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Devi is a tall & slim, very sweet and sexy talking lady. She has a fabulous abs that any men would want to sniff and feel. Gautam is a handsome chap in his late 20s, just months separating him from Devi. After a long love and struggling love affair Devi and Gautam got engaged. Gautam is the kind of person who is addicted to sports. Devi is a romantic flirt who chooses to poke fun and play it safe. Gautam knows it and he acknowledges that it’s the way girls these days are.

I’m Neetu and I’m Devi’s friend. We have known each other since childhood. Anything I do, Devi knows and vice versa. Infact, I have to credit my success with my married life largely to Devi and her suggestions. I owe much to Devi during my depressive days when she was always there with me. I was initially scared of marriage and sex. Devi helped me overcome the fear. I feel I largely owe Devi.. But, after all these years, Devi confessed that she has exploited my situation to try her fantasies. Oh by the way, I’m not complaining.

It was a much pleasant experience as the very thought of it makes me wet. She watches pretty good versions of porn and she suggests me. I use to try that out and let Devi know how it turned out to be. Devi admitted that she use to masturbate hearing my experience. After Devi got to know about Gautam she used to discuss what me and Nandu use to do. By the way Nandu is my sweet hubby. He’s in his early 30s. Athletic I would say. I’m better than ordinary. I always use to ask Devi how things are with her and Gautam and I got to know that they have never gone beyond a kiss.

I leave it to Nandu to continue the story from here. Well, it was during Devi-Gautam marriage season that they were planning to find a honeymoon destination. Obviously, as Neetu discussed about our upcoming tour to Goa, they also thought it would be a good idea to go out with someone who has already been there. We were kind of skeptical of the weather in Goa as it was still August end. Finally, we decided we are going no matter what. Soon after marriage and treats, I asked Neetu to check with them how they are doing. As expected it turned out to be a flop show for them. Gautam had problems penetrating. Anyway, I told them not to worry too much.. just relax and will see in Goa.

Few days later, we all flew to Goa. It was a serene location.. nice cottages and beach. Soon after checking in, I put on my shorts and ran into the sea. For a long time, I didn’t see others. So I thought of going back to check at the room. My god, Neetu looked like a stunner. She was wearing a sky blue bikini and her voluptuous thighs were giving me kick in my boxer. She told me to save it for the night. I was curious and scared I didn’t know how Gautam is going to react after seeing Neetu. Neetu was like – it’s fine. We are anyway here to enjoy then why bother too much.

We hugged and I felt her butt cheek. It was so warm. She touched my boxer and felt the warmness of my dick. After a long time, she told, your stick is strong! Compliment accepted and we moved to their cottage. We could hear them discussing in hush hush voice. Neetu knocked and Devi peeped out. She just pulled Neetu inside. Soon she came out and was laughing. Apparently, Devi was in an yellow bikini and the nipples were a bit visible. That was the only pair she got and hence Gautam was asking her to avoid it. Devi was in no mood to change it.

After seeing Neetu in her two piece, Gautam didn’t say a word. Soon Devi came out. My god, she looked awesome and I could see Gautam couldn’t take his eyes of both ladies. I could understand his curiosity as he has never tasted a woman before. Luck ran out as it started raining as we stepped out. Devi said she is going anyway.

With the monsoon no longer there, I thought it might be safe to stay closer to the shore. So we all stepped out, got drenched in the rain and played in the sea. Me and Gautam decided to lift Neetu and throw in water. I caught hold of her hands, while he caught her legs. He could barely take his eyes off her curves. It was all laughter. Tired of playing around, we decided to go back to the room, take a shower and head to a restaurant.

Once we were there, Neetu told me that she felt Gautam’s dick and it was semi erected and pretty big. I couldn’t believe it. We had a good laugh. It was not a wonder that he is always semi erected. We decided that we should help them to have proper sex that night. So at the restaurant, I opened the topic. After the ice break, Gautam felt a bit comfortable explaining what they have been trying. We were sitting on a table with Gautam and me facing each other and Neetu and Devi facing each other. He told, the moment they step into the room, he immediately tries to undress Devi. As he is already erected, he tries to penetrate. But, it never goes in and soon her loses his interest.

He then continues sucking her boobs and she tries to give him a hand-job. But, obviously that is not sufficient. He said, he even tried sucking her clit. But, nothing seems to be in synch. We both got the problem as we both were there before. I then suggested that they should actually enjoy it a bit more. Why is the need to undress in a hurry when he knows that no one is going to take a share in the pie. It would be more appropriate to first kiss as much as possible .. on the next, lips, then around the belly and then slowly remove the dress and kiss everywhere possible. I asked him if he is feeling horny. He said yes and Neetu suddenly told, that she is feeling wet.

Devi told, my blood is rushing and asked me to continue. That actually gave me lot of excitement. I then told to use the finger as much as possible until you feel enough wetness. Devi being a very good sports person, vaginal tear would have happened and there wouldn’t be much problem with blood. Devi told, she feels lot of pain. Of course, it is not a new thing. Anyway, I told them to watch a porn movie while doing it. There is no point in trying different postures when you can’t get it proper in missionary pose. They acknowledged.

We then had 3-4 more rounds of vodka and dinner. My head was spinning to the core. Neetu could barely stand. Devi and Gautam told that they are going to get some fresh air. So we took off and walked towards our room. In the night, the cottages looked stunning in night lights. There was gentle breeze. I told Neetu to stay out for some more time to get some fresh air. While we were chatting in the balcony, we saw Gautam and Devi coming. The window was open and we could see their room from our balcony.

They told goodnight and soon after going inside, Devi went into the bathroom. Gautam opened a bottle of beer and was sipping it. Meanwhile Devi came out wearing a towel. Neetu smiled at me and told, wow, we are in for some treat as long as the window is kept open. As expected they didn’t realise that the window was open. Gautam was seen offering beer to Devi. Devi then sipped it and kissed him passionately. By now, the towel started to loosen and in few seconds, it slipped.

I could see Devi totally naked. Neetu told me to shut my eyes and I was not ready to do it. I asked her to be silent and told that she can take a good look at Gautam’s manhood if they start doing it. We both smiled and kept watching them. We could see Gautam’s erection clearly from 30 feel away. My god, I felt humbled by the size.

Neetu simply couldn’t take her eyes out of it and told, I really wish Devi removes his bermuda fast. Soon, Devi’s hand moved into the bermuda and started stroking it slightly. She then took both her hands to his butt and pulled it down. Neetu got up from her chair and took a good look. It was good to see as I could also see one lady naked and another one getting provoked. Devi then sat down and took his big cock in her mouth and started sucking it. It kept on getting stiffer. He pulled her head towards his body and did it for few minutes.

Then Devi stood on the bed and opened her legs. Gautam went between her legs and started sucking her vagina. It was oozing with fluid I would say as I could see him drinking at will from her. Neetu was getting so very horny. She swithced off all the light in our room and came to the balcony. I was surprised to see that this time, she came out naked. I asked Neetu – what was she thinking. She told, oh come on, there is no one around. One couple is having sex with open window and dont I deserve to get some air for my body.

I thought it is a good idea and removed my dress. Soon, we both were sitting naked watching another naked couple. Devi then suggested Gautam to lie on his back. His tool was standing stiffer than a scale. Devi then tried to sit on it and it was slipping out. I could see that they were having problem with penetration.

I then realised that they are missing a lubricant. Neetu told it wouldnt be appropriate to tell that to them at that time as they would know that we were watching them. But, I said never mind .. I put my shorts on and Neetu put her see through nighty.. and knocked on their door.. A frustrated Gautam came out and was surprised to see us. We gave him the lube and told, this is what that you might be missing. He was puzzled. Neetu went inside and saw Devi lying naked. Devi didnt expect that and she tried to get some sheet on her. Neetu told, never mind.. we already saw you both having sex thru the window. She felt terrible. But, Neetu told, it’s in a way good that they saw as they found what they wanted actually.

I adviced Gautam to put some of it on her vagina lips and some on his cock as well and try it out.. Gautam couldnt take his eyes off Neetu’s body as she walked out of the room as her assents were all visible. I could catch a glimpse of Devi at close up but that was actually for a very short time. We then came back to the balcony and started our viewing. We could see Devi and Gautam talking about the window. We waved our hands. They felt shy and terrible. But, we understood that Gautam gestured that it’s fine to leave it open.

He applied it on her clit and to himself. This time, she spread her legs as much as possible like an old tv antenna. Gautam pushed himself in. There was no struggle. It went inside and we could see the smoothness of the movement. It would have felt like heaven for Devi as well who was struggling with pain. There was an immediate rush of movement. They seemed to enjoy it well. She then moved on to his top. I could now get a good view of her boobs. It looked yummy.

Till now I didnt realise that Neetu was feeling so horny. When I turned the other side, she was already fingering herself. I laughed and took her hands and placed my dick. The already hot dick turned very strong and rose well for action. I removed my bermuda and asked her to sit on my lap. I could feel the movement so smooth as she was completely wet inside. We both were facing the window where the other side action was taking place. I grabbed her boobs from behind. Her nipples were so tight that I could feel and I pressed it a bit.

Then, I asked her to stand up and spread her legs and we got into doggy position. We then started moving faster and faster. On the other side we could see Devi riding horse. She seemed to enjoy. She was looking at the top and moving her hip very fast. I could appreciate how horny she has been feeling all these years to quench her appetite for sex. It gave me immense pleasure to push myself and I started picturising that I’m doing it with Devi. Suddenly Neetu told Oh Gautam cum on me. I realised how my wife is fascinating sex with her friend’s husband.

It turned me on more as I told, oh Devi, you’re so yummy. Neetu told, what are you waiting for. I’m about to cum. I said, I will do it now. Couple of movements and I released a good load of cum into her. I could feel the pressure on my dick and suddenly it all started flowing out. We just sunk in the moment and continued watching. Suddenly Devi showed signs of orgasm and looked tired. She then got up from her position and started giving blow job to Gautam. Gautam pushed her head towards his body and looked excited. Four or five movements both of them stopped moving. I could see her drinking his cum and kissing. They then walked over to the window, both naked and looked at us. We were sitting there naked and gave a thumps up and asked them to come over for a drink.

Neetu asked me to grab a shorts while she pulled her see through nighty on her. They both came in 10 mins. Gautam was wearing a short blue towel and Devi was wearing her honeymoon lingerie. I could see Gautam’s manhood and told him he has lot of guts to come over without proper protection. I warned him that Neetu’s body might turn him on and that towel can’t withstand it.

When I was telling that I could see Devi’s cleavage pretty nicely through her bra. The weather was nice and it was making her tits erect. She gave a good stare at my dick area and went towards the fridge to take coke. Gautam was on and off taking a look at Neetu’s body as her body was visible through the see thru gown. He was having a tough time controlling his dick. He told me that he now repents not wearing a underwear. We laughed and I said, take it easy, even I’m finding a bit tough as Devi’s underwear colour is turning me on big time.

I could see the ladies giggling about something. It’s common sense that it is nothing but the sex they had and the peep show we had. We were sitting on two sofas facing each other. The ladies came back with the drinks and Neetu sat near me and leaned on my shoulders. Devi went and sat on the corner of the sofa and put her legs across Gautam’s thighs. We started sipping and asked how they felt. Gautam told, it was too good and the lube was a pretty good idea. I told, yes, that’s the one that we were missing initially. It’s always nice to show what you’re doing rather than tell because it’s easy and straight forward. They seemed to agree with this fact. But, the problem here is to get nice friends. That’s true.

Devi started feeling Gautam’s erection and his eyes were constantly going into Neetu’s tits. They were huge and nicely brown on the tip. So Devi started sending me some signals to turn me on as well. Little did she knew that I was dying for it. I know for sure that Neetu wants to feel Gautam’s dick. But, how would I tell her that she can go and do what she wants. In all our minds, we wanted the other person. I told Neetu to get one more round. She filled up. Positions retained. When Devi came back, she just unhooked her bra from behind.

She then leaned on the sofa and put her thighs on Gautam’s and started rubbing his dick. It was struggling to be inside and it slowly started peeping out. Neetu told Devi, hey you.. you are tempting me too much. Devi told, then why don’t you touch it and see.. I was shocked. Neetu looked at me. I said, only if she wants to. Neetu called up Devi and they went to get the third round drinks. This time, when they came back, Devi came and sat near me and Neetu went the other side. She offered Gautam a drink and told, I’m going to teach you something new. I was meanwhile dying to see Devi’s boobs. Devi’s just got up and came near me. She told me to hold her glass as well. She then slid her hands into my shorts and took my penis out. I was feeling lot of blood rush. She pulled me shorts out and I was sitting naked in front of everyone.

Devi removed her bra and sat near me facing them. She told Gautam to remove his towel and show others what he got. Neetu told, that’s my job to remove the towel. Neetu then got up and stood in front of us facing Gautam. She then unhooked her gown and it slid down her body. Now, both me and Devi could see her voluptuous butt and bare back. Gautam’s tool simply came out of the towel and we all laughed. He seemed pretty nervous but was in control. He then removed his towel altogether and now the only person dressed was Devi. Devi was sitting so close to me that I could feel Devi’s new panty’s smell. I then slowly rubber my fingers across her boobs and held it for a while.

She felt a wave of shock on her body and by instinct held my dick. She just raised her butt and sat on my lap. It felt so warm. I could feel her panty and the wetness rubbing my dick. I asked her if she wants to pull down her panty. While she got up, we saw Neetu sucking Gautam’s dick. She was moaning well and got up. As Gautam was sitting, she simply got on top of the sofa and put her cunt on his face. In a few mins, she got an orgasm. I was surprised as it’s been years when she got multiple orgasms. Today, it’s already three times she had it. She was so aggressive that she asked Gautam to put his dick as soon as possible on her while she went in for a direct doggy.

I grabbed Devi’s ass and asked her to slide on the same side as me. Though puzzled she obliged and we both were facing Neetu and Gautam. While they were at it, I asked Devi to open her legs. She couldnt still understand the pose. I told her that it is called as Spoon. I then put my dick into her and asked how she feels. She said, it’s double heaven. It is as tight as it could be. She then moved her hip and gave me a synch movement. Gautam told faster, faster Neetu moved back and forth. He bent on her and grabbed her boobs. She put her hands down and felt his balls. Seeing this we also started doing faster. Devi told that she is about to feel cumming. I then told, it is better that we dont cum inside.

Devi told Neetu to come closer. Immediately she grabbed her head and kissed her passionately. My God, it was so arousing on an already eccentric situation. Devi told Neetu to cum immediately. Within seconds, I could feel the movement slowing down in both ladies. There was a sudden rush of fluid in Devi’s and Gautam told that he could feel lot of pressure. Neetu told, that she just cummed. Hearing that Gautam took his cock out and started doing it himself. I also took mine out of Devi’s and started stroking heavily.

The first shot in me and fell on Gautam’s legs. Devi licked it and drunk and soon, Gautam’s dick ejaculated. Devi then got up and started kissing Gautam. They both started cuddling on the couch. Neetu came to me and kissed pretty heavily. She told – thanks for letting her experience a new one. I thanked her back as I also had my share in the pie. I could never feel more happy about the day as all I was hoping to see was a bikini clad Devi and finally ended up having sex with her.

We all came back from our holiday but, the hangover never went off. Whenever we got together we use to discuss it. We sometimes feel that there is a need to go on another tour. But, we didnt wanted to spoil the fun by doing it frequently either!!

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