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Hi ISS readers, this is Raut again with his second sex story as promised. Thank you for giving so much love to my first sex story: This time the story is about my girlfriend. Well, Disha (name changed) is sure a thing of beauty. People have actually envied me and asked ki “broooo kaiseee?” She is that type of girl. The figure to die for, style is engraved in her and her hair, I don’t know why but what I find most sexy in girls is hair.

Coming directly to the sex story. I had invited my girlfriend, Disha to my flat that I have rented. She was probably aware of what was about to happen, but she came anyways. Since we are in Delhi, it is bound to be cold in January. I welcomed Disha when she came and had her seated in my drawing room that was right at the entry to my flat. I asked her if she was hungry and then we had our lunch and were all feeling sleepy when Disha said that she was feeling cold. I asked her if she wanted a quilt and on her saying yes, I brought my quilt from my bedroom. She was sitting on the large sofa and I was on the singular one. Initially, we weren’t sitting together, but when the quilt came and she started getting all comfortable, that is the time I said that I am feeling cold too and that I want to get inside too.

She simply smiled and said nothing. I got in. She was partially lying down, resting her head on the armrest of the sofa and that is where I got in. I got inside exactly where her position was and put both my legs on either side of her body so I could easily feel her backside on me. I moved my hand on her stomach. She didn’t even look back. Disha just lied there getting herself comfortable making a mattress out of me.

I started moving my hands on her stomach, onward and upward. She knew where those hands were going and she said, “Honey, a little faster please!” That was my queue. I pulled her up so that my penis could be felt on her butt and I started kissing the backside of the neck and also caressing her boobs. Disha let out moans. I turned her, so now we face each other. I laid my lips on her lips. We lie there passionately, completely lost, simply letting our tongues and lips do all the talking and loving.

I broke the kiss, picked Disha up with the quilt still on her and carried her to my bedroom. There I lay her down on my bed and slowly smelling her got on top of her, and started kissing once again. I lied there on top of her for like five minutes when I made the first move. I got up and pulled my shirt out. Then made her sit up and removed her jacket and then her shirt. She was in front of me in her jeans and her red lacy bra. I instantly got hyped and started caressing and kissing her boobs while my hands started fumbling for the hooks of the bra to release the mind-blowing beauty they were hiding. The bra came out and I was staring at a set of beautiful boobs that were so inviting and that I instantly pounced on them, sucking, kissing. She was simply moaning and enjoying. Then I started moving down to the navel. Deep and clean, I put my tongue inside and kissed her there.

Then came the final piece of clothing. I tugged at her jeans button and pulled the zip down. She got up. Now she was imitating me. Making the exact same expressions and copying me. I found that so sexy. She also opened her trousers button and pulled my zip down. We tugged at each other pants and pulled them down somehow. I got down on my knees then. Fondling with her vagina first I started kissing it. She let out a soft moan. I pulled her panty down, and kissed her vagina and used some of the tongue work there too. She came and was panting. She let out three words that were enough for me, ”I love you!”

I got up got so close to her face that I could feel her breath on my face and let out, “You are the only miracle that ever happened to me Disha. I can and will never let you go. I love you too!” I landed a kiss again and this time I lay her down. And got on top of her ready to get inside her. I slowly pushed my penis inside. She let out a painful moan but I put my mouth on hers and inserted half. Her tear rolled down, but I kept going. Slowly with the to and fro motion. She started to get used to it and was now going ……yeah baby, harder…. oh yes……oh yeah….carry on.I was motivated as hell. I kept thrusting and thrusting, she was about to come when I thought of giving her a little torture. I stopped midway and simply gave Disha a naughty smile. She started laughing and abusing me amusingly. And when she was least ready for it I put all my energy into her. She orgasmed first and let out a sigh of relief. But I was still due and I kept going until I finally came inside her. And lay on top of her.

After some time, I got off from her and took her in my arms and we simply hugged and cuddled. Her arms were around my neck and mine were around her back in a tight hug. I could feel her heartbeat and every part of her.Sadly now, Disha and I are no more together and this is one of the three times we had a good time together. I will probably tell you what happened, the next time. Again, if there is some girl looking for a clean friendship (trust me, I never let people down), one-night stands or some casual sex or some relationship advice or practically anything, I am just one email away: [email protected]Your identity will be kept to only me and nobody will know anything, whatever happens. Will be back with my third sex story soon. Thank you!

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