Heanenly Pleasues With All The Three Angels

I had 3 angels, like Charlie. But I had to tackle them in a different way.

Ranjana and I reached the campus of a company, the watchman asked us about the purpose of the visit. He wanted me to get down and write our names on the register that was kept in the watchman’s tower. But he saw her hand is holding my dick and the scarf-dupatta is covering her hand and my dick.

He smiled and brought the register to me so that I can fill it without standing away from my bike. While we were entering the parking, he said there are cameras in parking. He indirectly meant that do not do sex or anything stupid in parking.

Ranjana was in no mood to leave my dick. I turned the bike off and put it on the side stand. I think she wanted us both to meet her parents with the dick in her hand. I asked her about this.

She said, “There is absolutely no problem with this. You are thinking right Vijay. Actually many relatives are bringing their not so handsome boys to see me. But I am stuck on you. Let’s do this.” I said, “Let’s not hurry up for marriage right now. I am not employed.”

Then I zipped up the jeans and we went to the company by elevator. We were waiting there for the boss to meet us. But the boss was more eager to meet me due to my successful startup. We had to wait in an air-conditioned buffet room. We had some food there as everything was hot and fresh.

I get a good erection after an hour of food. Ranjana was watching my dick in the jeans. She came close to me and said now there is no one here. She took out my dick just from the zip side. She slid down her slack (thin cotton pants). She was not wearing any panties.

She then sat on me, facing me, she held my dick and entered it in her pussy. Ranjana was not a virgin for sure. She was fucked by 1 or 2 dicks before this. She was riding me, grinding me, her pussy was so hot in that AC buffet room. She kept rubbing the pussy on my dick. We kept fucking.

I did not take her boobs out as I was not at all doing anything. Actually, everything was being done by Ranjana. After good fucking of 10 minutes or so, I told her I am cumming. I will shoot the load now. She said shoot it inside my pussy. I for the first time, did something now.

I inserted both my thumbs under her top and slide it up along with her thin tank-top-bra to see her boobs. Ranjana had brown nipples. They were soft and not poking out. I sucked the nipples one by one to make them pointed as I like a small point on the nipple. I was now ready to grind her.

I took her to the nearby sofa and made her sleep on back, I then fucked her in full force in missionary position. I was fucking her now, instead of her riding me and doing everything. She said I fucked the stars and moon out of her. (Chand taare dikha diye tune).

I did not care now that someone would see us. I was making a lot of money in my startup and I did not care at all about finishing the college or the project. The boss was interested to integrate our project. It was giving a challenge to a big company Western-Union Money transfers by now.

I kept fucking the stars out of Ranjana now. The buffet room was filled with thump thump noises of fucking. I think some waiter or cook was there peeking and watching the action. But I am not sure.

I sucked her big boobs. She had these 36 DD boobs with a perfect round figure. Her boobs were not hanging at all. Her boobs can be said as the most perfect round boobs. Her big brown areola, and tiny pointed nipples while fucking her. She was now out of her senses. I finished my load in her pussy.

She also had her pussy cum at the same time. Then I removed my dick from her pussy and cleaned her cum filled pussy with a tissue paper. For the first time, I had used the restaurant tissue to clean the cum from a pussy. We left about 5 to 6 cum filled tissues there at the restaurant table. Then we went to the meeting with the boss.

Ranjana tried a lot to marry me after this. But we had to wait for an entire year before we finished college. Her family was in a super hurry to get her married as her figure was overdeveloped now. They got her married before the college ended. This is how we did not end up as united.

Then comes the day when Ashwini wanted to sit behind me on the bike. She said now it is my turn to visit the next company with Vijay. This indirectly just meant she want to feast on my dick now. Generally, all of the same things were repeated. She also hugged me from behind and tried to catch my dick.

She did not open the zip. But she felt the dick and balls from above the jeans. She was a little conservative. She just pressed her boobs on me, kissed me from the back. Then once in the company, she kissed me in the parking. Then we had the meeting as the boss of this company was also ready to meet us.

He offered us their company name/sponsorship for the project. I then dropped Ashwini to her bungalow in Kothrud in Pune. She insisted we tell this good news to her parents. I said, “Which good news?” She laughed and hugged me there on the front gate of her bungalow.

She pressed her boobs hard on me in that tight hug. She said, “The news about the project, you silly.” Then we got inside to see that no one was in the bungalow. She opened it with her spare key and we went into her bedroom. We did some general work on her computer, like copying the project demo files, etc.

Then I turned back to know where this tapping noise is coming from. I was surprised to see Ashwini naked in the shower. She was washing her vagina (chut). I went near. She said her panty area is all wet for the first time. She did not know why. I went near to see her closely.

I saw those big hanging boobs. Ashwini had big 34 DD boobs but they were a bit hanging. You can call them normal for sure. Maybe I am not so perfect in measuring the boob sizes. But she had big enough hanging boobs. While her tummy was flat, the body was super thin. Her pussy was of brown color and big.

The exciting part is that the pussy smell was awesome. It felt a bit pungent, just like someone’s sweat smells. But a bit better smelling than sweat. I was not able to control myself after I saw her pussy from so close. I touched her pussy with a finger. Then the second finger was touching her pussy.

Then I inserted my two fingers inside. I saw she is wet inside, but not much. I entered my tongue deep inside her pussy. I was not able to control myself. I had my entire tongue in her pussy. I was biting her pussy lips so that she gets the best excitement. I did this for some time.

Then the shower made me wet completely. I removed my clothes. Ashwini saw my abs. She was playing with the abs. She liked the first two abs just below my chest area. She kissed and licked the abs. She kissed the tummy area. Then she went down and kissed my dick and balls. She sucked my right ball (gote).

I jumped out of shock as I never expected someone to suck my gote. She was mad for me. She sucked my dick like a hungry girl. She kept on sucking the dick till I came inside her mouth. Ashwini kept on sucking even after that. Now my dick was big again inside her mouth.

Ashwini liked it that my dick sprayed the hot cum inside the mouth. Then went small and big also in the mouth. She told me she enjoyed this a lot. After this, I said lets put some in the pussy. I had taken a 3-condom pack with me today. I knew yesterday Ranjana was fucked and today Ashwini has the same intentions.

I took out a condom and told her to put it on the dick. She tried but was not able to put the condom on my dick. I helped her, then she took my hard dick and pushed it inside her pussy. She was a virgin but she did not bleed much. Just about 2 drops came out I think, or maybe the shower water cleaned her blood.

Later on, she told me this was the reason for fucking in the shower. So that her parents do not see bloodstains. We can easily fuck in the flowing water. This was all done in standing position. I had no difficulty in picking her up in the air and fucking her. She had her legs wrapped around my waist area.

I kept fucking her in the standing position in her bathroom. I enjoyed the view of Ashwini’s boobs swinging in the air. Her pussy was perfect, not too tight and not too loose. Her pussy was an exact fit for my big dick. I enjoyed her pussy a lot. She was around 55 KG in weight.

So I fucked her completely in a standing position while she was lifted in the air. I finished the cum inside her. Then we did some shower together, while I played a lot with her swinging handing boobs. Her nipples were rock hard. The types that rough women usually have in their 40’s or 50’s.

I still enjoyed those boobs as it was also something new to me. Then I went home before her parents would show up in the evening.

The third day Deepti was sad as she had an idea that maybe both the girls enjoyed a lot with me. Or at least one of them must have proposed me or just have fun with me. Deepti had tears in her eyes, she was not saying anything. No one in the class liked Deepti at all.

Actually, no one in the entire college liked her. But I loved her because of the fact that she loved me. She actually sent this message to me via a friend. She observed me for a year or two and then she was in love with me. Actually, all 3 girls observed me for these long years.

I told her that there is no need to go to any company. The two companies we went to were interested in sponsoring our project and giving us their names. Deepti was a short girl for the Pulsar anyways. But we could have managed. Anyways, we decided to visit Deepti’s room today and discuss the project.

We went to her room, then Ranjana and Ashwini wanted to stay longer after college. But the college bus was going to go and so Ashwini and Ranjana went home on the bus. I was staying there intentionally for Deepti. I did not want to fuck Ranjana or Ashwini so much as I wanted to love Deepti.

I was joking around, making good talks with her and trying to stay as long as I could with her. I was in love with her actually. We were then interrupted by her loud ringing mobile. We were staring at each other, in the eyes for too long it seems. We laughed and she tried to hug me.

I never wanted her to feel bad. So I hugged her tightly and she came to know about my intentions. I kissed her a little bit as her lips were not good looking. But love made me kiss her. Then I told her that I feel bad that boys call you chapti (flat-chested).

She opened her Punjabi dress and she was showing her boobs to me. Deepti actually had some boobs but they were in developing stage. They were not a handful but they could have developed a lot more if someone used them. They were A or B cup only. I think mostly A cup.

Then I held her boobs in my hand. just her nipples and areola were coming out and I could grab only her nipples, areola and a little bit of her skin. The boobs were so small. I then said, “How is your pussy?” She became naked and she wanted to show the entire pussy to me.

I saw it was ok, but I wanted to check the size. I actually wanted to fuck her small pussy. It was just the length of my first finger. Deepti was a normal-sized girl with very small boobs, but her pussy was fine. It was not too small. I took out my dick and tried to fuck her by keeping the head of the dick on her pussy.

Deepti had a just now shaved pussy with some pointy hairs left on her pussy lips. I saw that my dick is not made for this type of small pussy. My dick is made for the big voluptuous girls like Ranjana and Ashwini. Her pussy hairs were poking my dick from all sides.

The head of my dick went inside her pussy a little bit. Then I tried to enter her further. I saw that her pussy is super tight for my dick. I enjoyed this feeling but she was not enjoying this big dick. She was in tears again. I said, “Let’s see if we are made for each other.”

I genuinely wanted to know if we could be made for each other. I tried to insert my dick completely in her pussy. But to my surprise, only half of my dick used to go in her pussy. She was a virgin and the seal was broken just now by my dick’s head. She was oozing blood all over.

I kept on trying to fuck her, but could not get the dick in completely. Then we tried in this position for some time and had to fuck her this way only. I think 75% of my dick had gone inside her. Then the fucking continued for some time. I was all around her as I have a big body.

Her two legs and waist seemed small in front of me. If someone would have seen us from a sideways angle, they would have said that a beast is fucking her all over. I mean her body was nothing in front of me. I liked the super tight but soft pussy and her pussy hairs poking my dick.

The feeling was as if I am fucking her with the wrong size. This entire feeling made me cum quickly in her pussy. I forgot to tell you that I used a condom. After this, I came out to see her friends staring at me. They were her roommates. One of the girls was angry that we had locked her out for 1 hour.

I told them sorry we were watching a movie inside. Then I left her apartment. I should have told them that we were working on the project. But somehow I told them the movie reason. The friends came to know everything as Deepti told the truth. This meant that she wanted to make it public.

She wanted a real relationship with me. But honestly, my parents would not have liked her because of her flat-chested figure. It is a natural thing that people assume she would not be able to feed milk to their babies. Anyways, I did not end up in a relationship with her either.

I think Ashwini will end up with me in a relationship, but that is yet to be known. There are many factors before marriage as I do not want a working wife. I want my wife to be a housewife so that no one teases her on the job.

Sadly I have seen some bastards give out very bad comments for a pregnant women that come to our office. Some guys in my office stare at pregnant women. Then whisper to each other, “Oh she can leak the milk anytime now. Her baby must be crying for milk.”

Some say, “Here comes the newly married lady. Maybe she just finished up feeding her baby, or maybe she just took out her husband’s penis now and came to office.” They whisper to not to shake hands with married women, as they might have given a handjob to someone’s dick just a few minutes ago.

All these are the reasons for choosing a housewife and so I am single for now. If any girl, aunty wants to get fucked by me, just let me know. I would not travel far away. I can do it if you are in Pune or in a nearby city only. My email is [email protected]. Vijay here.

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