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Hi this prem rao from , 28years old, and this is my first story, so if any mistakes in please forgive.

Ian 28 years old and do not have any girlfriends till now and iam dark and fatty and 5’10” guy. Iam working in a privati organisation. Recently i joined in a mnc which is almost a day travel from my home, so company had provided me a house.

Here i came across a cute girl working with me in my section under me. Initially she didnt even bother to look at me, but later as we both worked in the same section she had no other option to talk to me. As we started talking she understood me and feelings of now having girlfriend till date, she came close to me, we became close and soon we shared our phone no and started chatting at night, as she is also away from her home we didnt have any problem in chatting late night.

Sorry everyone i forgot describe about the girl, her name is jincy sharma (name changed for her privacy), she was cute with perfect curves 34 26 32 but little short she is only upto my shoulder level (aprox 4′ 10″) she is from gujarat.

Back to the story, the chatting continued for few weeks and really got close to each other and we started chatting regarding sex.

Sex i dreamed a lot but i didnt get a chance as i do not have any girlfriends, i even tried in few adult networking sites but i didnt get, so i had decided to go to call girl, and i had sex with 2 call girls together in 1 night about couple of years ago.

I did even shared this with jincy, then she got very close to me, and we had sex chats every night, and when ever we get chance alone in the office we lip lock each other kiss her breast, sucks finger her pussy and she used to suck my 8″ cock. But we didnt really had chance to have sex.

This continued for almost every day for 5 to 6 months.

One day jincy told me that she is going to home for a wedding and she asked me to accompany her. So we both took leave and i hired a car (innova) and started our journey to her home it was almost 36 hrs drive.

We started by morning after breakfast, we were chatting regarding her family, house, and the place, on the way i was playing few romantic songs in the car and we both were enjoying the songs and we stopped in a hotel and the side of the highway for our lunch. We had lunch and we got back to the car and french kissed for almost 3 min and then we started our journey again.

On the way she placed her 1 hand on my thigh and started creasing by resting her head on my shoulder and i moved my left hand around her hips and holding the gera leaver. When ever i shifted the gear i poked her thighs and soon she got arose and then we stopped for the evening tea and snacks. Then as soon as we got in to the car she hugged me tightly and planted a deep french kiss for almost 5 min, as it was around 6 30 pm and the car had sunfilm no one could see us hugging and kissing.

So then i started driving and she helped my hand and started creasing her face lips ears and slowly moved down to her neck and she placed my hand on her breast and i started pressing her boobs softly on top of her low cut v necked t.Shirt, she helped my hand to press a bit hard, mean while she was creasing my cock on top of my jean and cock was suffering inside my jean and she helped me 8″ cock free and slowly she bend down and planted a deep and romantic kiss on my cocks head and started licking and stroking my balls, i stopped the car at the side of the road and removed me jean and underpant, now i was nude below the waist.

She lied on my laps and started kissing licking and sucking my cock like an ice cream, i moved her tshirt up, pink bra came into my site and i was pressing her boobs, i couldn’t see properly as i was still driving as well continued pressing her breast, slowly moved my hands down to her navel, she very sensitive if i touch her navel, and by the time i touched her navel she fully got arose and gently started biting i moaned in pain with pleasure.

Slowly i moved my hands inside her skirt and started rubbing her pussy gently above her panty, like this it went on for almost 2 hours mean while i came her mouth once and she was so thursty that not even a single drop was left she drunk every single drop and she sucked my cock dry.

Now she is fully hot and she couldnt control and told me to stop the car so i stopped in a very darck place about 200 meters away from the highway. She immediately removed all her cloths and opened her back took a bedsheet and stepped out of the car and called me out, we both were fully nude in the open air, and her nude body was glowing in the light of the full moon, i picked her in my arms walked to the near by grass spread the bedsheet and made her lye and lied on top of her and kissed wildly we both were very hot, i sucked her breast like a baby and bit a bit and she moaned in pain with pleasure.

I then moved down to her navel and kissed and without wasting even a second i parted her legs, omg i had touched and fingered her pussy several times but this is the first time i saw her pussy, clean shaved with just a line of hair well shaped, it is so beautiful, i kissed and slowly inserted my tongue and started tongue fucking, she started moaning louder ( come on dont stop do it suck it till i am drained out come on darling i love you just do it ) her talking made me crazy and i sucked for almost 20 min and mean while she came twice i drunk and sucked and licked and dried her pussy.

Now she told that she cant wait even a second come on i need your cock fuck and tear me pussy apart come on. Immediately i parted her legs holding her thigh on my hangs slowly pushed my cock in her pussy she screamed it was too tight and my cock head went inside. She screamed and told to fuck dont stop, and with 1 hard push my whole 8″ cock went inside she screamed with pain but i didnt stop and started fucking hard slowly she over came the pain with the pleasure of getting fucked hard i continued for 5 min and stopped and made her lye on the stomach and i kneeled between her legs lifted her hips parted her legs and holding her legs under my armpit and started fucking in that position for another 15 to 20 min and mean while she reached another orgasm and i also was about to come and she told she is thirsty and so i took my cock out of her pussy and made her kneel and stroked my cock and i came in her mouth and she drunk every drop of my cock shack.

Then we lied like that hugging each other for about 30 min and again we had another round then by 1 midnight there was a stream near we walked to the stream full nude body had a bath in that stream and the we walked to the car and started driving to her home.

Next day evening we reached her home, there was a surprise waiting for me. As soon as we reached her home she told darling i love you and i will never forget last night and sorry to say i came home not for anyone else marriage its my marriage.

My heart was totally broken up. Then 3 days i spent in the car itself in her home town attendant her marriage, wished her and told her never ever cheat her husband and i came back to my office and i resigned and went in search of new job, since then i never tried to contact her but she did call me daily for 3 weeks but i didnt answer, and changed my number.

Hope you all liked my real story feedback are welcomed “[email protected]”

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