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Hi friendsI ‘m here to share my lucky experience with MIL while my FIL was hospitalized. Let me introduce our family. I’m working in a MNC and was married to a beautiful girl from a middle class family. She have a brother and he is settled abroad with wife and kids. My In laws are leading a peaceful life in our city. This experience happened couple of years back. My MIL is a very conservative lady working in a bank.

After two years our marriage everything was fine me and my wife was having a chat after breakfast and suddenly we got call from MIL that my wife ‘s father is having small discomfort in chest. I agreed to reach there as it was only 20 minutes drive from my house. I left my wife newborn baby with maid and went to help FIL. I took him and MIL to a big hospital in city. They took him to icu and said that they are monitoring condition. My MIL was very worried and was in a panic stage. I comforted her and arranged a good ac room on top floor.

In the evening we went inside icu and FIL was feeling better. Doctors said he had a mild attack and it was lucky that he reached hospital in time. They assured that he will be fine and just need to observe for 48 hrs in icu. My MIL became relived by this and was seen happy and relaxed. We had a chat with FIL and he said he will be fine. He asked abt our stay and I said all are fine and need not have to worry about that.

We went to the canteen and had a good dinner as both of us skipped our lunch and went back to room. I told my MIL that I will leave to home and get some necessary items like clothes and toiletries. When I reached home my wife packed all things for me also. When I said it ‘s not necessary for me to stay, she objected. She said my MIL will panic and it was because of my swift action in morning that helped her FIL survive. She insisted me to stay in hospital if in case any need arises at night.

My wife called her mom and explained. MIL also said that she was lucky to have such a good son in law. Once in room I gave her my wife ‘s night dress and I also changed to night wears. However after going to bathroom she returned wearing same sari and said my wife ‘s dress is too tight for her. There was one big bed with blanket and one small sofa in that room. I laid down on sofa and she rested on bed. I didn’t had a blanket and room was very cold. Lights were off and we were having casual conversations. We said good night and both tried to sleep quietly.

After some time the temperature was too low and I started to rub my hands together. My MIL sat up on her bed and said pls come here and take my blanket. I refused and she kept insisting. At Last she said okk it ‘s a big blanket and I will share with u and she cannot let me suffer after doing all this help for her.

I came and sat on her bed. She shifted to a side and I laid down. She covered me and turned to a side for sleeping. Till that point I didn’t had any wrong intention or sexual thoughts. I tried to relax my Mind and sleep peacefully. I turned towards her and closed my eyes. But my body started becoming warm and the proximity of a female to my body started messing with my mind. I opened my eyes. In faint light I can see my MIL neck line and her back side which is slightly exposed on top of her blouse. My warm breathing is directly hitting her neck region. I started getting aroused. Slowly I moved my head inch by inch to reach few millimeters away from her skin.

I have a habit of reading a lot of books and some of them were advanced sex educational books. I knew breathing near sensitive areas can arouse any lady. Slowly my patience started giving results. MIL started moving and at some point I could see Goosebumps on her skin. She slowly shifted her leg as if on sleep and touched my leg and stopped there immediately. I took this clue and moved my head forward and touched her bare back area with my nose. I heard a quick breath from her side and I could feel Goosebumps on her skin with my face.

I slowly started moving my lip in her skin and her breathing rate increased. I slowly placed my left hand on her hip covered with sari. Since there was no response in negative from her side I slowly slid my palm inside her sari touching her bare stomach region. I took special care not to rush and to give maximum comfort to my MIL. After spending few minutes caressing her soft skin i proceeded towards her breast. All this time I was kissing and slowly licking her neck and back side. I was sure about her acceptance and I placed my leg on top of her legs as a sign of domination.

I started feeling her breasts on top of her blouse and now she is making small sounds when I ‘m pressing them slightly harder. I slowly removed her hooks in front which was securing her melons. They came off and I could feel her breasts trough her bra. I was so thrilled and excited that few hours before she was my respectful mother in law and now she is laying with me almost semi nude. My thing was so hard I started pressing it on her back. I pulled her bar down to free her boobs as she was not wearing a tight fit bra. Feeling her bare breasts, the one which feed my wife was a great pleasure. I softly kept massaging her breasts and in between slowly pressed her nipples with my finger tips.

All this were done with my left hand and once everything was made clear I put my right hand on my MILs head and started slowly caressing her fore head and hair. I turned her towards me and made her lay on her back. I said to myself it ‘s time. After an hour and half long teasing and waiting I went in with full lust. I put my lips on her breasts. Started sucking her breasts one by one. Pressed her nipples with my lips till she let out a small moan. I avoided my temptation to give her a french kiss as it may give a feel of violation. I used my legs to spread her legs and my left hand was now pursuing her hidden spot the holy place of pleasure.

I felt her soft skin between her thighs. I started putting small pressure on her pussy from top of her panties. I kept sucking her breast and slowly start lifting her Sari with my leg. It came upto her knees and I lifted further with my left hand till her panty. I slowly started moving downwards and while my both hands were placed on her breasts I started kissing her pussy trough her panty and also licking her thighs. Now I can hear her moaning and her lower part of body was responding to my actions. I didn’t pull her panty down instead I pulled the middle part to a side exposing her hair covered pussy.

I was unbelievably aroused about the situation that I ‘m actually inches near the place which gave birth to my wife. The taboo about such a thing also increased my thrill. I pressed my face onto her vagina. Just as my face was touching it I heard my MIL letting out a loud moan. I pressed my face on her pubic hair covered pussy and the smell was really intoxicating. I want to give my MIL enough time to sink in her mind that her son in law is going to give her forbidden pleasure. I waited for few seconds just by inhaling her scents. It was really the best feeling I had sexually in a long time. I opened my mouth and slowly pressed my lip onto her pussy lips. Instead of give her a French kiss on lip I decided to give same treatment for her pussy lips. Without touching her clit I kept licking and sucking her sides of vagina.

Then after few minutes I started using my tongue and licked and sucked her clit making her moan loudly. Suddenly I felt something was happening to her body. She started to push her pussy onto my face and her leg till now which was wide open started pressing my head and was choking me in between. I couldn’t believe that my fifty year old MIL was going to cum. For the first time in that night she kept her hand on my head and pushed hard. She went lump after that and withdraw her pussy from my mouth.

I left her like that and laid next to her. Both of us didn’t spell a word And that silence was deafening. After few minutes I decided to finish what I started. I knew I won’t last as it was already paining and my balls just want to empty the pressure. I mounted her and avoided eye contact. She turned her face away and I rested my face on her neck. Knowing about her age I had already pumped enough saliva into her pussy to make my job easier later in night. I slowly rubbed by penis over her clit and kept it on her entrance. Slowly pushed it to make my dick head dis appear into my MILs pussy.

I spread her legs and put both of my arms through her armpits and kept them firmly on her back. It like lifting her like a girlfriend. I pushed my dick inside and kept the pressure it slowly started moving inside and I had a strong urge to ejaculate immediately. Somehow I held to that urge and kept calm for few seconds.

Then I started pumping her slowly. I realised how similar is MILs and my wife ‘s body structure. I lost my control over these thoughts and dumped loads of cum into her pussy. I was not worried about any pregnancy because she had undergone sterilization much earlier.

I kept my dick inside her for some time and pulled it out. She remained on bed for some time and after few minutes I saw her going to bathroom. I just went black out and slept like a baby. In morning when is wakeup I saw her already dressed and ready to go for visiting icu as there. Was strict timings. I dressed up fast. Without out speaking any things we went to icu. I was walking behind her and she went in icu and I followed silently. My heath started beating fast as I don ‘t know how my mil will react seeing her husband.

To my surprise she hugged her husband and started smiling and talking with a lot of energy. Seeing her in such a good mood my FIL also got spirits up.

We stayed there for 15 minutes and went back to canteen. I wanted to break the ice between us. While we were waiting for our breakfast I asked her did I hurt you yesterday. She extended her hand and held palm and smiled. I was very much worried about many things. But you made me feel special. She said she was thinking abt missing husband and would be forced to move to middle east with her son which she don ‘t want. I promised her that I will be there to protect her come what may. She thanked me and we went back to room.

FIL got discharged after five days and now both are happy. Even though I never got any chance in last two years I knew I have a lady willing to give her everything with full consent.

Hope you all enjoyed my experience. For feed backs and sharing own experience feel free to write me.

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