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Hi friends and I am not just a big fan of ISS but a devotee. I love to read stories here and let me introduce myself first people use to call me Hridik

I am software programmer by profession while coming to my physical structure it is 5 feet 7″ height with an exercise touch up and an average cock which can satisfy any girl.

Please forgive me for my grammatical mistakes. Let me come to the story without wasting much of your time. I would like to narrate a situation which changed my perception on sex.

It all happened in a marriage of one of my cousins. My cousin was lucky enough to get a beautiful bride everyone is enjoying the marriage with their respective age group people.

I, along with some cousins went to terrace to pass the night with entertainment programs like singing dancing ,etc. there I happened to see one of my distant relatives Swapna.

I hardly met her on the last 12 years after they moved to Mumbai. She is like a stunning beauty now. No man will ever try to stop looking at her when she is around. She is 5’6″ height with 36-28-38.

I came to my senses when one of my cousins told that I got paired with Swapna for a game. I thank God immediately for this opportunity. We introduced ourselves before the game began.

I should say that this game made us friends very quickly. After the games session everyone got tired and arranged their beds on the available space. We kept talking for a while as both of us don’t feel like sleeping right then.

We remembered our childhood days, our college life, bla bla when we retired for sleep, there is no space available on the whole building at last she found one on middle of ladies group. I was left alone.

I went upstairs and arranged my bed on the square shaped water tank. I couldn’t sleep. My thoughts kept revolving around the beauty I just left. My thoughts disturbed when I heard someone coming towards water tank.

It was none other than my dream girl. She came to me and asked some space to sleep as she failed to get sleep on the small space she got in the ladies group. I made some space for her on my bed.

She slept beside me without a blanket after sometime I observed that she is shivering to the cold breezes of the fast approaching winter. I felt sorry for her and gave my blanket to her.

She offered to share the blanket as it is really cold outside and the thought that we are under the same blanket made my heartbeat faster than ever. I was fighting hard to control my urge to grip her hard, suck her lovely boobs, lick her mouth watering pussy.

We were close enough to hear other’s respiration. My urge took over my senses and I kept my hand on her waist. She hasn’t responded. I, slowly subside her top on her waist and touched her bare waist. I thrill went through her spine.

She remained calm. I took this as a green signal and slowly moved my hands towards her mounds below her top. She was enjoying every bit of my touch. I reached those beautiful boobs. I started massaging them first slowly and my pace increased along with the tent in my pants.

I never feel that much of hard on. Anyway real experiences are awesome. I gone mad and pressing her boobs hard. A moan escaped for her mouth. Immediately I turned her towards me and started kissing her lips like there is no tomorrow.

She responded well to my kiss by sucking my tongue and giving me access to hers and after 5 min of passionate kissing, I tried to remove her top but failed as it has more stings. She laughed and helped me to remove her top. She was in her bra and skirt.

I started kissing her boobs over bra. She removed her bra to feel my teeth on her nipples. I teased her nipples with my tongue and they became rock hard and she started moaning loudly.

She gone crazy and removed my shirt superfast and started massaging my rock hard dick over my pants. I, then removed her skirt to visit the whole place every man wants to visit. At last I found my destination. My first experience with her pussy is a long deep kiss.

She has a marvellous pussy. I would prefer to die eating her pussy when tsunami returns. I sucked, licked tongue fucked her pussy until she reached her first orgasm. She tasted the best that i ever had.

She took control from here. She unzipped my pant and freed my monster hungry for pussy. She started licking my rod like the only available ice cream in the entire world. I reached climax in a few minutes.

Believe me guys girl’s blowjob (especially mouth) gives thousand times better satisfaction than our regular masturbation. She tasted my cum. We started our session with kissing, chewing her boobs eating her pussy. Within minutes my rod got ready for the mission.

I entered her slowly, her pussy was tight and this is my first time so I slipped two times. She held my dick and guided it to her pussy. I started pumping slowly and increased my pace with the rhythm of her boobs. This is the best pleasure I ever had in my life.

We tried different angles out of anxiety as it was my first sex. We end up with 69 position when we heard the birds singing early morning we embraced each other so tightly kissed for a couple of minutes and sucked her boobs and ate her pussy so hard that she felt pain for the whole day.

We dressed ourselves and slept leaving some space between each other when I opened my eyes it is almost morning Sunrays started hitting my face. I looked beside for her and she is not there.

After getting ready for the reception party, I searched for her and when I found her in the white dress she was like an angel. I feel like kissing her right there. I gestured her to come upstairs.

She came after a couple of minutes and embraced her and gave her the best lust kiss. If you like my story please feels free to mail me on [email protected] as it would help me to post more stories.

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