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Hi, everyone.. Thanks a lot for your response for my previous sex story. Am back with another sex story please keep your feedback session live on [email protected]. And please ignore the grammatical errors.

Not wasting your time, I ‘ll jump to the sex story.

When I posted my last sex story I got some emails from the readers appreciating it. One of the emails was of Simran(name changed). She said that she liked my sex story a lot and would be interested in establishing a contact. I didn’t have any issue and we started chatting on daily basis. Within a couple of days, we exchanged our phone numbers and we shifted our chats from emails to WhatsApp. We exchanged pics. She was very cute… Big eyes. White skin a bit chubby from the cheeks and sharp smile n eyebrows. She was 36 years old and a mother of one boyShe told me that her husband was in traveling jobSo, she hardly gets sex. She lives in Chandigarh only so we planned to meet one day.

She said she will be able to come in the day time as her son will be in school and her husband is hardly in the city. Then we decided to meet over coffee. I was waiting for her in the coffee shop. She arrived and I was stunned.! She wore a black dress till her knees… Black long heels… Her body was soo perfect she was 34-38-36 (pumped out booty) We had coffee and we talked about normal stuff. After that, I went to drop her to her flatI parked my car in the society parking.

Me(looking in her eyes)- it was awesome meeting youShe- thanks to you.! I really needed someone to spend time withMe- I ‘ll always be there Simran.

She smiled and planted a kiss on my cheeks. Then we had eye contact for a couple of seconds, then I placed my lips on hers… We kissed passionately for some minutes my hands were running through her hair and another hand was busy on her waxed arm.She was holding my face with her hand. After we broke the kiss,

Me- is that all.?She- obviously not, but its time for Shubham ( her child) to be back home. I need to leaveMe- when we will meet next.?She- very soon.

Then she left. And I came back home. I masturbated thinking about her. After this meeting, we started sexting.

Me- send me a pic of your boobsShe – what will I get in return.?Me- whatever you ask forShe- a full body massage when we meetMe- done.!

She sent me her topless pics…. Dude, she was a fuckin sex goddess. And this way we continued to chat… After some days her husband was going out to the station for a week and her kid was going on a school trip for 2 days. She told me about this.!I was happy as fuck… I packed my bag and went to her flat for 1 day. I reached her place at 7:00 pm in the evening. I rang the bell, when she opened the door I was stunned to see her… She was wearing a crop top and shorts.

Her white milky thighs were the limelight of the sceneI hugged her and kissed her neck. It was a bit long hug around 30 seconds. It was a very nice feeling though. Then she took me in and told me to get ready as she was taking me out for the dinner. We both got dressed in front of each other onlyWe went to the Elante mall (Chandigarh people must know)We had dinner. Roamed around and by 11 we were back home.As we entered the home I pushed her to the wall and started kissing her she responded very well. While kissing I moved my hand between her thighs as she was wearing a one- piece dress.I reached her panty I started rubbing her pussy over the panty.To which she held my hand and said to stop,

She- stop.! We have the whole night. Let my bath first.

She went to the washroom… I was waiting for her in her bedroom. After a couple of minutes, she came out. Omfg.!!! She was soo beautiful. She was wearing a short length transparent white nighty. And a purple bikini inside. With red lipstick and she had also got some perfume on her… And in addition, her open hair arouse me even more. I jumped from the bed and started kissing and biting her lips. She stopped me and said that I own her a body massage. I made her laid her on the bed and started pressing and massaging her shoulders we had an intense eye contact and I kissed her again. She didn’t oppose and was rather moaning…

Our tongues were playing with each other. She even scratched her teeth on my tongue. I was pressing her boobs. Then, I turned her around and started massaging her legs. I started it from the feet. I rubbed her sole with both my hands and started licking her feet. Giving some love bites on her toes… Then I dragged my tongue all the way to her knees… Massaging her thighs was the best part… Her soft milky thighs <3. I started licking and biting her thighs.

In the meantime, my one hand was busy playing with her boobs and the other hand was in her mouth. She was sucking my two fingers. I then removed her nighty. She was now gift wrapped in a purple bikini… I got crazy seeing her like this. She then removed my boxers and underwear and started playing with my dickI was on cloud nine. Then she herself removed her panty. Her pussy was clean shaved we went into 69 position. My tongue was playing with her pussy and her asshole while she was busy sucking my dick…

We continued it for around 10 minutes. Then I unhooked her bra and removed my t-shirt. We started smooching again. Then I started sucking her boobs… Meanwhile, she held my dick and rubbed it on her pussy… I then with a stroke inserted my dick in her. She screamed out of pain. Her pussy was very tight. I stopped leaving my dick inside after a couple of minutes I started stroking her to which she jerked off making all my dick wet in her juices. I again started eating her wet pussy. She was moaning in pleasure.

After some time, I licked her butthole and pushed my dick in it to which she cried in pain but eventually she started enjoying itAnd I was about to come. She took my dick in her mouth and drank all my cum. Then we both were naked and she held my hand and took me to the kitchen. She opened the fridge and it was full of beer bottles for tonight.! I was way too happy…Then we both cuddled being nude and while having a beer…After some beers we again had sex and after that, we slept naked in each other’s arms.

That night I banged her pussy for 3 times. Next day we had time till evening as her son would be back this evening so, we had a good time for a whole day in a blanket all naked. Even today we continue this relationship.

I am available in Chandigarh… Girls, aunties of any age can contact me for sex and healthy relationship. I promise your privacy.

And obviously, you can also contact me for massage and a day out. I would love to plead you. Even if any female down there is alone and want a friendship (not sexual relationship) can also contact me.

Thank you so much for reading the sex story.

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