Had Fun With A Married Lady In KSRTC Bus Part – 2

Myself Rahul(name changed) 21 years old still studying and having a 6-inch dick.I am looking to have fun with other ladies.If any married ladies or girls looking for some fun can contact me on [email protected] you.My English is not that good.Sorry for any spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Let’s get back to the story.

The lady of this story is 29-year-old now and is a married girl and does not have a child. She is married for 6 years and lives with her husband.She is small in height but a very sexy lady. Her size is 32(boobs).

It is 100% real story only fake names are used here to not reveal both of our identity and some places mentioned in the story are fake.

To know the whole story read the part 1 too with tittle had fun with the married lady.Let’s get back to the story.Part 2

It happened some months back we boarded a bus to Mangalore to visit Dr with my mom and that married lady(Neha).It was 2 hours long journey to Mangalore.It was a hot day and the ride to Bangalore was going to get tried because of that sun heat.We reached Mangalore after 2 hours and reached yennapoya hospital in Mangalore and it was late and the Dr had left the hospital it was a disappointment for us all and it was 11 am in the morning.We went to the receptionist and asked where can we find the dr and we had an appointment.The girl on receptionist called the Dr and said we had appointment with you and we had reached late and had come from a far distance and the dr excepted our request and it was great and the disappointment was gone.

We got to freshen up and took an auto and reached dr clinic and waited for dr for 1 hour and the dr finally came and he called us after 30 min and our work was done with the dr in 10 min.We took medicine and left in auto and it was 1 pm in the afternoon and the Bangalore was getting hotter and hotter.We reached hotel ayodya and had our lunch within 20 odd minutes we then took an auto and reached the city center and did some shopping and it was 5 in the evening and we left the mall and took an auto and went to ideal ice cream which is famous for their best ice cream in Mangalore.

Now it starts from here we ordered our ice cream and after having it Neha went to was room and she said it is dark in the and I am afraid to go and called me and I went to her because I too wanted to wash my hand.I went to wash room and we where alone there only both of us and I washed my hand fast and she said she will be going to toilet wait out side but for my luck someone was there inside and I got chance to get kiss from her and she said no after because some body would come after insisting many times she gave me a small kiss on my lips and I said to sit with me on bus when we where going to back to our place and she said okay and said to not do anything with her and I said okay and we left washroom paid our bill and left for KSRTC bus stand and boarded a bus of 5:30 pm and the bus started in 5 minutes and we where on the way.

She sat with my mother and I sat alone at the back of them and signaled her to come online on her phone and I said her to come back by making some excuses to see movies or whatever with my mother and she said wait I will come back at 6 pm and I said okay we chatted for sometimes and I said her to come back and she said to wait 5 min more and she came back asking my mothers permission to see a movie with me and it was getting dark.

I hold her hand and rub her finger to make her hot and she said not now somebody will see us and I removed my hand and waited to get dark and we watched movie till then and bus stooped some passenger entered and the bus was getting full and I was bit sad because last time the bus was empty and today it is getting full and a passenger sat on our opposite side but I did not care because if we not had fun today then we cannot to did again.It was dark by now and the lights where off.She was wearing a pant which was open from bottom and it was easy to put my hand inside and touch her leg and I slowly slide my hand inside and started to run her leg and make her hot and I slowly moved forward on her underwear and rub her pussy and she was already wet and I asked her permission you should not stop speaking with me if anything happen in between us today and she agreed and I slide my finger on her pussy lips and started to massage and slowly put my finger in her pussy and fucked her with my finger for 2 minutes and the bus was going to stop and I removed my hand from her body adjusted our self and light was on and the bus stopped and it was Udupi bus stop and people started to enter in and bus took stop for 15 minutes and after that bus started again

We where on our way bus conductor collected the ticket and switched off the light and now it was her turn.I slowly loosen my pant and she slides her hand in my underwear and the touch made me feel like I was in haven and she did it for 1 min because the bus stopped again and passenger entered and bus conductor took the ticket and switched off the light. Neha was requesting me to suck her pussy and I said her if someone see us she said nothing will happen and she slowly made her leggings down and underwear down and said me to suck it and I bent down and was going to suck but I was not able to suck it and she said remove your head and sit straight and said the man is watching us from our opposite side and we both adjusted our self and we did not have any luck now.

After 1 hour the bus stopped at byndoor for dinner and it was going to stop for 20 min and everybody got down and went to have dinner and hena said she want to go to toilet and said to show me and I went with her and she said to wait outside and said me to take my bag and wait for her toilet I said I want to suck your pussy and want to have a lip kiss with you she said no someone could see us and I said nothing will happen no body would come here and said lets go on another side of the toilet and she came with me and I started to kiss her and put my 1 hand in her pussy and continued to kiss her and she was getting hotter and she said suck my pussy and she removed her pant and I sucked her pussy for 2 to 3 minutes and she pressed my head to her pussy and she said it was one of my best pussy sucking experience and I like the taste of her pussy and wanted to suck more but there was no more time left.(she said me that you are a great pussy sucker then my husband and I was happy)

We did not get any further chance to do and we where on our way to our place and I said her and she promised me if I did not get pregnant by the next year 2018 you can make me pregnant and I said okay.I am looking to fuck her 1-day lets see what happens

I like licking pussy and I would like to suck some more pussy.Any married lady or single lady can contact me around Karnataka or Mangalore,Udupi,kundapur,byndoor etc to have some fun your identity will be kept a secret with me.Boys don’t ask anything about hena and I will not disclose anything about her to you.Thank you and share this story and for improving my story writing skills contact me on [email protected]

Thank you.

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