Goodbye Session With Hot Ex Girlfriend

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This story is about my ex-girlfriend whom I dated quite long. Meeting an ex girlfriend is almost always an awkward situation and I experienced something like this some months before.

My ex was going to shift to bangalore and she wanted to meet me for the last time before leaving. I thought about the consequences but accepted the invitation anyway. We decided a date and on that day I knocked her door. I am a 5.11 feet guy with average build and a 6 inch penis.

So here I was ringing the bell. She opened the door and there she was, standing there in a skirt and smiling ear to ear. My beautiful ex with an amazing figure. She must have been going to gym these days. I had an immediate hard on! I quickly extended my hand and gave her chocolates and a hug. It was amazing to feel that warmth of her boobs after so long. I guess she noticed my hardon as she gave a naughty little smile.

As sweet as her name Rutuja has a really amazing body and perfect flesh at desired spots which will make any girl envious and any boy hard!

After talking for some time we remembered we used to play a game called ‘Contra’ before and decided to play it again. While playing this she started playfully hitting me when I made mistakes. I rose in return and our fights began! One hit led to another and unknowingly we were on bed and my face so near her. Just an inch away from her. I looked in her eye and went near. She gasped and closed her eyes.

I planted a light but passionate kiss on her pink lips. She started breathing heavily. She neither resisted nor responded. I held her tightly and placed my lips on her soft lips and pushed tongue through her lips. It was the most awesome smooch ever! Now she started responding back and I gained confidence. She put her hand in my t shirt and started rubbing my back. She held my tshirt and pulled it out in one go.

I had my hand on her smooth boobs. It was heaven to squeeze them. I was pressing both her boobs one after another and kissing her very hard. She was holding my dick over my pants and rubbing it really wild. We both were on fire. I pulled up her top. She was wearing a sexy black bra.

I tried to open it up but to fail. I had no option but to tear it. I tore it like a wild animal and revealed her big boobs. She has dark brown tight tits. It was heaven for my eyes after many months. I put them in my mouth and started kissing and pressing her boobs like there was no tomorrow! One after other I massaged them and she was moaning out loudly! I pulled out her top and we were half naked.

She pushed me on the bed, opened my pants, pulled it out like an aggressive tiger, took out my 6 inches dick and put it straight in her mouth! Aaahhhh it was like heaven! She was pounding it like a hungry dog. She went on for 10 mins and I was in my 10th or don’t know which heaven. I cummed all at ones in her mouth which she drank like nectar!

Now was my turn to show magic. I got up like I was on mission. Picked her up and threw her on the bed. Pulled out her pants and literally tore her panty. With full force her legs were parted and I put my mouth on her love hole. It was oozing with juices. I put my whole tongue in her pussy. She was screaming at the top of her voice!

Ohh my gaaaddd! Fuuucckk meee! Deepeerr harderr! Ohh fucckkk!

I was rubbing her clitoris with one hand, had two fingers of another hand inside her pussy rubbing her g-spot and tongue rubbing just below clitoris. She must be having a blackout… She suddenly screamed so hard Oh fuccckk! M comingg! Fuckk!! And she broke like a dam on my face.

Now I was ready with my hard tool again. I took a condom from my purse and she wore it over my dick. I placed my penis on her pussy and without wasting time gave a tight thrust in her pussy. It was so unexpected to her that she almost screamed in pain and was about to cry. She pulled me close and gave me a tight smooch. I was pounding her like a horse. Her legs wrapped around me and I was riding her pussy in missionary position for around 10 minutes. Almost mercilessly I pulled her up and made her sit on my dick and gave hard thrusts from below. She was screaming at the top of her voice.

Ohh shit fuckkk me your fuckerrr! Fuckkk me harded! Faaakkk! My gaaawwd! Cum inside me motherfucker!

I stood up and picked her up in my arms and she guided my dick in her pussy. We fucked in standing position for couple of minutes. She loved doggy style so I rammed her like a dog with no mercy. Spanked her fleshy ass and made it red. Now she was at her peak of horny and came in 69 position and sucked my dick like a pro! We finally came to missionary again as I love it.

We fucked for another 10 minutes and both of us came at ones and collapsed all tired!

We slept like that for an hour. She kissed me a goodbye and I thanked her for being with me. I haven’t seen her for months now and really miss those sessions. I know she misses them too.

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