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Hi guys. I am here to share a few experiences of mine which happened in the recent past. I have been a single mom since my husband’s death which happened a few years back. At the same time, I have been sex starved for years which made me do all such dirty things which I am going to share with you guys now.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Brundavani and I am a 38 years old single mother living in Hyderabad. I live a happy, healthy and wealthy life but the only thing that I could not get is sex. It’s been years I felt a man inside me. The society expects a single mom to be like a widow and it’s a mistake if I speak out my necessities and desires.

I don’t have anyone except my son who is 22 years old as of now. In a way, I am lucky that I don’t have any in-laws or my parents. That would get some pressure and limitations on my life. I used to pleasure myself when I was home alone when my son was away at college. I pleasured myself enough whenever I felt like I need some. But I am fed up with pleasuring myself and doing it all by myself.

I tried my best to get out of such thoughts but I could not. My thoughts got wilder and wilder day by day. Masturbation did not give me satisfaction anymore. I needed actual sex with a guy. I felt like its ok for me even if it is a milkman or a staff in my office but I want a dick desperately. I stopped myself from taking a step further thinking my respect in society and my son’s future. After all, I am a mother too.

I started watching porn and I got addicted to it slowly. I started liking younger guys than men of my age or older men. They made me feel so good. I used to fantasize and I played with sex toys for a few days and later, even those things did not give me enough satisfaction.

I came across male escort services online but I was too afraid to call them and have sex with a stranger. Sarvani, a friend of mine who also lost her husband in an early age suggested me to go on and have fun like she does. My thoughts were about my prestige in society and what would my son think if he comes to know about it. I could not help myself. I cried out a lot of times that I was helpless and cursed God for taking away my husband.

One weekend my son and his six other friends came home and I was doing my work. After some time I just went into the hall to watch TV for a while and I heard a few abnormal noises and whispering in my son’s room.

I felt something fishy and just opened the door to see a shocking scene. I know that it is common for boys of that age but I didn’t expect such things from my son. My son and his friends were watching porn in his room with all their cocks in hands and stroking them.

Everyone was shocked as I entered and put their things back in their pants in a split of a second. I understood but I was mad, I called everyone outside and told them to bring the laptop.

Everyone was pleading and begging me saying, “Sorry aunty, this will not happen again, sorry, please don’t tell our parents about it.”

I was quiet and just sitting there looking at their faces before I spoke. I asked them what was that and I checked the laptop. The files were full of porn and all of them named ‘My Friend’s Hot Mom’ and MILF content. I can see fear and shame in their faces.

I asked them to sit and decided to take a class including my son. I started talking to them and felt that they are just like me but in a different way. They need a body to have sex and are fantasizing of their own or friends moms and porn stars.

I asked them to be free and open minded and waited until they got comfortable. All of them became comfortable as I didn’t scold anyone and I was asking them normally. Some even became daring enough to say on my face that they were caught watching porn and its not wrong.

They opened up their mouths and started talking normally. I started with my son and asked everyone a few questions like, what made them do so? What stage are they at? How does watching such things help them? Are they virgins or not? And one final question was did they fantasize about me or any of their moms?

The answers were surprising to me. Everyone along with my son at some or the other point of time fantasized about me and their own moms. Most of them fantasized about me and one of those guys’ mom who is also my friend, Sarvani.

I still didn’t scold them or punish them or even complain to their parents. I don’t know why I didn’t do any such thing but I just asked them to leave as soon as possible. I was in a sexy mood hearing all such desires from such young guys. I don’t know why but I felt like it was time to share my feelings of that craving for sex and depression with someone.

I called up Sarvani and told her what just happened. She is not surprised by the fact that even her son fantasizes about her.

After a while, she asked me something that gave some boost to my inner thoughts. She asked me if I wanted to have sex with these young guys and my son.

I was in a confusion but I trusted her and said yes. I went to my son’s room to see what he was doing and he was about to sleep. I felt its time that he knew about my feelings too so that he will not feel embarrassed about getting caught watching porn.

As soon as I opened up my feelings to him, he just told me that I am free to do whatever I want for my happiness and he will give himself to satisfy me. It was really hard for me to listen to such words from him. But the kids also wanted a body to have fun and I felt like I was ready for them and they too are ready to experience a new thing. All of them are over 20 years, matured enough to understand that it must be kept secret.

I asked my son to invite his friends the next day evening and he knew why but didn’t say a word. I immediately called Sarvani and told what all just happened. She was happy to listen but she was thinking of her son. I told her that even he had such intentions and she agreed immediately.

Me, Sarvani, her son, my son and five friends from them – seven young studs and two motherly bodies were waiting for that moment where all of us can fulfill our desires. All of them showed up by 7 pm at my home.

Before getting into the real part, I said, “This is just to make each other happy but not to spoil any relations. This is to be kept a secret and if anyone is not comfortable or feel that it is not right can leave.”

The guys were like, “Aunty please don’t spoil the mood by telling these, let’s have fun,” and were about to get up and come towards me and Sarvani. I stopped them and told them to stay back and calm down first. I don’t want it to be a mess. I can’t take all the guys.

They were excited and in a hurry but I want it to be nice and smooth. I calmed them down and told them some rules to follow. After all, they should listen to their mommas, hahaha.

I said, “Everyone will get a chance, don’t be in a hurry or don’t fight for us. Seven guys can share us. I will take four and Sarvani will take three but not at once. In the second round, you can just shift to the other mom if you want to and if you are left with any energy after the first round. The last rule was my son will not fuck me and Sarvani’s son will not fuck her just for not spoiling our relation.”

All the guys agreed to the rules and before choosing we just stripped our sarees in front of them and asked them to strip for us. We all were naked. Sarvani and I are above average women with fair skin tone and good sized breasts for a young man to hold.

We are a mouthful. Not to brag about myself but my ass is plumpy and perfect round. We have maintained our figures doing squats, yoga and a lot of workouts every day which came in use today to attract some naughty young bulls.

Watching us, all of them were erect and fully grown. All the guys had almost same sized dicks with a little thickness difference. I chose 4 of them, one of them was Sarvani’s son.

She chose the other three and my son was one of them. Everyone was excited and faces were bright with naughty smiles. I took the boys to my bedroom and she took them to my son’s bedroom. I could see the tension in their faces. I asked them to sit on the bed and let them relax.

I put the condoms on each of their dicks with my own hands and gave them blowjobs one by one. They were so patient and listening to whatever I say even at times they lost control and squeezed my tits which I liked. It was time for some action. I could hear Sarvani moaning already. I could not wait anymore. I told Sarvani’s son to fuck me first and he came on the bed ready with his hard big cock.

The other three guys were just watching and slowly stroking themselves. Sarvani’s son was amazing, he knows exactly what I wanted I can never forget his work. He slowly increased the pace stroke by stroke while kissing me on the lips and biting my nipples. He finally came after a 20 minutes session.

That was the first guy after years who fucked me and gave me complete satisfaction. Two guys of the remaining three were so excited and came just in three to five minutes. I understood that not all guys can become a man. I was worried about my son if he had the capacity to satisfy my dear friend Sarvani. I was lost in that thought.

The last guy in my room fucked me so good and he started with licking my pussy. I gave him a blowjob in return and spent some extra time with him doing some 69 stuff. He got a tongue that knows how to dance in a woman’s pussy.

After a complete one and half hour we opened the room and went into the hall after cleaning ourselves. We were still naked. My guys were semihard and a bit tired too.

I took four and finished but Sarvani is still inside the room with those 2 boys and my son. After half an hour they came out too with same semi-hard cocks and sweaty bodies.

We all played there in the hall naked and talked for some time about the experience having some food and drinks. Sarvani and I were talking about our son’s performances on us. Both of us were happy about them and other guys too.

The guys gained some energy and got erect this time with some extra hard on. The guys exchanged us except our sons and we went back in again. This time Sarvani’s son could not last long and I told its ok and kissed him for some while.

The other two guys were so good that I rode them so long with my tight pussy. I heard Sarvani shouting out like a bitch while getting ass slapped and felt happy for her.

After one more hour, all of us went back to the hall and spent some time. All the boys were still horny and wanted more from us. So we decided to stay up late did whatever we did in the hall itself with all the guys including our sons in the same room.

Finally, our sons also fucked exchanging us and breaking one rule. I don’t know what amount of cum was stored in their balls but even after three rounds they still came on my face and Sarvani’s face like hell.

We were drenched with cum. We licked as much as we can and washed out the remaining on our bodies in the bathroom. Sarvani and I had our own time in the bathroom while the boys relaxed. After everything was over we tied our towels and went out to tell boys one final time that not to tell anyone else about this.

This happened on April 9th, 2018 and it is a date to be remembered in our lives. We didn’t have anything like that again, or not even normal sex. I was totally satisfied that night.

The boys also never troubled us with such things. They understood that it will happen only when I want it to happen. My son went to Sarvani’s house twice after that day and I doubt something about it. But it’s not a problem until it creates some trouble to anyone of us.

Call me a bitch. Call me a slut. Call my filthy or dirty but I don’t mind because I have got more than what I wanted. I am happy that it has been kept secret until now. I have shared it with you guys so that you don’t judge any single mom or widow if she does whatever she likes to do.

You may curse me for doing such things with young guys but I didn’t spoil them or force them. It was all for fun and we all enjoyed. Any suggestions or up for a chat or seeking an advice from me, I am always available at [email protected] on hangouts.

I am a woman interested in women, teen girls or even guys. Hope I will have many more experiences to share with you guys. Feel free to text me on hangouts.

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