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Hi, friends I am mann from Pune. Posting my first sex experience to u.

Last year me and my GF (Rohini) gone for a ride on the hill top of lonavla Pune. We are in a relation such that after few encounters with my girlfriend we had quite some oral sex, she helped me explore all her beautiful body all by touch, we explored sex in lifts, public buses, trains, theaters and even at home. We just became crazy for each other simply every day. And one fine day comes of life. So we travel in train and take her to my home. She is in this amazing tight skin fit jeans and a tight black half sleeve shirt.

It’s hot sunny day and maybe 10 am and we enter my home and no one being at home, I make her sit on the couch and we sit beside each other. Slowly we look into each other’s eyes and then we just hugged tight and we both start kissing each other, the love we had was so crazy. we enjoy that physical closeness. I kiss her neck her lips, we both are sweating yet that made us hornier and hold her bosoms and try removing her and she backs down and sits back and she says no. And we both breathing heavily we can hear our heartbeats beating so fast. Is it fear or excitement we couldn’t determine but it was amazing.

She then asks me to show all the rooms and I take her to my bedroom, I just push her and lie over her and she loves it. Now comes the trust, she moans my name, she opens her shirt, drops her slip down and removes her Bra. And there it goes she takes my palm and places it on her beautiful 34-inch boobs and I am like on 7 heavens. I started sucking the best out of those boobs, it was the best way to start our love with. Suddenly I got a call from dad that they are returning back to the home. We closed the session as early as possible because my family will be reaching within an hour. After a few months later my family’s going to a wedding function Saturday morning I woke up at 8 am to my doorbell ring. I put on gym shorts since I sleep in the nude to see who was ringing the door. No one was there so I went and started some coffee.

The doorbell rang again so I walked to the door and looked and no one was there again. I decide to close the door and go under the staircase and see if it was the young girls trying to play with me.

I waited a few minutes then I heard someone climb the steps so I stepped out and saw it was she.

She was wearing her white bikini that let part of her ass hang out as she walked and barely cover her small breast. I meet her at the bottom of the step, grabbed her and laid her on the steps. Holding her arms down I kissed and she responded by passionately kissing me with her tongue.

Letting go of her arms she reached and held my head as we kissed her for several minutes. I pulled her top off her breast and slid down to suck on them. While doing this I rubbed my cock against her pussy.

”shouldn’t we go inside before someone sees us and tells my sister”. She said

I pick her up and carried her upstairs to my apartment and placed her on my bed. I immediately pulled her bikini bottoms off and told her you are so sexy.

I started to kiss and lick around her pussy very softly teasing her. Kissing her pussy lips then the insides of her legs, but not allowing her the joy of her clit.

“please lick my pussy it’s aching, haven’t you teased me enough”. She said

I licked all around the lips and found her clit then I licked it softly and started to suck on it. She started to feel good and I could hear her moaning.

I took one finger and put it in her tight virgin pussy slowly. Getting her ready ad wet for what was to come.

I pulled off my shorts and put the head of my 8-inch thick cock at her tight pussy’s entrance.

“You know you will be my first so go slowly.” She pleaded

I lifted her legs up so she could see the head of my cock at the entrance to her virginity. I pushed the head into her as she winced a little, so slowly I just moved it around not entering very far. As she started to feel better I pushed a little more into her.

Finally, she screamed, “Put it all in me I am tired of being a virgin.”

I grabbed her legs and pushed as hard as I could. I felt her pussy pop and take all my cock. She was in a lot of pain as I could see she had started to cry.

“I am sorry; do you want me to stop?” I asked

“No,” she said, “I knew it would hurt but I didn’t know my first one was going to be so big.”

I went and slowly moved my cock a little at a time and gradually started to increase the pace. She was not enjoying it but was feeling better. My balls were starting to tighten and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer, so I fucked her hard as I could. My cock exploded sending my cum deep inside her for her very first time.

When I pulled my cock out there still cum on it and she just laid there.She got up went to the bathroom and used the toilet.

“Are you ok?” I asked,

“Yes,” she said but it didn’t feel good until you came inside me. Roy, you know both Trudy and I have a thing for you and I have an idea. I am going to call Trudy this afternoon and tell her to meet me here, and wear her bikini. I will hide in the closet. I want to watch you take her virginity.

One day that was a rainy season out there. I called up her and she is at my home within an hour, mann is raining heavily out, one can just imagine what can one do for all the warmth in the world. She goes into the bedroom, her hair wet, she pushes me to bed and says my turn, now you get naked first, and she opens my pants and underwear and am all naked. She goes all down and starts playing with my hard cock and starts rubbing her boobs over my cock. It felt soft. I hug her, I get crazy.

I never understood why she got an extra pair of clothes, and then it came to my sense, she says hey baby, rip it off, I want you to rip off my clothes, so do it, baby. I grab her from behind as my cock rubs over her sexy ass and reference her stats where then 34-24-34, I held her boobs from behind and pressing them hard I hold the opening of her cleavage and wow I do it I rip off the part of her top, crazily just ripping every part of her cloth we both are naked, I could feel the warmth of her whole body and those beautiful bosom I suck her hard perky nipples. This was one encounter where we do not want to lose it. She opens a pack from her purse takes a condom and wraps it around my cock. And she says it’s ok, am yours now just fuck me.

Our hearts fucking beat so hard I slowly just try sliding my cock and 2 attempts I fail to slide in. She pulls me over her, holds the cock and pushes the cock over the vagina s before pushing she says as you push in kiss me. I slowly push its wet but her cunt was tight, as it’s a virgin cunt and as she is about to shout, I kiss her mouth as I go in and out of her tight cunt. I know she can feel the pain she wants more. We dwell in the ecstasy yes we did it. As her pain turns to passion and pleasure. She soon starts masturbating herself as I fuck her slow. Soon the best moment of our life turns out to be the best pleasure. Please reply ur feedback likes and comments in my inbox.If any girl/lady want privacy sex with me in Pune inbox me @ [email protected].

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