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I had shared my number to her to be in touch because we liked her profile and I liked her personal profile.

Next day morning I got call from her asking about her interview. I told her we are ok with your interview performance our HR will be in touch with you. Same day evening I got message from her thanks for your feedback so and so.

Me: You welcome Deepa

Deepa: Yes. How are you doing? Morning I was in hurry missed to ask you.

Me: It is ok I am good. How are you doing did you reached Hyderabad.

Deepa: Yes,night 3 o clock reached. I am good.

Me: I thought you been to Mysore.

Deepa: No no ..I had training session because I came back


Deepa: Ok Rahul ..I will catch you later.Gn

I have replied the same good night. Tc. I think so for three to four days I have not received got any communication from her.

It was a Saturday afternoon I got message from her around 2pm

Deepa: Hi Rahul how are you how is weekend

Me: Hey I am good. I am at home with friends. How are you ..what is going on

Deepa: Good here.. Nothing just sitting at home, my husband is not in town.

Me: sad…your are alone at home. You could have gone to Mysore.

Deepa: No I am not alone I have dog at home. I can’t go to Mysore it will take two days in travel

Me: Super dog lover haaa. I like it

Deepa: Yes. I like them stay with friends ?

Me: Yes I stay with friends.

Deepa: Good. You guys are having fun?

Me: Yes kind of. What about you what are doing?

Deepa: Nothing sitting and watching tv ,after sometime have to go to gym

Me: Nice. You go to gym cool

Deepa: Yes weekly 5 days I go..not on weekends.. but today I am going to gym to kill my time

Me: Good nice that’s why you have nice body.

Deepa: Thanks, had your lunch

Me: Yes, what about you?

Deepa: Yes finished the by are you from Karnataka do you know Kannada?

Me: Yes very much.

Deepa: Cool..what you do in weekends?

Me: Roaming here and there some parties with friends

Deepa: I disturbing you?

Me: No no..Even I am free you can talk to me.. I was thinking I am disturbing you

Deepa:Ohh..can we talk in the evening i have to go for work out

Me: You carry on ,see you later

Deepa: See you

I was busy with my friends partying I got call but I have missed it my mobile was in silent. I saw it somewhere night 10 pm. That was deepa’s call. I have sent her sorry note through message at same time.She replied after 5 min.

Deepa: Hey its ok.i was getting bored thought to talk to you, are you busy now?

Me: No no..i was out just reached home..hope you ever sleeping ?

Deepa: No no.. I don’t sleep soon..doing some work in lappy

Me: can talk to me problem

Deepa: No problem you can..what are doing?

Me: Nothing lying on bed and texting you..nothing else..what time you sleep?

Deepa: good..I don’t know ..why you want to sleep..

Me: No no …what work you doing in weekends..

Deepa: Nothing ..just some know when I saw you thought you have lot of attitude

Me: Ok it people think like that ..when they start talking to me ..Then they get to know what I am

Deepa: That’s true are a cool guy

Me: Thanks ..then how is your life doing. How long you been married

Deepa: Its going on..from 4 years it’s a love marriage.

Me: How is married life …?

Deepa: As same every ones there is nothing special..

Her reply was something different I again asked her

Me: Ok ..anything problem if don’t mind you can share with me

Deepa: Nothing like that ..Everything is good…his job is all the time roaming …I have to sit yet home boring life…we don’t get time for us. He is busy in career and money. I can’t stop him also

Me: same problem everywhere ..that’s why I want to be single all the time..

Deepa: Yes…that’s why we are not planning for kid also…I am worried about my life

Me: Be cool things will fall in place..are you sleepy..

Deepa: Yes waiting for those days no not sleepy..

Me: Done with your work….?

Deepa: no no its there ..I don’t get sleep..

Me: Why what happened ?

Deepa: No nothing …don’t take me wrong. I miss my hubby …need him in bed …from long time he didn’t even touch me

Me: come …if I would have been his place I would have been with you all the time on bed …you are so hot ..

Deepa: What ..?

Me: Don’t mind just told you ..don’t take it serious do you satisfy your feelings

Deepa: Its ok I will not…you know one thing …I will satisfy myself to masturbating …

Me: do masturbate many time ..

Deepa: Every day morning or evening before my hubby comes…He doesn’t like all those things

Me: super…where do you masturbate do you fuck?

Deepa: I fuck some times on bed else in Bathroom ..once my hubby goes to office …You know one thing frankly I will tell you I am not doing any work now…just I told you …I am watching porn …I like hardcore fucking ..see them and fuck my holes with my fingers …

Me: What !!!!! really.. you watch porn…fuck your holes means what?

Deepa: Yes dude ..I love English hardcore porn starts …I watch them when I masturbate ..i love fucking my pussy, mouth and ass hole…you know my hubby is traditional fucker …there is no action …I like sucking and banging hard my ass and pussy..i can’t ask him this ..because he doesn’t like ..all time I fucked in machinery.. some time he lick my pussy ..that to so boring ..there is no aggressive in action..

Me: Omg …then your horny now…what are you doing ..

Deepa: Nothing fingering my pussy …watching porn ….yes I am horny ..i need dick right now ….which can feed my holes..

Me: you like big dicks…

Deepa: Yes I love them ..I have seen one guy dick..he had solid one, when I had been to Thailand …I felt fucking him .. but my hubby was there …don’t mind what is you are size?

Me: asking me guess what it would be?

Deepa: You are a fit guy…hope it would be 7 inch …

Me: Good ..I never scaled till now it would be in between 8 inch …do you want taste it …

Deepa: What 8inch.!!!!.wow i want to taste it… and if you are ready be my “ Glory Hole” ….i want you are dick to ruin me and my holes…do you fuck my pussy and ass …your dick must be big for my ass even pussy’re not like my hubby right ?

Me: No no..I like hard core fucking…I will tear your holes ….not to worry about that …I like your body curves ..nicely toned ..

Deepa: Thanks …if you start fucking me na..i will stop going gym…just make me cum and keep me happy..

Me: I will..but how to fuck you.. you’re in Hyderabad …?

Deepa: I have plan ..but you be confident first …My mother in-laws in Bangalore .. I can come there weekends when ever my hubby go to trip ..

Me: Cool idea…nothing problem from end…from your end no rite..think and tell me

Deepa: No no.. I have thought and messaging you …I trust you …you trust me that’s it..

Me: Yes ..we will meet whenever you want …

Deepa: One more thing .. don’t call me and message me…whenever I am home ..if you want ..we will talk on Gtalk…

Me: Ok I will not it is cool idea..(i shared my gtalk id ..)

Deeap: Ok ..we will talk there ..Rahul…my pussy is so wet …its dripping down…can you lick me

Me: Yes ..think I have widen your leg …licking your pussy clit and lips…omg so nice taste…

Deepa: Ohhh….bastard ..lick it hard ..make it more wet ..drink my juice …lick it lick it ahha my pussy..

Me:Yes…I am licking it hard …biting your pussy lips …become pink…putting my tongue inside your pussy…..can you feel it slut..

Deepa: ahhaa aahhh … .ahaaa ohhh aaahhha… fuck it fucker … fuck it ..put your tongue deep…bit .bit .bit ….eat my pussy lips… ahhhh ahhaaa

Me: Bitch I am licking your dripping juice….wide your legs more and give me access ….ahha huuhh ..fucking it ..putting my two fingers in your pussy …rubbing your pussy hard..

Deepa: ahhh ahha ahha ahhha beast fuck it ….put all your fingers tear my pussy ….make me cum….i love it baby ….fuck it don’t stop..lick it hard….can you come on 69 …I want to suck you nasty fat dick ….

Me: Yaa baby coming on you take it inside your mouth …fuck it hard …spit on it ..spit on it whore …spit …suck it hard hard …..i am fingering your pussy ….wow …such slut your …fuck it …

Deepa: ahhaa … your dick is full of mouth ….i cant slid …so hot it is …sucking it beast …how are you feeling …it’s a iron rod baby ..i loved it …fuck my mouth …lick my pussy ahh ahhha ahhha ahha

Me: I love it wow your are great sucker…take it deep…deep ..deep..ahhaa haaa

Deepa: Push your dick deep honey …fuck my mouth deep deep ….ahha ahha I can taste your precum … ahhha ahha I love you baby ..

Me: Bitch you want me to fuck your pussy …can you give me fucking nasty pussy

Deepa: I love it if you fuck my pussy …and tear it …how do you want to take ..?

Me: Good come on want to fuck you doggy ….wide your ass more…hold your ass and spread bitch ….

Deepa: wow I love doggy …hit my pussy hole ..dig it and drill my pussy hole ….come on enter deepa’s world of lust …just fuck it don’t think about me …no mercy in lust

Me: I am holding your ass cheeks what fucking ass you have baby …I want to fuck them …I will ….spitting on you pussy …ahhha ..rubbing my dick on your pussy …ahhha ahhhaa I am entering ..inside ….ahhaaa ahha can you take it full…..

Deepa: fuck my ass any time …don’t teas me bastard …my pussy is long time hungry for hard meat …fuck it hard like a machine …ohhh your dick is so big it is not full inside ….fuck me slowly till my pussy stretch ….I can feel hard hot rod inside me…its super …

Me: Fucking you whore …take it deep …give me your ass…fuck fuck fuck fuck ahhhaaa so nice tiny pussy …I can feel how much hungry your pussy …it will eat my dick today …

Deepa: aahha aahhaa you’re my “Glory hole “fuck it …fuck ahaa …tear my pussy ..bang it ….don’t stop it ….fuck it hard my pussy.. I am comfortable now …its stretching my pussy … wow fuck it …fuck fuck fuck ..fuck it fuck it ..ahha go deep

Me: I am fucking strong ..going deep ..fucking it deep….ahhhaa your pussy is so wet and hot …ahhha fucking long stroke …I can feel your pussy walls..fucking it..

Deepa: ahhaa ahhaa ..I love your dick size its tearing my pussy ….give it to me ..give it to me….deep deep…fuck ..fuck …baby …

Me: Aaaha fucking you ..fuck it ….bitch I am putting one finger in your ass hole and fingering it …and banging you pussy …enjoying your ass

Deepa: Wow …fuck my ass.. I love it …love you baby …you’re the one who understand me well ..fuck it …fuck my ass and pussy …wow ahhaa haaaa ahaaa

Me: Fucking your pussy walls side by side … ahaaaa it so nice ….ur ass is super fucking your ass hole…can I put my dick in your ass hole bitch

Deepa: I can’t take it your dick in my ass hole honey …make it big fucking with fingers …later you fuck my ass..fuck my pussy make me..cum

Me: Ok slut …soon make your ass hole big…want to fuck it hard ….i will wait …fucking your pussy hard ..spanking your ass cheeks …your ass become red..i love it …

Deepa: Beast fuck my both the holes hard ….make me cum …I am so hard now ….ahhha aaha ahha fuck it hard ahhhha like that fuck like that …ahhaa good ahha go fast ….don’t stop…..i am gone cum …….

Me: Fucking you hard …ahhha ahha ahhha haaah ahhhha haaah ahhha take it slut …fuck you …

Deepa: I am Cuming …ahhha haa ahhaa ahaa you bastard fuck fuck don’t stop… ahaa ahaaaa …..ahaaa …. aaahaa

Me: Fucking you …I am gone cum …where do you want …

Deepa: Wow…ahhaa cum inside my pussy ….let me feel your hot cum …load my pussy …ahhaa

Me: I am Cuming … ohhh ohhh ohhaaa …..fuck you slut …ahhaaa ..can you feel my cum baby

Deepa: Yaaa.honey…its flowing so hot …I love it ….i can feel your dick so warm …don’t take out keep it there ..

Me: Yaa honey …I will not ….i love your pussy …

Deepa: Thanks honey …today I have cum so many time I don’t have count ….my pussy is so wet …my bed sheet is wet …I am happy..feeling relaxed …It’s a best masturbation I ever had…I love your mouth and dick baby…

Me: You welcome…I will fuck you very bad in real…

Deeap: I can make out now ..i love to fuck by you …baby don’t message me here if you don’t get message from me ..because my hubby my come in some time ..he has taken evening flight …I will ping you once I reach my office ..come on gtalk…it was nice fuck ….i have to delete your message inbox is full.

Me: ok don’t worry I will not …I will be waiting you in gtalk …I love fucking you ….talk to you tomorrow morning gn

Deepa: Thanks honey …miss your dick …we will talk tomorrow …do you have gtalk access at office …

Me: yes I can use …miss your

Deepa: My ass is yours my hubby will not fuck it …

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