Great Sex With Light Thin Servant

Hi to all and I have been a regular reader of indiansexstories especially the maid servant accounts. Why? Because maids make me hornier and I was always attracted to older females and after being seduced by a maid in my young age love to seduce and have sex with them.

I am a matured man and still love fucking maids as its simple and they mostly have drunk husbands or have some other problem and so are servants and sometimes you can have great sex with them. Important thing is don’t treat them as dirt and they will show you heaven.

Let me tell you of a real story with me. I was in my thirties then and we had a servant who was not really a great lookers neither had a great figure in fact she was quite thin and come with very poor expression on her face.

I knew her husband was useless and that she must not have had sex but I thought she must be a frigid babe. Well how wrong I was. I am decently built and I knew her hubby was no match in terms of looks or body with me.

I was getting horny to fuck a babe and here was a servant who I thought would not give me enjoyment but the first naughty thought of her came to me when I was having tea and reading a sex article. I had a hard on in my short and while trying to adjust.

I saw that she was looking and gave me a knowing smile that she understood what I was reading but then my brains started functioning. I thought why not fuck her and see what a light weight babe could be.

I thought at least I could control her as she was light and my wife is voluptuous and so sometimes my hands get tired holding her thighs. I started putting on blue films and would watch them in my room in such a way that she could see it also.

I then started wearing only a towel and for any pretext try and show her my cock but she was not showing and reaction then I thought of another thing. I would wear a towel, put on a bp or adult magazine and whenever she would broom was start masturbating in such a way that she would think that I don’t know that she can see.

I did that for seven days for any pretext I would become naked take a bath and when she is broom the next room keep the door open and change my clothes or dry myself. Twice she asked me for 500.00 and I would give her 50.00 and tell her that my wife takes away most of my money once I gave a 50.00 without her asking.

I knew that she now knew that I was deliberately becoming naked or masturbating for her. One day when she came in my room and I removed my towel and stood. She avoided my gaze and tried to broom but I saw that her hands were shivering.

I lost control and went a caught her and started kissing her neck and pressing her ass. I took her hand and asked her to hold my cock but she refused. I was kissing her and tried to open her blouse but she refused.

I got little scared that some family member may come and let her go after she had gone and I was thinking what I did I realised that she had put her hand on her cunt and was rubbing it when I was kissing her and this excited me and I waited for her to come the next day but she came after two days.

Once she was in my room to sweep and I just lifted her in my arms and she was very light and she struggled but did not make noise and so I started kissing her all over then I put her down and became naked in front of her, she did not say or do anything and so I started opening her blouse.

She just stood there and I removed her blouse and then started sucking her small breasts and she still would not touch my cock. I removed her saree and petticoat and there she was naked trying to hide her cunt.

I then turned her around and started rubbing her ass with my cock and that was the time she started making noises of excitement. I then lifted her and put her on the bed and started sucking her cunt it was already very wet. I took her hand and made her hold my stiff cock.

She started making funny excited noises and she was not used to being sucked and so this was new for her and she climaxed in one minute only. I then indicated to her that I would like her to take my cock in her mouth but she shook her head.

I did not force her and I was throbbing so I just went in 69 position and went on sucking her and she started fondling my balls and cock and once or twice I felt her trying to suck me but did not carry on but by now I was on fire.

I turned around and then just lifted her legs and plunged in deep inside her wet cunt. I was very excited and started pumping into her and she was making little cries of ecstasy and I was enjoying ramming into her as she was light it was fun.

She climaxed once more and then was looking at me but by now my cock had become huge inside her and I was on 7th heaven. I went on ramming in her and her eyes again became wide and I knew she was again going to climax but so was I.

I suddenly even realised I was also grunting and totally excited with a huge cry I burst into her and at the same time and she again climaxed and we had sex whenever we got time to be alone. 2-3 times and I had taken her to lodges also to fuck her.

She was a great fuck and I really enjoyed with her till my wife thru her out for not doing her work properly and I lost the opportunity to always fuck her but then as they say there are others.

I hope you enjoyed and if you did email me on [email protected], this is always yours signing off.

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