I kissed deeply on her pussy and she press my head hardly …. She start enjoying that … Now I start licking her pussy nicely and she also start moaning loudly . After some time she said bus bus varna mai ho jaungi yahi pe…

I: chalega gira do yahi pe….

She pushed me back and run towards washroom. I heard her moan outside .Aahh hhha …. Hufssss …. After cpl of minuets she came out after cleaning herself and said pagal hai tu ekdam…. Muje aaise kabhi nahi hua tha… Aaisa kisine lick nahi kiya tha…. Mai aaise tumhare samne nangi khadi hu …. Muje yakin nahi horaha…

So I said .. Mere pass condom hai…

A: to kiska wi8 kar raha hai.. Jaldi kahatam karke tuje nikal na hia yaha se …

This line make me crazy

I start kissing her … She remove my cloths and start sucking my hard tool. My dick was full hard I put my dick on her pussy and start pushing slowly inside … It was warm and juicy and then I fucked her for 15 20 mins in diff. Position .After 15-20 min I cum inside her pussy but condom was around my dick. 🙂

Den I left at 4.30 to my place. While leaving she said if its possible we will meet again …. I said pakka .

After that lovely hot and wild night we meet 3 4 times and had gr8 time together.

If you like my story and want to enjoy with me contact me at [email protected]. I’m here to enjoy with all age woman. So mumbai’s lonely (unsatisfied or hungry for sex) ladies contact me without any hesitation.

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