Helped In Giving Birth A Child For My Aunty

Hi ISS readers my self akash here to share my first real life experience. I love this site a lot I have read almost all stories and most of them I like aunty stories

Coming to my self I live in kadapa which is in A.P I completed my graduation and searching for a job I am 6 feet height and have a nice physic and is very attractive to sexy aunties.

Coming into the topic I live wit my parents they both works so I always be alone in home ours is a independent house with four portions on the upstairs we have an old couples on down stairs one is our home and the others lives my sex goddess Divya(name changed).

Divya is a middle aged women with 33 yrs of age she will be around 5.8 height and is very attractive and maintain super figure , she lives with her husband they was married 10 years back and have no children

I love divya aunt a lot when ever I get a chance I will watch her cleavage while she is sweeping the floor or washing clothes ,she was very frank and so friendly in nature we use to chat a lot a her husband is a railway contractor he will be most of time working in the sites and I am also alone in home so we talk watch movies in my home we soon become good friends ad share each other problems

I like to spend a lot of time with her but never dare to seduce her as I was so afraid of the consequences and kept my nerve but in deep I love her very much and I want to make her my bed partner.

That day finally came I clearly remember that day it was Thursday as usual mom and dad went to offices and her husband also went to site I completed my breakfast in morning and divya aunt came in we talked and she asked me doesn’t I have any girlfriends to hang out with I said I don’t like girls

I once used to have a girl friend she cheated me and left me she felt sorry for me and told about her personal life that she always wanted to have children but unfortunately they didn’t have any

They both went for check ups but none has any defect and her husband is kind of old man like 45 he didn’t care about me a lot he is a work alcoholic listening to all these make my mind think dirty after some time she started to cry I was worried and went to her right and try to stop her tears I sat next to her and put my left arm around and she leans on to my chest and cried more after some time she stopped crying and asked me a favour I cant believe she asked such thing she wants me to satisfy her

She said I knew you like me you stare at me when ever I sweep the floor and wash clothes I like the way you keep staring at me I too love you akash the day first I saw you I have feelings for you I cant believe all these I think it was a dream for couple of minutes she again will you akash please I don’t know what to say I was afraid my heart beat started to rise and I was shy after gaining courage I said yes

She seems so happy to hear me say that she said come to my home I locked my home and went to her she locked the door and said do as I said I nodded my head like a doll

Pick me up and take to the bed room I lift her up she was around 50 to 60 kgs I mange to take her into bed room and put her down on the bed she asked me are u virgin I said yes! She said I will teach you everything don’t worry and came near to me and started kissing my lips WOW it was an amazing feeling

It was my first kiss she kept her tongue into my mouth and touching my tongue up and down her saliva was entering into mine it taste great she touched inner walls of my tongue and played for a few minutes and asked me to do the same with her this time I entered my tongue into her mouth and started playing with her tongue she bite my tongue but I enjoyed it too we continue like this for 6 to 7 minutes while doing so she caught hold my cock and was amazed that she never think I will have this big cock she quickly removed my shorts and my jockey now I am naked in front of my aunt

She started to lick it nice and smooth like a ice cream then she inserted my cock into her mouth tel you what it was like all a current shock very amazing I was like in heaven I cummed with in a minute due to excitement she swallowed all my cum she asked me to undress her she was wearing a nighty I removed the back zip and the nighty fell off she was wearing red bra and panty she looks so hot in those red panties I slowly removed her bra she asked me to play with her breast I touched her breast it was like smoothest thing I ever touched in my life so soft my hands was shivering while touching she smiled and said don’t be afraid come on I pressed them softly she enjoyed that I pressed little harder she started moaning slowly she asked to bite the nipples I did as she said her nipples was hard I slowly bit them she was moaning haaaaa

I bite the other one she was moaning loudly now I started to eat all her left breast she was pushing my face into her her breast was too big for my mouth to eat whole I licked them bite them kissed them for about 20 minutes she enjoyed It a lot and told that her husband never do such thing he only do his jerking and went to sleep now she seems to be satisfied with me she wants more from me she asked me to do the same to her pussy she sat on the bed I was on my knees slowly removed her panty she was shaved neatly it was my first time to see a pussy it was so clean and so soft like silk I kissed it she liked the way

I started slowly opened her pussy walls I saw a path way to heaven so soft inside the walls I cant explain in words it was awesome I licked inside in her pussy walls she started moaning again and was speaking dirty like ohh akash my baby come on more more like so I was excited with her words and went fiercely started biting the walls of her pussy she said no akash it will be pain be gentle

Then I stopped biting and licked her entire pussy she was so excited and pushed my face completely into her pussy I feel a very different and sweet smell she cant take any more she asked me to kept my cock into her I did just as she said she removed the skin on my cock it was the first time my skin was moved away she guided my cock into her sweet walls of pussy some current waves passed all over my body all of my body skin was erected it was like some pain and more excitement of joy as my cock move in and out of her pussy that feeling I cant ever forget what a moment I never forget that part it was heaven to me OMG what a beautiful creation by god to please our selfs it was more funAfter 3 minutes of time I cummed inside her and I was totally exhausted I feel straight upon her she was very happy with me and I can see her eyes was wet due to joy she kissed on my head and told thanks a lot akash your wife will be very lucky to have you that is how I lost my virginity to an aunt.

We used to do this every day from Monday to Friday she dominates me some time we watched a lot f porn together and tried all the angels like doggy style in her ass she first resist a lot as if it was so pain in ass but her ass was so amazing it was so sticky like gum so had to enter into I inserted one of my finger and then other and make some easy flow and she applied some vasline on my cock then it smoothly enter into her now I can mange to control my cum for almost 10 minutes we continued this for 2 months

I had a wish to see female pass urine I even saw it we had sex in kitchen in dinning table in sofa on floor on bath room every where in her house after that her husband got transferred and they went away but she was in contact with me she called me daily after one month she was pregnant she said it was my baby she was having now she is 6 months pregnant I was so happy for her.

Love my real life experience give comments to my maild id [email protected]

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