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Hi ISS readers My name is Unni. I am from Kerala This is my life not just a story or fantasy. I live with my grandmother as my father and mother is abroad and i am 19 years old. My grandmother’s name is Nalini. She is 60 years old but looks as she is in her 50s because of her hard work in her house and exercise. Her boob size is 34 with flat belly and sexy navel with beautiful oily ass that’s is not over or less. From my early life i love her body i look at her whenever she changes her dress and her white bra was sexy. She was really a cute good looking sex goddess. She always wear sarees in house. She doesnt wore bra sometimes. When she does works she wores blouse and dhothies. From that dress i can clearly see her cleavage and size of her breast and her grandfather died when i was in 11th standard in an accident.

I always masturbate by thinking of her because she was sexy and cute her body was like velvet smooth and she is more busty than a pornstar so i like to masturbate by thinking of her neither than a pornstar. My father and mom comes to home once in a year for 2 weeks thats my family. So i am attached to my grandmother.

I and my grandmom sleep in one bed after my grandpa’s death. I always masturbate at night by looking at her. I was afraid to go more ahead but at winter season we used to hug each other as whenever her boobs touches my chest i get hardon she may feel if she wants to feel. One winter season when i was studying in 12 th standard. That was the beautiful moments of my life I was at my peak of erection and wanted to seduce my sexiest grandma.

I put my hand on her right breast and touched her nipples and i felt good i did nothing more she was sleeping that was clear from her breath and slight snore I usually had hard-ons at mornings when i was waking up. I planned to show her my cock the next day morning that night itself i removed my lungi and lied without a cloth my Usually grandmother wakes first. I was naked fully but i dont know what has happened that day morning because i was in deep sleep. When i woke up there was my lungi with me covered my body that covered my lower part. I was sure that she saw my dick and she only put that cloth on me.

I repeated it for several days but one day i was awake when she switched on the light in the morning and i looked at her with little open eyes she was looking at my cock and was staring it. Then she put the lungi on me. It was erect more because i was awake. She was a nice woman and she is religious type. She loved her husband so much she is not a kind of woman of having sex with any other men.

One day when i and grand mom planned to go for a marriage function i was ironing the clothes she came to the room with her petticoat which was red and only a small towel that covered her breast and i was ironing she came in to the room when i looked her i saw her bare curvy back it was sexiest thing that i have ever seen she had a nice shape even in 60s.

She removed the towel and took the white bra that was kept on the bed and suddenly she asked me to hook that. Oh god i was shivering with erect cock and i was totally out of control i took my courage and went near her and rubbed my cock on her ass and with my both hands i caught her breast that was inside the cup of her white bra and press it and pinched her nipples she suddenly turned front and asked “what are you doing unni ?” i told her ” sorry i lost my control and i was out of sense because of her sexy bare back.” She told me ” unni you must not think like that” ” I know you are a grown up man”.

While saying that her bra was not hooked i saw some part of her beautiful brown nipple i caught my cock and i removed my lungi and showed my huge cock that was seeing a great sexy mature milf that was seeing for first time. “She said unni what are you doing?” I looked at her and started my masturbation. She was red and she was saying me to stop doing.

My cock was full erect. She suddenly removed her bra and told me unni stop doing i will help you please stop doing. I need your cock badly please take me unni i want you I stopped doing. And when i looked her boobs and navel that was huge and sexy man it was so hot and really coo i have her photos i will mail you of you al want to see. Her boobs had perfect symmetry with sweet areolas that was sexy and hot her navel had some hairs that looked more sexy. She came near me and she was stroking my cock with her hands her boobs and nipples were sexy and huge and it was so beautiful in shape and it is hot. I cummed in her hands within no time.

And she told me that she want me to suck her pussy i did it by pulling her petticoat down and her pussy was not shaved but it was pink in shape and i opened her pussy with my finger and sucked her clitoris she moaned and lied on the bed after an orgasm i asked her to suck my dick. She was sucking a cock for the first time i told her how to do. And guided her. She gave blowjob for me. I then put my cock inside her pussy and started my strokes inside her deeply by catching her boobs and sucking her nipples and giving her passionate kisses on lips. Her nipples were a little big but it was like a green grape which was brown in colour.

And i rubbed by cock on her nipples and cleavage and i rubbed it on her beautiful silky navel. I fucked her deeply and hardly she was catching mu buts and controlling the speed of my strokes inside her. She gave me passionate hugs and she combed my hair with her hands like a lover she was so much lacking for sex she was like a young lady starving for sex her skin was so smooth and silky which was white like ghee. From that day onwards we are fucking since today now i am doing my engineering.

Whenever i got chance i fucked her. I shared her with my friends my roommates also fucked her when i told them the story. My grandmom taught them sex and she gave as multiple pleasure at a time we 5 boys fucked her at one time she gave blow jobs to three of us and two of us fucked her ass and pussy she really like wild sex adventures i have several videos of her with me and with my friends she was like our bitch at weekends all my roommates came to my home for fucking her she was a stunning beauty my friends liked her very much. My roommates gave me money whenever i need because of my grandmom’s sex lessons and sexy body. We had groups sex also that i will say in my next story Hope all of you liked my story please give your feedbacks if any aunties and woman need sex in Kerala please contact me [email protected] Thank you dear readers please ignore my grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes if any.

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