Had Real Fun With Tinder Girl

Hello, friends myself hardik from Pune. I am a student as well as a hardcore and sensual fucker. My age is 22. Weight- 70kg ,height -5’10, dick size -7 inches and also thick

Now without wasting your time let me get u straight to the story part.

I leave in rented flat in Pune and had recent breakup 6months ago and urge of having sex was increased like hell and wanted to fuck someone badly because my testosterone levels were on a peak that time.

I started using tinder app and had a match with a girl called Swati and she was decent looking girl with average height of 5’5,weight-60kg and average boobs and hot legs

I started chatting with her on facebook daily and one day I asked her about her contact number and to my surprise she gave and we daily had chat on WhatsApp.

Then the dream day arrived when my roommates were out of the town and I texted her to meet at my flat and we will have some dinner

She-I think we should meet outside

Me-but I got some drinks also to enjoyShe- but…….Me-no but just hope in and we will eat some food and couple of drinksShe-ok no problemMe-“So happy”

When she arrived at my flat she was like in damn sexy clothes and my devil mind was like that just grab her and pound her pussy and make her lick my dick.

Then I welcomed her with a gentleman hug and made her seat and offered some water and complimented her on looks and she blushed and later we had dinner and now it was time to open the whiskey bottle

I just poured some whiskey into her glass and mine tooWe drank 1st peg and were chit chatting about our personal lives and then I came to know that she was little dizzyThen I told her to play truth and dare game and she agreedAs only we were two first I asked herMe-t or d?

She-tMe- I asked her how many bf till nowShe-2

Me -ohhhhhShe- laughingShe-t or d?Me-t

She-virgin?Me-(shocked) not at all I repliedShe- oh means you are experiencedMe-kind offMe- t or d?She-t

Me-do u watch porn?She- noMe- I was like little sad now because how to approach nowShe-t or d?Me-dShe- show ur bodyMe- I unzipped my shirtShe- (jaw dropped and was still gazing my chest) hot she saidMe- t or d?She-dMe-dance with me

She-oWe then started couple dance and I placed my hand on her waist and we were so close and made some moves and then both froze and I just planted a kiss on her lips and she just didn’t react and I was like what to next and was just confused.

I then started kissing her and she started breathing heavily and I came to know that she is now warmed up and she too started kissing me wildly and we just kissed and licked our tongue vigorously I kissed her like there was no tomorrow while on hand fiddling with her hair and one on her voluptuous ass. She was making sounds now and it was making me crazy.

I throw her top away and she was in a padded bra and her boobs were battling it to get out. It was such a sight to watch. I started to kiss her boobs and press them vigorously. She was going nuts and started to shout out my name and then I made her lay on bed and made her naked and she made me and I sucked her boobs like a dog and she gave me many love bites and I just started licking her pussy that was smelling so aromatic and she was mad and moaning ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhh and my dick was like rock hard to enter her pussy badly .Then she bent down and gave me blow job and my eyes were closed in a second and was in heaven for that moment and she was licking my dick like a baby licking a lollypop and I just cummed in her mouth and she just drank some and spat the rest.

Ant then I placed my dick over her pussy and it was like so wet and already had juices that worked out as lubricant and I entered my dick and it went like a hot knife running through a butter and gave him some stroke and paced up after that and she cummed and had orgasm and she was all sweating and me too and then I made her in doggy position and pumped her like a mad dog for 20mins and she told me that this was my best sex experience till now and then I made her in cowboy style and she was jumping on my dick and I was feeling little pain but very pleasurable and she made her hair loose and was looking like a model and that gave me more boost and I started giving back strokes and full room was like pat pat pat pat pat pat and she then gain came over my face and sat on my face and made me licked her pussy and I ate like and licked and I enjoyed the taste and again I cummed and just slept on her for few mins.Then suddenly and that night we had 4 more rounds.

I told her to have a shower with me she agreed and we went into the bathroom and switched on the hand shower I took it and started to give her shower I rubbed all over her body kept the hand shower on her pussy and my fingers inside and started kissing her. She then went down and started giving a blowjob to me I was pouring water on my head and it was flowing till my penis and she was giving a good bj she came up and I started fucking her from behind and I again came inside her. We both came out and was sleeping on the bed naked we hugged each other and slept for two hours.

Our fuck sessions were more interesting later on and she was all tired and we slept naked and cuddled each other and had a terrific fun

I hope u liked this real incident and any aunties or girls want to have real fun and keeping ur identity secret and want real encounter can mail me and we will discuss over [email protected]

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