Hostel Life Is Fun When You Have A Best Friend

My name is yaash, I’m 27 years old now. An MBA by qualification and a businessman by profession. I am a big fan of iss and have been following it for a long time now. Finally, even I got the courage and came out of my laziness to post my experience. This incident or the series of incidents coming up in the story is 99% true and nothing is imaginary except for the names of the characters for obvious reasons.

I would like you people to give a review on the same and how to improve my writing for my further experiences which I would love to share with you all.

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So, this incident happened approximately 5 years back during my MBA days in one of the top institutes in India. I won’t say the name or city of the institute, it was approximately 25 km outside of the city. For a foolish reason which people call as breakup, I decided to leave my city and join some college to try out a new lifestyle which became a life-changing event. I was a loner in the new place, new people, no friends, lots of young guys and gals. Over a period of 6 months, I had made a lot of friends through which I came in contact with Shivani, a 22-year hot slim girl with right curves, she was a classmate of one of my volleyball friends at the campus and soon we had a gang.

Since it was a residential campus we all were out till late, as late as early morning hours. Our friendship grew and we were the best of buds sharing every detail of our lives. Sorry, I forgot to mention she was slim 5’8″ same as me. Since guys were allowed inside the girl’s hostel for some time so we started spending time in her room, no we dint started having sex. But yes we were in the same bed cuddling and fighting and watching movies together. Sometimes I even stayed back for the entire night in her room just by tricking the guards. As a normal tendency people started calling us as a couple which we didn’t care of and just continued as we were.

So on such night we were watching a some random prank videos on youtube staying in my room after we got drunk, we thought of watching some porn, it was her idea. I refused saying I won’t be able to control myself since I already like you in a million ways. She didn’t listen to me and started some soft porn. Slowly she started feeling horny and asked me have you ever dreamt of fucking me. I was hesitant but she knew the answer and she started laughing and teasing me saying – I’m sure you aren’t that strong a man otherwise how can a guy not fuck a bombshell like me after spending so many nights together.

No, it didn’t hit my ego instead I replied saying fucking you was always on the cards, it was just a matter of time when you get horny enough to deserve my dick. Her eyes grew big and she bit her lips and a few words escaped her mouth – let me show you what a horny girl does to deserve your manhood. She removed my tee and boxers, I was naked right in front of my horny fantasy. She first started kissing my neck and a few hickeys to mark her territory. She came down to my chest and and bit my nipples and started massaging my dick with one hand. I was having the time of my life which levelled up just after. She came on my rod and took it entirely in her mouth and started sucking it like a kid taking revenge from a lollipop. Her hands were caressing my balls with some hard pressing in some intervals.

Her sucking increased and after 7-8 minutes I shot the entire load in her mouth and she gulped the entire white sauce with big smile on her fuckable face. It was time to return her the favor, so I first stopped the porn which was of no use in the background as I wanted to make one right there. I started of with here toes going up to calfs then thighs till very close to the jackpot and withdrew myself to tease her. I went further up to her deep navel and with both hands was massaging her boobs and tongue fucking her navel. I gave a few good love bites near her navel and under her boobs and then started sucking her boobs one bye one, she pressed my head on to her chest and with heavy moans said aaaaah yassh aaahhh yessss.. You fucking lund, where were you all these days, eat me up like an animal do not spare my boobs, eat them out, they are all yours.

I shifted from her boobs the to neck and with 2 fingers started giving here a hard time. The neck kissing and finger fucking didn’t last long as she had an orgasm very soon. She was lying as if she had completed a full marathon, half dead. Jokingly I asked her to dress up as the game was over, and the dead body opened her eyes in an instant as if to kill me. Not so soon Mr. Fucker your game isn’t over till this big piece of ironman doesn’t tear me out. Hearing this I reminded her that I don’t have any protection and it won’t be a wise game to play in hostel without protection to which she said we girls have an option to save ourselves when young boys can’t control their emotions.

This was the last thing I wanted to hear and I instantly turned her around and entered from behind like a semi doggy position on the bed and she shouted on top her voice as if I raped her. I’m sure everybody around the room would have recognized the voice and what was the voice up but I didn’t care and started humping her faster like a robot. After 3 minutes of humping and an orgasm later she turned around and I entered her from the top with both her legs on my shoulder. I started teasing her by not entering again and she herself pulled me in. Banged her in that position for around 5-7 minutes and we came together this time. Exhausted with the workout I lay on top her for another 10 minutes still staying inside her. Later we had another 2 rounds that night. And continued our fucking escapades in both the boys and girls hostel, once we also did in the classroom and the library.

Till now we are in contact and fuck around whenever we are in each other’s city but we aren’t a couple anymore. So girls and ladies if you want some secretive action please mail me at [email protected] it will be a secret between us. Also, you can contact me for me for companionship without physical relations in and around Vadodara, surat, Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

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