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Hi, this is Hrishi again from Bangalore. I am an average Indian guy with a height of 5ft 8 ½ inch. I am 32 years old and living alone. I will appreciate all of your feedbacks. Please keep me posted at [email protected]

Recently my first story was published in ISS and I am glad people love it. I am taking this opportunity to thank all my readers. If you guys have no read the story yet, you can find the story in the below link.https://www.indiansexstories2.net/incest/my-first-sex-experience-in-bone-breaking-cold-night/

This story is not related to the first one, but your feedbacks are encouraging me to write the next part of my first story. I am working on that and hope that will be published soon.Now let’s go to another true event of my life.

That time I was in class XI and when I met her for the first time. Her name is Maya. She is a married woman with 8 months old boy. She had a really appealing figure and can give an instant hard on to any man.

One day when I returned from my class I saw a lady holding a young boy in our front yard. I just gave a look and entered to our house. To my surprise, my Aunty from a distance town was sitting with mom. She was a very adorable woman and she cares me a lot. I rushed to her, gave a hug and kiss on the cheek and asked for the reason to visit us and who’s the lady outside. In return she gave me a kiss on my forehead with blessing and told me that they have come to invite us to the wedding of my cousin brother and the lady outside is their neighbor, at the same time Maya entered, yes ‘Maya’ is her name and the queen of my story, she greeted me “Hello young man, is it Hrishi, Aunty told me about you. How are you?” I just said ‘Hi’ to her and went to my room. She won’t be more than 28 years with ripe assets.Later in the day my mom called me and told, “Why don’t you take out Maya to give her a tour of our village, she must be getting bored”. Once moms say so, to be honest, you don’t have another choice, so I agreed and meantime mom and aunty started gossiping.

We lived in a small village, the front side of our house is for paddy field, where there is a canal in between for water supply to the field and in the backside, there was a light bush, filled with wildlife and also there was a stream flowing with crystal clear water.I took her out to my village and travel across, I introduced her to our neighbors and few of my friends meanwhile we started chatting and kind of became open to each other. I also took her to our paddy field and show the little hut in between the paddy field. Since it was already dusk we decided to return home. After roaming that lot, her kid was tired and fell asleep, she was struggling to walk in the field with the sleeping kid so I offered help and took the kid in my hand, he was fast asleep putting his head on my soldier and till we reach home it became fully dark.

May be she was a little bit afraid of darkness so she tried to hold my hand but since I was holding the kid she struggled and decided to hold my waist portion instead and that time her firm boobs touched my body and gave me an electric shock on my body but I showed little reaction and reached home safely. After dinner, she came to my room and started chatting about my hobbies and other interests. She found a couple of photo albums in my drawer and started rolling over, there she found few photos with girls and they were basically my classmates and started teasing as if they were my girlfriend. Soon she went to sleep but before that, we decide that next day we will explore the bush.

Next day after the breakfast we were ready, her kid was playing with aunty so Maya called him to her but he was reluctant to leave my aunty then the only aunty asked us where are we up to. I told her that I am taking her to the stream and she wants to talk a cold bath and started laughing, Maya hit me on my back with her palm and said “No aunty, it’s not like that. Hrishi told me that the bush is full of wildlife and orchids so I want to visit”. Aunty was ok with that and encouraged her to go and leave the kid with her otherwise we may have difficulties to roam in the bush. Maya was little concerned to leave her kid but happy to explore new things.

We were roaming in the bush without any destination. She was super excited and behaving like a teenaged girl. If she something interesting she would jump on to feet sometimes will hug me with joy. All these were giving me a different sensation in my body and I was hardly controlling myself. Till noon we were almost tired and I decided to take her to the stream side. Once we reached there, we took little rest in the shed of a tree and after that we did little bit wash up and decided to return home, since her kid might be hungry and disturbing my aunty.

The stream was filled with slippery rocks, while trying to get out of the water she could not control herself and fell in the water. I rushed to hold her and pulled her up. She was so soaked in water that her cloths were wrapped around her body and one can see her well-shaped body through the cloths and due to coldness of water her nipples were becoming hard and pointing. She caught my eyes and in shyness she dropped her eyes. I was still holding her in my arms and I could not control the consequences and hug her tight, she was little bit shocked but with unknown reason she also embraced with her arms. Like a wild beast I pressed her butts and locked her lips and we both started smooching. My hands were rolling towards her boobs and started pressing roughly.

She was also going wild. Meanwhile I put my hand on her pussy and tried to pull her trek pant but somehow she still had sense and stopped me from there and said “Hrishiii, (Kissing my lips) we should not proceed anymore here, it’s an open place, someone might come and catch us, we should leave now”. I understood the situation and started heading home with a dejected mood, she noticed it and gave me a hug and said “Don’t be so disappointed baby, tonight I will come to your room again when everybody is in sleep, we will have lot of fun and you can show me what you have inside of you” I was super happy and kissed her passionately. Finally we broke our kiss and return home.

To my bad, she could not come to my room that night because her kid had some fever and she was so furious with him and next day they all went back. I didn’t have even a chance to speak her but when she was boarding the bus she gave me a disappointed look and her eyes were telling me that she wants me, yes she wanted me her inside.

Days were passed, I was about to forget her and the incident then suddenly mom told me that she is going to attend my cousin’s wedding if I want to go along with her. I immediately accepted, not because of wedding, the moment mom told me about wedding, Maya came into my mind the sight of the body soaked in the water, the warm kiss, those soft boobs, who knows I might get another chance, so I agreed to go for that, not for the wedding 😉

On the fixed date, I and mom reached my Uncle’s place. There was still one day between wedding day and the day we reached. We reached little late in the evening so no luck to meet Maya. That night I just slept like a new born baby. Next morning (before the wedding day, there was a small function), people started coming for the function and everybody become busy, but my eyes were searching for Maya. Till noon there was no sight of her, I was so desperate that I asked aunty “Where is my friend, I have not seen her once since I come”. Aunty was bit surprised “Who’s your friend here?” I somehow managed to utter her name “Maya”, “Oho Maya, so you guys are friend ha, don’t worry she is here only, she has responsibility for the store room, go and meet her there”. I literally ran from her and reached the store room, but to my bad, she was busy distributing stores and supervising people, only she could do was wave her hand to me but hey she was happy to see me, her eyes were telling me so.

The function was over little early in the evening by 8, since the next day is wedding day, so almost everyone left to take some rest before next day. I was sitting casually in the function hall when Maya came to finally see me. When she seat beside me, “You are beautiful Maya, looking so hot” I whispered in her ear. She was in her green saree. We were happy and talking so excitedly, suddenly she felt something inside her blouse and tried to figure it out. “I think it’s an insect inside my bra” “Then remove it,” I said, “How can I? You stupid, can’t you see many people are still here and do you want them to see I put my hand inside my blouse?” So we decided to go to the store room, nobody will be there, once we reached there she put her hand inside her bra and tried to find out, her saree was felled down from her soldier and her big round cleavage were quite visible, she was struggling and it was quite a scene.

I was enjoying. She caught me smiling at her, “You stupid what are you smiling, help me and find the insect” Will I let it go this opportunity and hesitate to put my hand inside her bra, NO. The stupid question so I reached her and put my hand inside but I did not find the insect, in fact, I found two round shaped black colored insect and I started playing with her nipples, “You bastard find the original insect, not those two” she said and laughed at my act. I smiled back like a stupid; finally, she had to unbutton her blouse and bra to release the insect. She was fine now, but I was not, how could I, two big well-shaped boobs were hanging in front of me, so I just grabbed those and started sucking them, she put her hand on my hair and started caressing me. But there was risk again, she pulled my head and kissed my lips “Hrishi baby, we again cannot go farther, we have to stop” “Means I will never have you” I asked “You will baby, let me figure something for tomorrow, but now let’s get us outside” she said. I again had to leave her without being satisfied.

Next day morning she came to me and told me to tell my aunty that I will be not joining “Barati” due to sickness and Maya will also not join and inform them that her kid in not well, but she will manage to send her husband with Barati and arrange my stay at her home. Later in the evening, I told aunty that I am having a stomach bug so I will be not able to join. She immediately informed my mother; my mother was in tension and gave a thought to joining Barati. But Maya was there to take the opportunity, she told my mother “Do not to worry aunty, I will take very good care of him and since I am also not going, he can stay at our home and it will good to take care of him.” I was smiling inside.

Everything went smoothly and later in the evening Barati left the house and everything becomes silent. Very few people were left behind. I and Maya also decided to leave and explore our world. She showed me my sleeping arrangement and left to her room to nurse and make to sleep her child.

I was in half sleep just in my boxers when I heard the door is opening, in the dim light of the room I could see my sex goddess is entering to the room. She was wearing a silky sleeveless yellow sexy nightgown. The light of the other room in her back was still on, in that background like it almost looked like she was naked, her hairs were open, there she was standing in a poster with her both hands were wide open and holding the edge the door, one foot was up to her knee and touching the other one, her gown and hairs were moving due to little bit of wind, I could figure out that she is not even wearing bra. She was really looking like a sex goddess and the scene was so erotic. I jumped off and sat on the bed.

She walked towards me in a sexy way and climbed to the bed and on her knee, she gave me a very passionate kiss. Finally, we were hugging each other very tight without any fear. When finally we broke the kiss, “Baby did I take too long to come?” She whispered in my ear in the very sensual way and I could feel her hot breath in my ear and that effect was too intense that I could not control myself. I locked her lips again and started kissing so vigorously and meant time started pressing both her boobs roughly. She pushed me back and I fell on the bed, she jumped and sat on my stomach and murmured “Don’t get over excited my darling; we have all night to play and have fun”.

She leaned towards me and placed a soft kiss on my lip then on my chest and started rolling her tongue on my neck, oh it was fucking awesome and reached to my ears and gave me some bites on my ear lobes, it was fucking wonderful, I was shaking in excitement. I groped her butt seeks and started pressing them. I could feel she was wearing a thong. She got up and removed her gown, now she was only in her thong and pulled her towards me and put my mouth on her boob and I started sucking, she gasped a little bit and released a soft moan. We were in sitting position and I started sucking her both boobs one another by holding her back, she was holding my head and started pulling my hairs in excitement and started moaning “oohhhh Yesss Baby, yes, suck my boobs, milk them with your mouth… suck hard babyyyy please don’t stoop , please don’t stop ”.

I rolled her on the bed while keep sucking her juicy boobs and slowly I put my hand on her pussy and started caressing it, she pulled my hand and put inside the panty, ‘Ouch’ was her reaction when I touched her pussy gap. My goodness, she was well shaved down there and believe me, she was dripping wet. I put my finger inside her pussy and she started shaking her body like a fish without water. I loved that moment and went down. I gently pulled down her thong and started playing her pussy with my hand. After doing that some more time, I got up and placed myself in between her legs and positioned my dick in the gap. But she pushed me back; I was like “what the fuck is wrong with you?” She said, “Baby let’s do little more foreplay, I don’t want this to ends so soon, please baby”. I agreed.

So she sat on the bed and asked me to lie down and grabbed my dick and started stroking it. It was hard as a rock, her palms were so soft that I could not stop my moaning. After few moments she lowered her head and put my dick in here mouth, it was warm inside, she was gently blowing me, meanwhile I grabbed her hair started stroking her mouth, she was finding hard to breath so she pulled and yell at me in a low voice “What the fuck wrong with you, be gentle, I will blow you like you have never experienced, try to enjoy” “I could not control you bitch” Me, “Bitch” she gave me a wicked smile, I think she liked and put my dick in her mouth again and this time she used her tongue and licked the tip of it in a circular motion.

She holds my dick and spat on my dick to lubricate and rolled her tongue from top to bottom and her other hand was playing with my balls, she even tried to put my dick deep in her throat. The moment and the pleasure were really hard for me to control. I was about to cum, she felt it, and so she increased her speed. I forcefully pulled it out and started kissing her; she asked me “why didn’t you release your cum, come on baby shoot your cum deep inside my throat” and lowered her head to start again. I stopped her and said, “I don’t want to cum so fast sweetheart, now it’s my turn, see what’s daddy can do for you, come to papa you bitch”.

I reached to her pussy, it was damn wet, and anyway I like wet pussies and love to eat them. So I placed my hand on her pussy and rubbed it and with my thumb, I started rubbing her clit. She pushed her to bump up and moaned “Aahhhhh” now I put one finger inside her pussy, tell you it was hhhottt and started doing slowly in and out, at the same time I through myself to her pussy and started licking her.Maya could not bear more “aoooouuu ahhhh Baby please keep licking, where did youuuu learn tisss rajaaa ahhhh ouhhh” Now I fully concentrated on her clit and she was quivering her body,

I pulled out my finger from her pussy and put in her mouth, “ Taste yourself you bitch, taste it” I think she liked it, She was licking my fingers like a lollypop and moaned “ummmmhhh ummmmhhhh, ammmmm”. I returned to her pussy and kind of sucked her pussy and sometimes I took her entire pussy in my mouth and sometimes put my hot tongue inside it, in between this act she grabbed my hair and pushed towards her pussy and shouted “yo yeooo yeooo, I’m going to cum babyyyy yes yes yessss , yes I’m going to cuuummmm ahhhhhhhaaa yessss” she released cum and was calmed down for a while, I was still eating her pussy and kind of drinking her juice, when she regained her sense I started kissing her and kept finger fucking her.

In deem light I could see, she was smiling in satisfaction and asked “You are a champion baby, now I want you inside” “How would you like a bitch?” I asked, “As you wish my sweetheart, just fuck me like a bitch and like never before you have fucked anyone” I did not wait a moment, grabbed her leg and pull till the edge of bed and placed my dick in her pussy, she was laughing “Seems you have not fucked for a while and really desperate” “I am desperate to fuck you since the day I saw you in the stream you bitch” “then what the fuck you are waiting for you mother fucker, fuck me”, by hearing this I gave a hard push and my entire dick was fully inside her “aoooohhhhh Motherrr fuckerrrr, I think you slashed myyyy pussyyyy, oooo Maaaa” I rested for a while, hugged and kissed her lips and slowly started moving my hips, her cry converted to moan “ummm ummhhh umhhhh auuuch” and I increased my speed, now she became wild and started pulling her own hairs.

I was fucking her in a rhythm and her pussy was sounding due to her wetness, “Come on fuck me harder you mother fucker, fuck me hard oohhhhgggg come on ah eehhh eh ehhhh aahh ammmm” She was becoming wilder and lock my waist with her legs and neck with her hand, I find it difficult to move my hips “Why are you slowing you fucker keep fucking me, I am going to cum, yes I am going to cum again ammmm yeahhhh ahhh ahhhh oh fuck me yes fuck me I am going to yes yes yes yes oooo yessss I am cumming I’m cuuumiiiingggg” and she threw herself to bed and released me.But she did not stop much and climbed the top of me and put my hard dick inside her pussy.

She was initially rolling her hips while my dick was still inside. I was enjoying her movement and be honest this is my favorite position. Slowly she put her hand on my chest by putting her both legs across and started fucking me, sometimes she will come to me and kiss my lips, she increased her speed and groaning aughhhhh aughhhhh huhh huhhhh ahhh yehhhh I was also moaning, she felt little tired so I took the charge and started fucking her from downside while she was still on my top “ah Maya please keep going yes yes Maya please don’t stop” it was not needed to ask her to continue. After changing charge of fucking one by another around 15 20 minutes later “Maya, I think I am going to cum yes”

“You think you are going to cum you bastard, you think, tell me where do you want to cum you mother fuckeerrrrr” “Mayyaaaa Can I cum in your mouth” ‘’Yessss you mother fucker, cum in my mouth I want to taste your cum, yes cum in my mouth” she pulled out and put my dick in her mouth and started sucking it… “Ahhh you are superb Maya, you are so pro while sucking” I hold her head and pushed my dick deep into her throat and released my cum and did not release her until I unloaded each drop of my cum. She was coughing and threw herself to bed and tried to breathe normally.

We both were lying on the bed with full satisfaction. I moved to her and hugged her tight while kissing her lips. We were lying like that when we heard her kid was crying and searching for her mother. We looked each other’s eyes and burst into a laugh. “Good timing, he knows what her mother needs and never disturbs me when I am enjoying,” Maya said and laughed again. She went to her kid without wearing clothes, before leaving “You don’t dare to sleep mother fucker, I will return and fuck you again” “I will be waiting for your pussy and ass you bitch” and slapped her butt she gave me a look and said “Ass!!! Seems interesting”, we laughed and she left the room. The same night we fucked a couple more times in different positions but anal could not happen because she was not feeling comfortable after trying a couple of time. And I am a person who looks for partners comfort and satisfaction so did not force it.

Her pussy and mouth were enough to satisfy me. Now she becomes some social worker and gained a lot of fat, but I am still in touch with her and enjoying her if we are meeting, she is still wild even though she gained a lot of fat.

So this is the story, guys. I have many real life stories, which I want to share with you. If you guys want to read more stories of my life, please do write me at [email protected]. Your feedback will encourage me to write and describe my sexual journey.

Since I am staying alone, all girls, aunties, and bhabis are welcomed to have a little fun. I can assure you will be never disappointed.Regards,Hrishi

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