Helping Friend Wife To Make Pregnant

Hi guys this is Teluguguy writing my first experience with my dearest friend wife (Suhasini). Without any late I am going Directly into the story.

I am Anand 6 feet high average looking. This story is about my friend wife Suhasini. They are married before 3 years and they are not succeeded in their sex life to give birth to a child so they consulted a doctor.

The doctor examined and declared that my friend is unable to make any girl pregnant of some problem with him. So they started worrying about this as I am the dearest friend of the both I enquired about the situation they said this is the problem.

So we discussed many things like adopting a child but they were not ready to adopt because everyone will come to know that he is unable to make pregnant his wife etc.

So they decided to get her pregnant by someone who can keep the matter secret. The 1st name is mine in that process he came to me and started the topic. I said that it’s not the way we can try another ways but they are not ready to take chances with any one and in any way.

Then I asked is she ready to do it with me. I was shocked to hear that she is the one who suggested my name. So The stage is set for the action so the night has came my friend called over me and said that he is going to some other friends room this night and asked me to come to his sexy wife Suhasini.

I was over joy by his call but maintained my decency and asked him to think over once again about this. He said that they have already decided about this and they are ready to do this.

I went to their house at 8-00 PM There my friend is getting ready to leave to the room but there is no sight of my lovely sexy Suhasini. He said that she is in the bedroom feeling some shy and he said please help me to prove me as man to the society making his wife pregnant.

He left the place and I am in the hall watching TV without knowing how to proceed. My friend rang me and said how is the situation and I said that I am in the hall and she is nowhere until now.

He said he will call her and solve the situation after 10-15 minute my darling Suhasini came to the hall bending her head down in nighty. I just said hi to her she is silent after 2 min she broke the silence by crying.

She said please help us to solve this but keep this as secret otherwise their respect will be lose in the community. I walk over to her and said don’t worry I am here to do anything for them and wiped her tears.

She felt somehow consoled and stopped crying. She asked shall we start. I said not this way I have some fantasise for my first sex. I want you to be bathed and dressed in a white saree with flowers etc.

She just listened to me and without any cross question she went to bathroom and dressed like as I said and came to me I was thrilled to see my darling in such a sexy dress ready to action with me and my dick is almost tearing my pant.

We went to bedroom and she stood beside me heading down I just lift her chin up and asked are you still feeling shy she has no answer I asked if you are not comfortable then we can stop this here itself and find some other way. (Knowing that she will agree to fuck with me)

I started walking out of the room and then she spoke for the first time Please stop and listen to me. I came back and stood over there. She started to say something like it will be ok and you have to keep this as secret in this manner.

I assured her by saying that I am here to help you and I won’t reveal this to anyone then she said ok then let us starts. First I went near her and started to kiss her right cheek with both the hands holding her head.

First she didn’t respond but I continued to kiss her all over the face and then kissed on her lips and my hands are running on her hips and lower back I came to know that she is responding slowly to my acts. She opened her mouth and started to suck my tongue.

Wow what a feel is this and then I kept my hands over her shoulder and just slid her saree while still kissing. Now we parted our kiss and I began to observe her body. She get shamed and turned away saying nothing.

I gust grabbed her by holding waist and said that she is gorgeous and she had a great body and started to kiss on neck she started moaning slowly and shivering her body slowly and I kept my hand on her waist and just opened the saree which is tucked near her navel and it falls off now.

She is in her blouse and petticoat. Now I turned her to me hugged her and start lip kiss again and start sucking her lower lip and she is cooperating to me. I get my one hand on her right boob over blouse and start squeezing that soft boob and she is moaning holding my back and hugging in response.

I played with her boob for about five minutes and then I opened her hair and let it free she is looking sexy than I expected. Now she is acting wild and she started to remove my T-Shirt and I helped her by raising my hands. Now I start to squeeze both her boobs over blouse and after some time.

I kept my hand inside her blouse and touched her nipple which is getting hard by the act slowly I opened the blouse buttons and she is in her blouse and petticoat now. She starts to remove my jeans and now I am in my underwear.

Again we both hugged and now I am running my hands on her lower back and kept starting lifting her petticoat. I touched her ass crack and pinched it she cried in joy and start to moan and now it’s the time to remove her bra and petticoat. Now we both are in our underwear.

My rod became solid by all this actions. She is holding my cock and feeling the hardness over my inner wear. Now I lifted her to the bed and rolled her on bed and started to kiss all her body and started to suck her nipples and

She is holding my hair and pressing hard on her nipples and she is folding her legs on my waist and feeling hot slowly I went down and started to suck her naval area and belly button she is bending like bow and responding with soft moans.

Finally reached the gateway and start to remove her underwear with my mouth and I found the hairy pussy there. First I kissed softly there and she is dying in pleasure so I changed the position to 69 and she removed mine and started to suck very fast and now I am feeling the pleasure of her lips on my tool.

We both continued the act for 5-10 min and I think she is ready for the action and get on top of her with my tool and adjusted between her milky thighs and she hold the tip of my dick and guided it through her love hole and she is closing her eyes.

I slowly inserted my dick in her cunt and slowly increased the pace and she is moaning and the sound of our parts is making more noise. After 10 min her juices start to flow over my dick and I too ready to shoot and asked her to get ready and hold her tightly and started to shoot my cum in her pussy.

I emptied my love juice and fell on her holding her boobs. She is happy with this and she began to talk for the first time in action. She said that this is the fuck until she have enjoyed up to now. I said this is nothing there is much more darling. (This is the first time addressing Suha as darling)

She just enjoyed me calling darling she responded by saying so we are going to enjoy lot more in coming sessions. I said exactly but I need your cooperation. She is happy and we then she stood up nude and start walking to fridge and get some drink. This is the first part in the coming parts you can jerk off dicks lot more anyone can get me on my mail id [email protected]

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