Got Lucky With Newly Wed Hot Punjabi Boss

I was very disappointed… My hot hunky boss, Sandeep, was getting married….disappointed because now I would never be able to lay my hands on his hot body. My boss is a very handsome 30 year old guy, I must describe his delightful body. He has a cute face and always has a stubble with a seductively sweet smile. He has an athletic built with very broad shoulders. He has moderate hair on his body and is very stylish. He resembles Ayushmann Khurrana a lot.

Since Childhood, I was aware of my attraction towards men and had some casual physical pleasures with my college friends…lets leave that for other time. I am a 26 year old straight acting guy fair, tall with an average built leaving alone in Mumbai. But when Sandeep joined our office I was completely mesmerized by his looks and attitude. Many times I used to jack off dreaming about him. We became good friends and used to hang out many times after office hours. Whenever he used to put his arm around my shoulders or pat me on the back, my heart used to skip a beat and was jumping with joy inside. Several times my dick used to be erect by his mere presence around me. But sadly, Sandeep was unaware about my feelings for him.

Soon he got married to a girl through an arranged marriage. He used to often talk to me about how great his sex life was and they were having a great time. I became very gloomy and reduced going out with him. After 2 months after his marriage, he came to me and insisted to go out for a drink as he wanted to discuss something very important. And he told me that his wife had got pregnant on the first night itself and that now he is not able to get any action in bed and was very frustrated. He was living alone since his wife had gone to her parent’s house. My eyes lit up! Being the hot macho guy he got his wife pregnated in the first night itself…and that now this Punjabi bull was frustrated and alone.

I suggested that I had some excellent alcohol at home and he could relax at my place. He readily agreed and we had a nice time chatting, eating and watching movie. We got comfortable in my shorts and vest and started drinking and chatting. My eyes constantly wandered towards his broad shoulders and rippling muscles. We got really drunk and the topic of Sex again started.

I could sense his desperation and I quickly told him that I had some excellent porn movie collection, I dimmed the lights and played a porn movie which got him horny and in the mood. I was getting desperate to get him and played a Gay porn movie in which a young guy was giving a satisfying blow job to his teacher. Seeing this there was silence in the room and both of us could only hear the moans from the movie.

I still don’t know if it was him first or me first, but we hugged each other and his warm red lips covered mine. Wowwwwwwwwwww….what a feeling it was. It was exactly like I had dreamed it to be and so much more…months and months of wait and now I could suck his succulent lips. Our tongues explored each other’s mouth and we smooched wildly for 15 minutes which seemed like heaven.

I was just melting in his strong arms and letting him do whatever he wanted to do. Sandeep was like an unstoppable force and started tearing away my T-shirt and shorts. His hot gush of breath over my necks were tantalizing me. He started kissing me all over my chest and sucking and biting my nipples. This was pure joy for me and I could only manage mmmm….aahhhahhhh. My fantasy of having my boss fuck me was coming true. Sandeep removed his clothes now leaving only his underwear on. In the dim light his white sculpted body was glistening and in one sharp reaction, I started licking his manhood over the underwear. His dick was already erect and was like a long rod.

I smoothly pulled down his underwear and saw his throbbing rod and his hung ball sac. I became even more excited seeing him naked, I got down on my knees and started licking his dick like a hungry child licking a lollipop. Wow the aroma was intoxicating..the mix of pre-cum and urine was so masculine that I was salivating and licking his balls and dick faster and deeper. Sandeep let out a loud ahhhhh…..and started mouth fucking me. I could only half take his dick but was almost gagging but Sandeep was just going back and forth in full steam in my mouth and constantly moaning. My nose was buried in his thick pubic hair and it seemed like my entire world was made of only his bushes, dick, balls, his manly scent.

I too had removed my underwear and now i was masturbating furiously with one hand and massaging his balls with the other hand. I could feel Sandeep speed increasing even more, his moans growing louder and his thrusts deeper. I increased my sucking speed encouraging him to cum in my mouth. His muscles tensed up and rivers of hot white silk hit repeatedly in my mouth. Sandeep was in heavens and deposited his entire cum load in my mouth. I drank each drop of his cum till I sucked his cum pipe dry. Sandeep and I had a smile of satisfaction on our faces and he kissed me lovingly on my mouth and said you are now my second wife and today was our first night! Get ready for more action honey!

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