Helpless Mom Enjoyed Real Love

Hello for all incest sex lovers. This is a true story which happened 2 months before. I had great time with my mom and she too enjoyed and now love between us is more then what we before had. Let me tell you people this happened in Mumbai when we went to for my cousin marriage.

Before that I am Prasad from Karnataka and I completed my B.E from one of the reputed college and now I am searching for the job. My family consist 2 sisters and I am the only one son to my parents. My dad is business man and my mom is housewife and both sisters got married and settled in abroad.

My mom love me more than anybody else even I love my mom very much and I had no bad thoughts till I joined my engineering. After joining engineering usually exchanging songs, movies etc take places and once I got stories folders from my friend.

I read some stories and it’s taken from and I want to tell thanks for encouraging us who want to express their love to family. I always read incest stories and I am too attracted to my mom after reading the stories.

My mom has fair complexion and good figure with chubby body which I like very much. Her bra size is 36 b. her figure is 36b 32 38 and she got very nice ass and she don’t wear bra at home for her comfortable. I always wanted to have sex with her but I am scared because.

She is very strict in her duty and we sisters and myself scared of mom when we did some mistakes. I use to stay in home since my college is near to my house and I come home daily at 5.30 or 6 pm when I come home generally she is sleeping and I open door from my duplicate key.

I always see my mom cleavage and her fair fat ties but I am not able to touch them but I am only feeling them and I masturbate at my room taking my mom bra and panty. She only have black and white color bra and she don’t like more explorer and styles.

Some time I use to get her boobs from side view. After taking bath she comes out and she wearing the saree and blouse when she wearing blouse she will remove her towel which she closes her boobs , that time also she use too see me and talk to me.

I generally talk but my eyes will be at boobs only in may my cousin had marriage at Mumbai and we went to Mumbai from train. My dad not came since he had business he cannot go down since it was session sale.

We went in 2nd Ac train and it was good journey. My mom use to call when she goes to toilet to stand outside. She is scared of train. I use to stand outside after coming out she smiles and tell do you want to go? So I tell no mom and we sit together again.

When we reached Mumbai uncle cousins dad) arranged hotel for us and we went to room directly. It was 3 star hotels and room ambiance is very good. We entered inside and take rest for a while and she want to dress change. She went to toilet it was wet floor.

She told u turn another side I want to change the dress so I said ok mom and she was removing her blouse and saree I got a call for my mobile. Mobile was in dressing table and I went to see who call is. It was my cousin call to ask arrangement is fine na when I went to take my mobile first time.

I saw my mom boobs from front view. Suddenly she pulled saree upwards and smiled it was so sweet smooth little loose boos with brown nipple. It was little erected and my dick started to erect. Somehow I controlled and talked generally. I asked her are you shy mom? She said why?

I replied her then why you close your body in front of me? So she said nothing like that but it’s not good manners to explore and so I said I am your son mom you can show me. She got angry and said ok enough now order some thing for dinner.

Then we had dinner and slept together since we tiered and marriage is on next day evening. Morning we woke up at 8 and we want to go cousin home at 11 for some get to together. We drank coffee and she went toilet and to take bath.

I stared searching her bra and panty and it was nice body odour and I masturbated smelling her bra. Then I had an idea to have sex with mom. Last night I used toilet, it was beautiful. Bath area and commode (loo area ) is attached together only curtain is there as partition.

I had planned to enter toilet. I knock the door and called mom to open the door. She said wait for 10 min and I just started bath. I said no mom I can’t control I am getting stomach ache and if you not open I will do here only again I knocked.

I didn’t get any response sudden she opened and she was in towel and full wet. I sat to loo and she continued her bath now there was only one curtain between us. Both are nude but can’t see each other. I finished quickie and flushed and washed my ass and stood near curtain.

She asked what happened are you alright. I said no mom I getting stomach ache she asked where. She put her face outside and she saw me nude with erect dick. She touched my stomach and she said it’s tight. Drink lemon soda later and I went to near her.

The shower was on and I too become wet. She is stun and not told anything. I said mom even I want to have bath then I started to soap myself and she was just standing with anger I started to touch her body and she rejected but I didn’t leave her.

I stated to soap boobs and pinched nipples and then navel then first time and I saw my birthplace it was little hairy but it was cute and I soaped there and turned her put soap to ass. It was first time to me I couldn’t control and everything finished so early.

After that we come out and didn’t speak single word each other. She started to dress and I was still nude with erect dick again I pulled her to bed and started to smooch her and now she started smile and she rejected to give tongue again.

I undressed her bra and started to suck her boobs and removed her panty put my figure. She started to moan and I placed my dick to pussy. She got pain and moaned aaaaaa then I slowly removed and fucked again and she was getting nice pain and pleasure even I was in heaven.

I was fucking for 10 min and ejaculated inside her pussy and slept on her boobs and I was so tiered and mom also slept. Later we dressed up and went to medical to take I-pill and she took. Now I fuck more regularly without any scare and she also demands for sex when I not had for 1 week. If you like the stories please rate and reply me to [email protected]

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