Hauz Khaz Village Stories – Part 1

Ever since the 2010,hkv as we call it, has become the hub for many of the delhite’s to party on and off occasions. Greetings to all,

I am one such resident of hauz khaz society and I visit this place every day to grab a smoke or 2.This place on weekends is loaded with the best crowd in delhi; girls flaunting in there pretty/short dresses,with make up on curly hair; stilettos and what not can turn on any guy walking down that lane one such afternoon on a saturday I was wandering around this area when my eyes happen to glare at a lady in a backless blouse black saree, the sweat drops rolling down her amazingly flat white tummy from navel to her lower area,holy mother of god .

I decided right there that I want her in my bed and the devil inside me woke and while lighting my cigarette bunch of plans striked my mind as to how to get in touch with her.Without waiting anymore, I stubbed my cigarette taking the last drag and started my walk to the social club where she was standing.

Me:hi would you mind me asking a favour,can you give me 30 seconds to impress you?If I do,you’ll have to give me a minute more.

( I think this really did impress her)

The lady: ahh …… Ok alright ,in an amazing tone

Me: hi this is siddhart arora (23 years old ,economics graduate from hindu college working for an ngo in delhi 5’11, muscular body and have been trained in martial arts-zumba).

( I performed some tricky stretching moves and a fly razor which is impossible for anyone who’s not trained in zumba because of which I got attention from people standing nearby and even the bouncers outside social put a big round of applause for me.)

Anhaita the lady (which I came to know later):that was impressive, really it was I wish I had some time but I am waiting for my fiancée who is about to come any moment, can we meet some other time I guess I gave her my mobile number as she opened her I -phone to take my number and the very next moment her fiancée came.

Anahita’s fiancé – mohit: sorry is there something I can help you while grabbing anahaita arm around his arm

Me: I was asking the lady what time is it .Thats all dude!!

Mohit:oh it is 3:00 pm. Now excuse us please.

They entered the social pub thereafter and I went back to my place.As per my daily routine I went for my zumba classes and when I was done with the training I withdrew the mobile from the locker

I saw a whatsapp message from an unknown number and on clicking the dp I saw it was anahita’s same pretty face and the same black sari she was wearing.The message read:-

Hi siddhant this is anahita,we met today you kindaa impressed me with your moves and skill.

Me: ah ..Thank you..But I was kinda hoping you were single (seeing that she was online that time)

Anhaita: oh!! Y is that?

Me:oh cmmon ,a lady like you can make anyone go mad, I just wanted to take you out on a date but my bad,u r engaged

Anahita: that is so sweet.No one has ever done such a thing to impress me. Ohh come on I am not married.We will surely go on a date .

Me: are you kidding me ……. Thank you so much,thats very kind of you.

Anhaita: but only on one condition?

Me: I was so damn excited I literally thought that my move has succeeded me in almost getting her.Cool and what is that

Anhaita: you have to teach me zumba; I want to get in shape before my marriage and I will pay you for every session

Me: (roger that was the command flying through my mind),oh yes sure but only on one condition

Anahitta: what ?

Me: I wont be taking any money in return

Anahita:then its not done..

Me: ok alright you can give me treat anytime but no money please .

Anahita: alright you ll take me out on a date and I ll pay for it ….

Me:that sounds great.Done then…

Anhaita: btw r you proffesional in zumba?Like do you teach also

Me:no I have had 4 years of experience in this I work for xy consulting group although.

Anhaita:thats great .Would 6:00 pm sound fine on saturday and sunday.My address is b-2/111 gk-2

Me: I was about to say that.Yeah sure(only thing that was coming to my mind was how soon can I make my move over here).

Anhaita: so tomorrow 6 pm.

Me :our date or your training session?

Anhaita: whatever you prefer. I knew she was casually flirting too with me.

We ended our chat here .That nigh my hands were down my shaft as I couldnt help myself but think about her beauty

She must be 36dd-28-24…Perfect hour glass figure…Boobs were so big and juicy.She looked like ayeshia takia but with aishwariya’s face I just wished I could suck on it sooner.

Next day at 6 pm sharp

I was outside her house which seemed to be another posh area: I called her

Me: hi anhaita I m standing outside your house.Is it a good time to come?

She opened the door and I walked in

Anahita: sorry my house is very untidy no one is at home and I am not in a mood to do zumba as I had a huge fight with mohit,my fiancee whom you asked the time(giving me a small laugh)

Me: do I look like I have come to teach you zumba wearing a shirt and a leather pant..I thought we ll go out on a date .

Anahita (wearing a pink sattin gown): are you kidding me….Do you think I would want to go out on a date now?

….Just give me 5 minutes I will take a shower and dress up ..Please help yourself ,you can watch tv .The remote is on the sofa?

Me: I finally gathered some courage and presented the bouquet with tulips yellow and red roses which I bought on the way to her house from gk m block market

Anhaita: my god…That is so sweet.How do you know tulips are my favourite .I cant turn down your proposal (giggling and her dimples – preity zinta fails in front of her). We will surely go on a date.She gave me a kiss on my cheek and I was like on the 9th cloud.My loins burning and my devil mind asked me to tear her gown and lick those melons but I preferred my gentlemen behavior instead

After 20 minutes which is fast as expected from a woman to dress up, she opened up her room door and came in an tank tube red robe. Ohhh … She was looking ravishing hawt.

Me: I was still and drool came out of my mouth .My god oh god……She was looking terrific ,her flaunts completed her dress and her ass was unnoticeable

Anhaita:how do I look?

Me: I had no words coming out of my mouth I dont know how I gathered this confidence and said ravishing hawt!!!!

Anhaita:thank you,

She held my arm and soon with the touch she gave me I knew I was getting luck tonight

We went to a nearby lounge in gk m block and had few cocktails and then shots.We discussed about each other life, our jobs,

She was crazy about bollywood and so was I ….

Time passed by like seconds and we were enjoying each others company

Me:anhaita ,would you like to dance with me?

Anhaita: I d love tooo I knew my chivalry and my mannerism had made my work easy).

We danced and I knew some cool tricks over ballet dancing which I learnt from my x girlfriend who happens to be a ballet dancer and that worked out really well..

People noticed us even 2 tall guys came near her to try their luck when I came in between and grasped her waist line and took her arm in my arm which made it clear to them she was with me .She judged why I did this which made even more of my impression on her.

We paid the bill and took off from there and I dropped her to her place.Just before reaching ,the type cast -would you like to have coffee at my place (she lived with her father but as he had gone out to bombay which I learnt at the lounge)?

She was bit tipsy and so was I as we had a full pitcher of liit. So I told her I do prefer water or some lemonade for the downer.

She opened the door and went to the kitchen.I though it would be the best time to make my move so without waiting for another second I went behind her I think my tool humping over her ass made her feel my presence in the kitchen she was shocked but without caring any longer. I took a shot and kissed het neck…. And then bit her ear lobe.

Anahita: are you in your senses?What the hell do you think you are doing?

Me: ohh I am so sorry…I shouldn’t have ….But to tell you the truth when I saw you yesterday I went mad I count stop but look into what beauty god has created.I made her impress with many idioms by comparing her with angels,stars and her eyes …….

Anhaita: ok ..Frankly speaking I also freaked out but never have I seen a man like you in my life I was so impressed with what you did yesterday and to tell you the truth “Last night while having phone sex with mohit I accidentally took your name because of which we had a fight”

Me:fearlessly, I gave her a lip lock.At first she was reluctant. But she soon melted when I pressed her finger over her mouth.And kissed me back.

I made her sit on the kitchen table and we smooched for 20-25 minutes .After that I took off her red dress she was in a black lingerie. I never noticed but she was wearing black stockings inside her dress.I took the 2 mangoes and pressed the left one

Anhaita: please can we take it to the bedroom

I was so horny that I rammed everything out of the table and told her I want to fuck you right on this table

I explored her whole body right from sucking her toes …Which really excited her…And then exploring each others body I know what excites women the most …They ll never be more tempted to suck you if you hold them tight and keep a long nectar bite on the neck…

Then we went in a 69 position it was after long (almost 3 months after my breakup I was getting some action

Anhaita: ahhh ahhh … Please make it slow ….You ll kill mee ……. Ahhh ..Please !Please slow we have a whole night to spend…



Nooo way……..

I had started giving her a tongue twister.

She screamed and then came on to me .She said she didn’t have an orgasm like this before..Her juices were flowing all over my face and chest.

I cleared the juices of and then she sucked my popstikle,she opened the top mushroom fence and put a rasberry durex condom on it .Boy oh boy….

I never had this kind of experience before ..She gave me a head like a pro for the next 15 minutes …Squeezing my balls in between and asked me to enter her as she cant control herself any more.

I entered my groin in her pussy smooching her lips as I held her from her butt on the kitchen table.

The fridge was 1/2 feet distance from her body she opened it and took out a bottle of water and I saw herches chocolate syrup ,without wasting a moment I grabbed the bottle and poured the syrup all over her juicy melons ….It made the sex even more exciting and hot

Then we held on to the doggy position I was holding her leg and then gave few strokes in to enter her btw my cock is 7 inches and wide and tight.The way she moaned seemed that she was either a pro or was having her best session ever

We had sex a couple of times that night and finally slept at 4 am.

Next morning I woke up I saw she had some 10 missed call from her fiance and a whatsapp message stating that he has left his place and tried calling her n number of times yesterday and would be at her place any moment.

I was hell afraid as I didnt want to create any nuisance in her life I left that place without waking her up

I will tell you what happend in the next part of the story.Ladies/girls staying in delhi can connect with me at [email protected]

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