Hanky Panky With Babe Under Gents Toilet

It was April “the fools day” ? .I was chatting with my boyfriend and I got to know he has sick ..here it begins .we started dirty talks like how can I make you feel better intimation ,hug or kiss? “this type.

He is very cute ,tall,charming ,handsome and adorable,our relationship had reached almost its 9-10 months but we never had sex nor much smooches .Let me introduce myself to you all first of all,I am Luci ,I am 18 year old and my bae is 21 years old and his name is danielle .we first met on Facebook and than our relation started.

So back to the story ,it was 1st April weather was cloudy and pleasant everyone was loving it,I and my bf planned to meet ,our meeting time was set 9:30 I reached the spot (park for public) at around 9:45 I thought I was late and he’ll be getting angry over me ,

haha but when I reached there I got his call he will be little late ,his friend was coming from arunachal to give jee exam so he had to pick him up from railway station ,I said fine be fast . I was alone there wondering about what is life …really silly ? !!

Time went by it was 11 I got really angry ,I called him he said he won’t be coming he was making me fool “as it was 1st April the fools day ” ,that time I was like fuck you bitch go to hell ,I spoked every slang ,no word was left !! I was living for home with an angry mind my soul was burning because I waited so long ,,,,when I was leaving I saw him coming from the gate(I got double fooled ?)

I acted as if I didn’t saw him and I went ,I crossed him suddenly he came from back and hugged me “”owe it was so adorable”” he came with his friend we did introduction ,he was a little shy type ..we talked ,laughed and went for eating (restaurant inside that public park) I didn’t wanted to eat so I sat far they ate because they didn’t had

breakfast . after eating danielle said that he want to go for pee(washroom) he silently called me to come by giving “Eshara” ? .I just thought we will have smooches ,but it was even much better than smooches.

(Inside the gents toilet)

*we came closed*

*he was high*

*we started with kiss/smooch*

*his hand was searching for my boobs *

*when he started to press my boobs “god he made me high ” higher and then high as hell *

*he started to take off my clothes*

*sucked my boobs*

*his hand made way through my panty*

*yeah he was fingering me *

*oh Jesus !!I was in heaven*

Only someone who has experienced will understand this heavenly feeling

*I have to tell you guys he is a really good fingerer “can do the best *

*My breath fasten *

*His too*

*Both were high as hell*

Danielle:let’s do sex here

Me:how? ,its a toilet !

Danielle:who give a damn !! I can wait ,let’s doMe: …!! ??

Danielle :please!!

*I wanted him to do ,but I was shy to say yes “but he stupid didn’t got me”

* he took off my clothes downed my pant ,started to finger me ,he increased his speed so that I can get charge ,but I was already doubled charge ,he took off his pant *

And than what happened was breath taking !!

Someone was knocking the door ,asking to open -I was half naked -scared ,puzzled what to do ,situation was very frightening !!

Danielle asked me to keep quite

Danielle:who’s that

Unknown knocker:open the door

Danielle:this washroom is busy ,m doing poty,you may take the other one

Knocker:hey ,haha sorry ,you may use it (he was talking about doing poty)

Everything was alright we than continued our silent romance inside the toilet

*He was still high while I got low ,because of that knocker


Danielle :let’s do it

Me:I got low babe ,take me high

Danielle: u got scared?

Me:of course I will!!

*We were talking jolly!! ?

After few second I got shocked like and electric current “till the moment I realized,he was fingering like a beast “he started to make me a devil “my breath fasten ” “got horny”

Finally we both couldn’t control we ,did it finally our first sex (it was my second time ,but first with danielle ,and it was his 6-7 time I guess but first time with me)

*He started to press my boobs hard*

Taking out his thick dick he directly inserted inside my vagina

“Oh Jesus ” i was like oh,take me to heaven,fuck me harder ,c’mon

*I was having sex after so long *

*We both was enjoying thoroughly*

*He started giving me “jhatkas” by fastening his cuming speed ,which made me higher than ever before we Continued like crazy

After some time

*His brothers call came*

We stopped there

We wore our cloths

Made my hair

Washed hands

Freshen up

*and then he went out first saw there was no one,he asked me to come out ,I was just following him so that no one can see me ….we were walking like a thief ,and reached the exit of washroom…. We acted as if everything was normal”like as if we didn’t do anything

*I was surprised his friend waited for 1hour 47 minutes for us outside without even asking one question *we were blessed that day*

We left for home

Danielle dropped me with his friend

After reaching home we did online chatting

Sad thing is we are no more in relation anymore on June we had breakup because of some fucking damn reason

*I regret every moment I spent with him I loved him even though *

*Till today I miss him*

*Now also whenever I go to that park I see that gents washroom and smile like an idiot ,,I do miss him ,,yo guys it’s human nature *

Handsome boys and beautiful girls thank you for reading my story this is my first story ,so sorry for my disturbing English !! “Kaccha hu”

And one thing I love surprise sex it make me fly high ,and big dicks ? ,big dicks are my weakpoint !! ? I will be updating my next story after few days

Hope you guys liked it ,leave your feedback on my email :[email protected]

Thanks you ,meet you with new story next time ,till than bless you

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