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Hi this is ronald. I have decided to write after thinking a lot on whether i should or not. This is an incident with my girlfriend over a period of time. I must say this was really not intended but it was the most fascinating experiences i’ve ever had. While studying in my class 12, i met this beautiful and i must say a very shapely figure with those cat eyes named deepa. Initially i did not realise she would be mine one day. But fate had it for us. All the while in class she used to stare at me and i was unaware of the fact. Nearing the completion of our school…

One day we met and we found looking at each others eyes and instantly we knew we needed each other, we needed the warmth of our body and we needed our lips to be oozing saliva in each others mouth and our tongue playing in our mouths. Let me give you a brief description about her. She had big eyes and was very fair, her boobs must have been the size of 36-c’s, voluptuous and a slim and shapely body with curves at her waist and her thighs god she was just the princess. We started meeting regularly and we cam closer. She was local to the place while i had come down to finish my studies. We started going out and slowly her parents too came to know about me and we used to sit long hours at her home talking with everyone around.

We realized after a while that her parents got used to me being there and so they used to often leave us alone and go out either for work or some errands. From day one we knew what our hearts and minds wanted. Whenever we were left even for a minute we used to move our hands on each other’s legs or just touch an intimate part of our body. This used to give us jitters and we used to get more wild and horny. We just could not keep ourselves away.

As soon as we were left from school, i used to rush with her to her apartment as that was the time when we were expecting no one to be there. But we never got enough time to get our naked body touch each other we often were in the middle of kissing or when my hands were just rubbing her boobs or when her hands just trailed down to the tip of my dick and she used to begin circling my dick. Someone used to intrude or disturb us.

We had decided we will lock the door next time we run home. Since we were planning for the big shot we were keeping time of her parents. And so for the next couple of days we used to only lock the door and lie down on each other, while i put my hands under her dress and her moan would simply give me a big arousal. I used to ask her to change into skirt. Which she did and i taking advantage of the situation would slowly insert my fingers under her skirt. Pulling up her skirt and licking her thighs slowly to move up to the sides of her pussy. Deepa used to scream and say “oh ronald, go slow lick my legs and rub your hands around my pussy”. We were sure not to make loud noise as that can be dangerous. She used to let out soft moans, “yeahhh rub my pussy and lick them hard, ohhhhh,,aaahhhh”.

Very soon we got the chance and deepa told me that her parents would be gone in the morning just to return late at night. We planned the entire day. I came around her house as soon as her parents left. We locked the door and we knew we had enough time to foreplay. Deepa came closer to me and put her fingers on my lips slowly bringing it down and teasing me as she brushed her boobs on my body. My dick had started to respond and i too pressed my dick on her pussy tight and teased her. We both were shivering. Deepa pulled me to the kitchen as she sat on the platform spreading her legs wide and pulling me between them.

She put her arms around my butt and pressed my dick to her pussy. I bent forward to kiss her on her lips as i pulled her legs higher and supported her on her butt with my hands. Our tongues going deeper inside each other mouth and exploring. Our lips were wet with our saliva. Deepa was now getting aroused and she was asking me to taker her on. But i knew this was not the right time and so i started fondling her and was caressing her boobs and was pressing my dick harder against her pussy.

She was now screaming and thumping on my hips to dig inside her. I picked her up and took her to inside the shower. Her skirt was pulled up and i could feel the wet panty sticking to her pussy. Undid her skirt and it slipped off revealing bare white legs and her panty wet with her juices. I rubbed her pussy with my fingers and inserted my fingers with her panty on inside. She craved like a hungry lion, turning the shower on it made us wet and we were soaking and transparent in our clothes.

Deepa pulled her boobs up to adjust in her bra and i saw her hard and big poking nipples asking me to bite on them. She pulled my pants down along with my undies and was stroking my dick up and down. Let me tell you i am very proud of the size and thickness of my dick which sometimes amazes me as well when its ready to go deep inside the pussy. And i am sure it is one of its kind in this world. It grew bigger in size and deepa was now going crazy at it. She bent down and took the whole thing inside as i was now experiencing heaven as she sucked on the rock hard dick. Pulling the skin up and down as i was losing self-control and thought i was about to cum. “i want you to fuck me hard, want you to suck my boobs eat my nipples and put your hard dick inside my pussy deep inside, oh ronald i’ve been waiting for this day please touch me and fuck me”.

This aroused me more than i had thought. Taking off the rest of her clothes i immediately bit on her nipples which were brown on her white boobs. Taking her boobs one after another. Sucking on her boobs putting it inside my mouth while deepa pressed her boobs squeezing it harder inside my mouth shouting”drink my milk, take my boobs inside your mouth and fuck them” i was eating on her body inch by inch. My tongue licking her neck, shoulders, running my lips on her nipples around it and holding on to it with the tip of my lips as deepa pressed it to squeeze out milk. Her hands were playing with my dick while i played with her pussy inserting my fingers.

Deepa then asked me “take me to the bed and fuck me now”. I followed her and again picked her up to take her to the bedroom. Water dripping all over her body on her lips and nipples and small drops on her pussy all were shinning and inviting me. I went on top of her and my dick was positioned to rub her pussy gently. She then pulled me down and took over my dick while i was moaning to the delight of her mouth sucking all over it. I then made her sit and put my dick between her boobs and began rubbing it hard wile deepa pressed her boobs harder against my dick. We were both in seventh heaven as we were enjoying the best time of our lives.

I then slowly put my dick inside her pussy as she spread her legs wider and was screaming for me to come in-” yessssss, go deeper inside my darling let my pussy suck in all your dick arrgghhh oh yes c’mon please fuck me tear my pussy”. I was now moving faster deep inside fucking her pussy with my rod ramming it hard against her butt as we moved forward and backward. Deepa was thrusting her butt upward and downward which made us get more ecstasy. I then turned her around on i was behind her while was was lying sideways, i picked up her one leg up and inserted my dick in between her legs inside her pussy.

She was now screaming and wanting more. Her pussy was becoming wet with her juices which only lubricated her pussy and allowed me to move deeper and faster within her. Fucking her in this position was the best as she could not do much but lay still and allow me to fuck her. This made her more horny and she pulled me towards her to guide my dick inside her pussy while she thrust up and down on my dick. We fucked each other in all the positions possible one after the other till it was late in the afternoon.

I then fucked her in the position of missionary which allowed us both the extreme passion. Deepa and myself were moaning loud as we were both on the verge of collapsing. We were wet with the heat we had created and deepa shouted as she said, “oh yes jannuuuuuu please fuck me fuck you you wanted to fuck me now ram it inside and take my whole pussy lick me suck me and fuck me all day long aaahhhh yessssss” i began the best i could and she was now going to cum as soon as i pulled my dick out she was oozing with her juices all over. She kissed me and we knew we had yet another session before we went down…..If you think this is it get in touch at [email protected].

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