Heat In The Chillness Of Bangalore Rain

This is arun again from marathalli(bangalore). This is a continuation to my last story “”. I am wheatish in colour and well built as I am a gym freak. I stay in a 2 storey building and in second floor. My neighbour is a family from andhra. Her name is asha and as mentioned in my last story, we are already in relationship for few months and we have many sexual encounters. This one which I am going to narrate happened past weekend(8th may) when it rained heavily in bangalore.

Asha was out of town for few days and she returned only last week. After she returned, we never got chance to have sex. I was starving for sex and unfortunately, I couldnt get any chance to be with her alone. I know even she was waiting get fucked by me.

I used to keep my door open. So that while playing with baby, she will just come inside and give some short kisses and go. Those quick kisses were very wonderful and provoking.

On sunday evening, her husband went out to purchase something. Asha went to roof to wash clothes as there is a big stone like structure to wash clothes. On the roof itself, there is one bathroom which is usally used by everyone on emergency purpose. After she started washing clothes, I went to the roof to talk to her. She was wearing nighty and while she was sitting, I could see the shape of her ass and ass crack. Which clearly showed me that she was not wearing any panty. I was just sitting close to her and was just talking with her rubbing my hand on her ass over the nighty. We didnt do anything more because, her husband might come any minute.

After few mins, it started raining and it started very heavily. I went inside the bathroom on terrace and asked her to come, she didnt come as she was scared her husband might come. And thinking so many things, she was standing just in rain. She became completely wet. Wow what a picture it was. Her full nighty became wet. By now, I came to know that, she was not wearing any panty and bra inside. I could her night sticking on her body in rain.

On the back, the nighty was going inside her ass crack showing nice shape of the ass. Same way her nighty was sticking to her boobs and was clearly showing the shape of her boobs and her nipples were projecting out. The rain increased very much, she came and stood near the bathroom. And in few minutes, her husband called and told that he will come little late as the rain is heavy. As soon as she disconnected the call, I dragged her inside the bathroom and hugged her.

I kissed all over her body over the nighty. I have been waiting for many days for this. I kissed her so madly like a wild animal. I pressed her boobs on her nighty and was pressing her ass. She was moaning slowly. I was out of control. I was already in shorts and tee-shirt. She just slid her hands inside the shorts and held my penis. She was started shaking my penis. Simultaneously, I was kissing her lips and pressing her boobs.

After kissing her for around 10 minutes. I totally removed her nighty and she was completely naked in front of me like an angel. I then removed my dress and stood naked before her. She came and hugged me and said she missed me a lot. I made her kneel down and kept my penis in her mouth and asked her to lick it. She gave a nice blowjob. She gives blowjob so well. She pushed the foreskin of my penis and started licking the tip of my penis. My penis started leaking watery discharge as I was very tempted. She licked it and cleaned it completely.

She then took my full penis inside her mouth and started giving blowjob. I was in heaven. It was raining heavily outside and our body was so warm inside. After she finished giving blowjob. I make her lie on the floor of the bathroom and started licking her all over the body. I licked her nipple so much. I took her boobs as much as possible in my mouth and started sucking it. While sucking one boob, I was pressing the other. And I repeated the same with the other boob. I was licking and biting her nipples like a chocolate ice cream. Her nipples were so erect.

I then spread her legs and went between her legs and kissed her vagina. Electric current passed in both of our body. She gave a jerk in her body. I spread her legs and watched the beautiful vagina. It was so beautiful like the jack fruit. It was open like a jack fruit and so soft. I kept my mouth and started licking her vagina. That day she was cumming so much. Her cum was squirting on my face. I didnt leave her. I licked her vagina completely without wasting a single drop of her cum.

I bit the clitoris and started playing with my tongue. My penis was in no position to wait. I climbed on top of her and kept my penis inside her vagina and pushed it inside. It went completely inside and and our body were touching each other fully.

I started moving my penis inside and out slowly and then increased my speed. I started banging her vagina. And due to wet body, there was a thup thup sound when I fucked. I increased my speed more and more and tore her vagina. She was crying in pleasure and pain. I was in no position to leave her. I was mad on her.

After sometime, I made her stand and asked her to keep the hand on the wall and bend forward. She did the same. It was an awesome view of her ass and ass hole. Her ass hole was so beautiful. I touched her ass hole and was trying to finger it. She asked me to stop and fuck her more.

So I started inserting my penis inside her vagina. And started fucking her from back. While fucking her from back, I inserted my finger in her ass hole and started fingering her ass hole. She was moving her body and was helping me fuck her vagina and ass nicely.

After fucking her from back for some time. I was about to cum. I asked her where to cum, she laid on the floor and asked me to leave the sperms on her boobs. I did the same. She massaged my sperms all over her boobs and started licking her hands. I was satisfied after many days. She washed herself. Wore nighty and came out. The rain reduced somewhat and she started washing clothes again. He husband came very late that day.

He went out to drink with friends. I had one another quick session in my home. Which just took 10 mins. She drank all the sperms and left home. If anyone wants to share their experience or wants to talk to me can email me at [email protected]

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