Goa 2010 My First Sex Experience

Hi, hello, to all the Indian sex story readers, this is GS here from Bangalore and I m sharing my first sex experience of my life…

December 2010 my sister & brother-in-law and their friends planned the new year trip to Goa and I was asked to join them, so the program was set, we were ready to leave to Goa next day morning by train, so we all gathered at the station and the train started, so we all were chit chatting and then I was introduced to one of my sister friend who was sitting front of me, her name was Rash, she was 34 yrs and I saw her for the first time, she was good looking and open minded lady, she was married and a mother of two kids,

Then we started talking, she asked me my age. I said I m 30, she smiled at me, then she asked me are you married. I said yes, she asked me about my wife. I told her she left me after marriage and she said it’s ok this happens, then as we were talking to each other. I use to stare at her boobs, they were huge in size she was looking sexy in light blue jeans and white top.

By seeing her huge mountains my dick was hard, she saw that and gave me a smile, then we reached Goa by evening, so we booked a cab, we were 10 members and the cab we got was coming, it was small for 10 people, so we all adjusted our self’s and I was sitting next to her and my elbow was pressing her left boobs, then after a while she placed her left hand on my thigh and started messing. I was feeling high and by the time we reached our guest house, we all got freshened up then me my sister and brother-in-law and Rash decided to go to the beach and we left to the beach we reached there ordered a beer.

We all were drinking beer and were talking in the meanwhile Rash asked me to sit with her and leave my sister and jiju alone and told me to let them enjoy. As we were talking, I caught her hand slowly and we were sitting like that only for few minutes, then I told her I wanna go for loo, she said ok and I was about to leave she said even she wants to go, so we informed my sister and we went, it was kind of village style toilet, so I went first and then she went asked me to stand as the toilet door did not have a hook and when she went in. I saw she removed her pants and then she saw me gave me a smile from the toilet, when she came back I was standing there, she washed her hands and came near me and asked me to kiss her and we kissed there for a while.

Then we came back were my sister and jiju were sitting, we had our dinner and came back to the guest house and then we as we were ready to go for a sleep, there were only 3 rooms so we all decided my sister and jiju took one room, my sister-friend and here children were sleeping in 2nd room and the left was me and Rash, so we slept in 3rd room, as the light were off, rest all went to sleep, me and rash were talking and suddenly she asked me to have some fun.

We started kissing each other than, we undressed each other, she asked me to lick her pussy. I removed her panty and saw a bush of hairs. I started licking her pussy, it was nicely sweet and tasty, she was getting wild, she pushed me upward and gave her breast in my mouth. I was sucking them, she told me to fuck her but I told her they there is no condom, she said it ok you can cum in my pussy, then I inserted my dick in her pussy.

It was wet and hot inside and we fucked for 15mins. I told her I am going to cum, she held me tightly from behind and I came to her, she was happy…. And she sucked my dick and tasted my cum she liked it …… Then we slept, in the morning we got up, had a tea, got ready and she was in a car as we were going to Vagator, she said she will drive and sat in the driving seat, she asked me to sit next to her, she was wearing mini skirt and black top, she was looking boom, she then asked me did u get boner again after seeing me, I said yes to which she gave me the carrot she was eating ,

We reached Vagator beach, we enjoyed a lot in a water, we touched each other in all possible ways we could, we did para gliding together and had pizza too…. Then we had beer and snacks, I wanted to suck her breast, I asked to come to the washroom, she came I caught her from behind, she was surprised and kissed me. I told her I wanna suck your breast, she said wait let me check it out if someone is there or not, there was no one, I lifted her top and started sucking her breast, it was salty in taste due to sea water. I was enjoying it very much and pressing her ass it was big an round in shape … I miss her a lot

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