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Hi, thank you all for taking your time to read my previous stories. Thanks for the lovely feedback. Hope you will like this incident too.

ISS has blessed me with a plethora of opportunities now. There was one such interesting mail from a lady. The mail was both cryptic and interesting. It just said these sentences, “My body is a temple of sacred divinity, the more you pamper it, the more you will be blessed”.

After reading this, I was intrigued. A curious feeling of wanting to know this person arose in me. I then replied back, “I am a priest of such holy dirties. Would love to do you justice”. I think this was the reply the person was waiting for.

She replied to me asking if I would be able to meet her at her convenience. I willingly shared my details and it was then we started chatting on WhatsApp to get familiar and then finally decided to meet up.

Trust me, I had never felt such an excitement. Does she really look so beautiful? Is her body as beautiful as she claims to be? What if it turns out the opposite? But what if it is true!! With all these thoughts, I went ahead for the meeting.

I reached early in excitement. After a few minutes of waiting at the coffee table in the decided restaurant, she arrived. Wow! Just wow!

She was the epitome of beauty! She had a perfect 36-24-36 body. She was extremely fair, had silky hair, beautiful body, and voluptuous boobs. Wow, I was just thinking what did I do in my previous birth to deserve this! Clearly, I haven’t done enough in this birth, must be the past karma that has given me such a chance. I was just wonderstruck with her beauty.

She waved at me and then came over. Wow, the heavenly perfume. We then ordered coffee, chatted about a few mundane things and then she asked me if I was ready for the worship. I willingly obliged.

We booked a cab to avoid suspicion, went to a hotel and then checked in for the day. Luckily, I had carried all the essential oils for the massage.

As soon as we went in, she kissed me on the lips. I too responded back and in no time, things were getting hornier. I wanted to lose control but I knew that delayed pleasure always leads to greater satisfaction. I held her hand signaling to stop and then just told her that I will do what I promised.

I asked her to undress. Wow! Perfect boobs. I asked her to lie on her stomach, facing downwards. I started applying the oil on her feet first, slowly kneading her calf muscles, and sensually relieving the tension. Slowly, I went upwards and onwards. Her thighs, her lovely round buttocks; I kept kneading them and bathing them with oil and kissing them.

I put oil in her ass cheeks, it looked lovely, like a golden liquid flowing through a smooth valley. It was perfect! I then inserted a finger in her crack. She was ecstatic, she wanted me to fuck her, she begged me but I was delaying it longer and longer.

I then massaged her back with one hand and her ass with the other. Then I went to her shoulders and asked her to turn. I started with her heavenly boobs, caressing them, playing with them like it was the first time. The moment I put my lips on her tits, she just exploded. Wow, she just had an intense orgasm! It was amazing.

I kissed her lips; my one hand on her love hole, the other on her one boob. She immediately put her hand on my manhood, which as you might have guessed was ready for attention. I opened my clothes and she starting stroking it.

I didn’t want the session to end early, so I broke off and asked her to just lie down for some time in silence. After about 10 minutes or so, we then started again. This time I went directly over her pussy. The anticipation must have been at her heights since she exploded again.

I touched her clitoris and played with it like it was a prized toy. I played with her labia, inserted my finger and finger fucked her. She started yelling, “Ooh aaagh. Don’t stop please, please don’t stop. Fuck me, please, I beg you”. I still didn’t yield. I wanted to prime her.

I then started licking her pussy with my tongue. Lovely juices were flowing all over, she was so wet. She was twirling and twisting with joy, unable to control. She pulled my hand and then caught my dick. Without a word, she just got up and started sucking my dick. I told her I had a better idea: 69! We got into position and then we were sucking each other. It was amazing. She was a maestro in the art of blowjob. Wow!

Automatically, we then proceeded towards our intimate moments. I laid down and she positioned herself on top, since she told me she loved this position. She held my dick and then forced her pussy down my hard dick. Heaven, just heaven. I was moaning with joy and she was screaming with pleasure. We fucked and fucked, just for the pure love of it.

After some time, we changed to missionary, then doggy. Oh my, the sounds we were making!! “Ooh aaah. Fuck me. Love you, aaah.”

The velocity, the passion was just beyond description. It was like my first fuck ever! Amazing!

We lost track of time, it was just so passionate. We just exploded together and then for about half an hour, we just lied down in the same position. My dick was still inside her pussy, neither did I want to move it out nor did she. We just lied there, without a word; just satisfied.

We realized then that it was getting late. So, we took bath together, I gave her a good bath and she gave me one too by sucking my dick in the bath. She thanked me immensely for the experience and so did I. Finally, it was time to part and then she gave me a passionate kiss and then we parted.

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So what are you waiting for, open your mail and reach me and let’s have an awesome time together, who knows you might be writing a similar story soon here.

Reach me at [email protected]. Bye for now, until we meet. Loads of love!

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