Hot Encounter In A Train While Sharing A Berth With Class Mate

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Hi to all. I am a software enginner working in a MNC in Chennai. Here I am going to narrate an encounter which happened when I am going to my home place. I have reserved for the 9:30 PM train from Chennai. When I reached the railway station I found the that the station was so crowded and thanked myself for reserving early. Then I reached my compartment and got the top berth in Slepper class. I settled there with my luggage and saw the time and it was just 9:10 PM. I locked my bag to the compartment and come out of train to get some food for dinner. People are busy walking in the compartment and there I have seen Geeta my B.Tech classmate walking hurriedly on the platform seeing for place in train. I called her and said in ecstacy.

Me: “Hiiiiii Geeta,How are you? I am surprised to see you here”.She is very excited suddenly seeing me here as we met after 2 years of our graduation.Geeta: with a excited tone she told ” Hiiii , How are you? I am fine.” and smiling.

Me : “Ah…. we met after 2 years of our B.Tech. I am very happy to see you Geeta” I toldGeeta: ” hmmm”, still she is in excitement of meeting after long time.”I am also very happy to see you”.I enquired her about her journey and she told that she is going to her friends marriage. I asked her about the reservation and to which she told her ticket is not confirmed and hence in a hurry to search for seat in general compartment.

Now the time is 9:20 PM and train is very rush. Hence I offered her my berth to share so that we can sit. I asked her to come in. She is still in hesitation to come in and saying things like “why should I disturb you… cant get sleep…….” . I told her “anyways, I wont get sleep because of train sounds and I feel bored of this jouney and hence would be good if you give me company.

She convinced finally and entered the compartment. As train not yet started people sit on the lower berth and adjusting their luggages. We kept our luggages on the top berth and sit on the lower berth. Mostly people in this comparment are of old age and probably from north India by their looks and they are talking in Hindi.

When the train started people are preparing to sleep and preparing their berths. So, we got up and I climbed up first and then helped her pulling her hand. We sat on the berth cross legged and observing the other comparment people.

We are chatting about our college days, about out class mates and about career plans. Meanwhile people turned off all the lights in the compartment and some people already started snoring. Now the time is 10:30, we sit for 1 hour till now and mostly the problem there was not much space between our head and roof causing our necks paining by sitting with slightly bent necks. We are moving very uneasily there and she told me

Geeta : “Are you comfortable sitting here? My neck is paining”.Me : “feeling same Geeta, I did not expect sitting here is this much difficult”.Geeta: “If you don’t mind, can you give me small massage to my neck? It’s horribly paining”.Me : “I said sure”, with that she turned her back to me and I turned facing her back.

This is the first time I am about to touch a girl other than hand. Till now I was not thinking sexually about her. But, this moment makes me think differently. Let me describe about us. She is decent looking girl of 5’5 and her stats may be 32 26 34, she was wearing a leggin and a top with a cut at her waist ( chudidar like with leggin as bottom). People can find the exact curves of her legs in that leggin. And, myself well built and average looking guy of 5’9.I am massaging mith my thumbs on back of her neck and giving moderate pressure. I did this from start of her neck till shoulders. Then I massaged her collar muscles. Then I just put hands to the both sides of her neck and turned slightly clockwise and anti clockwise. I did this for 15 minutes and then I asked her.

Me : ” Are you feeling good now? Do you want more?”.

Geeta : streaching her hands and relaxing herself and said ” Yaaa…..I am very comfortable and thanks for the great massage. I think your neck is also paining. I can give you massage if u want”.

I wonder if anybody would reject for such a chance.

Me : “oh! Thanks for asking and ya I also need massage badly. It’s my pleasure you offering this”.

She blushed and then we turned such that she is facing my back. She started doing similar to what I did to her but she is not able to apply the pressure what i want. But, her massage is tickling me. She understands this and giving tickles to my neck and stomach and started teasing me. I was moving here and there smiling. She also laughed with this and we had a very nice moment.

Me : ” Shall we sit here like this for our entire journey? I feel very uncomfortable sitting here”

Geeta : “Me too ra, I think we can’t sit throught our journey. Why not we share this berth for sleeping? We will sleep side by side, think it will be enough for us”.

I don’t know what she is thinking in her mind. But, my thoughts turned evil and I am aroused a bit and got a hard-on. She layed on the berth on her right side and I layed on my left side facing her. I was on the edge of the berth and hence she asked to come closer to her. Now our faces are very near and makes us feel each others breadth. The train picked up its top speed and giving little jerks which makes us touch each other frequently.

Meanwhile our casual talk turns into our personals and we are enjoying the chatting. Suddenly train gives a big jerk and I tried to hold something to avoid falling placed my hand on her upper butt cheek pressing and hold it tightly such that my four fingers in her ass crack. She just looked at my hand and said in a naughty tone “got good support huh….will you remove your hand ? you hurt me”. I said sorry and when I was about to take my hand again train jerked and I cupped her butt again.

Now she said “looks it would be better to keep your hand there for support” and laughing. But, I did not tried to remove my hand this time and rested there. She again looked at my hand expected to take it away probably and started talking casually now. I also tried to behave very casually talking to her but keeping hand there still.

After a couple of minutes passed I just lifted her top till above waist pretending like it happened casually while I moving my hand. She did not respond to this and talking to me continuously. Now, I am little hesitated whether to place my hand again on her butts. But, my inner evil makes me not to be quiet and I again placed my hand on her butt pretending as a very casual act. As she is wearing a thin leggin I am able to felt the smoothness of her butt.

They are irresistable to feel and hence caressed her butts from lower back thighs to top of her butt such that my four fingers moved in the ass crack. She shuddered and stopped talking for a moment and staring into my eyes. She again behaving casually and asking about my office and the collegues. I did not understand her intentions whether she is enjoying or just avoiding to make a scene. But, she not even objecting mildly. Taking this as an advantage, started caressing and kneading her butts and her butt crack and poking at her ass hole.

After a while moved my hands on to her stomach and her navel, feeling the bare skin of a girl for the first time. I played with her navel for some time and searching for the knot or jipper to open the leggin. I have seen a shy smile on her face while doing this. I tried to open the knot but she kept her hand on mine trying to stop this.This is the first time she resisted till now. Now I grab her hand and gave a kiss on her hand and then placed it under my head. Now I opened the knot and dragged the leggin till the knees.

She is wearing the white panty of little transparent type. Now she is breathing heavily and moaned a little when i put my finger on her pussy over panty. A unexpected thing happened now, she moved her head near to me and kissed me on my lips. In response I kissed her probing her inner mouth with my tounge and it lasts for 3 minutes.

Meanwhile, I entered my hand inside panty from back feeling the bare soft butt. She is enjoying every moment of this indicating by kissing harder and hugging me tightly. I rubbed my finger on her ass hole (she is moaning now) and put in her hole. She becomes wild now kissing, hugging, moaning and scratching my back with her fingers. I smelled my finger and licked it.

Frankly speaking I don’t know how it tastes, but, I am very excited smelling the girl ass hole odour. Now I moved down such that my head was against her pussy. I am observing her pussy lips very closely and my hot breathe on her pussy excites her very much. Now, I rested my head on the lower thigh and lips on her pussy. She leaned her upper leg on the wall on her side giving good access to her pussy. I kissed on her pussy and licking from the ass hole to her citoris. I am repeating this to and fro moments for some time and when I licked her clitoris she is jumping and pulling my head on her pussy further.

Now, I am licking rigourously and poking my tounge in side her pussy and tounge fucking her. In between poking my tounge in her ass hole as well. She put one of her hand on her mouth to not let her louder moans out. She rested her upper leg on my head now and pulling me further, probably her orgasm is building. I am working with her clitoris now, licking, poking and chewing very lightly with my teeth. Now I am able to feel that her vaginal walls are tightening. I am working her ass hole with my index finger and pussy with lips.

Finally she just not able to keep her loud shreik and let the sound ‘aaaaahhhh’ out even though her hand on her mouth. And with a loud moan followed by huge gush of her pussy juices come out from pussy and spread on my face.She reached her orgasm now. I am feeling her pussy pulse moments with my tounge and then trying to swallow as much juices as I can to not let fall on the berth. It happened for more than ½ minute and then she lifted her upper leg and released my head and she closed her eyes now still breathing heavily. Now I moved up and kissed her on lips and she is licking my tounge and lips lightly. We kissed for 5 minutes atleast feeling each other mouth and exchanged our saliva.

Now I asked her ” How you felt? Did you liked this? Did you liked me?”.

Geeta again kissed me on my lips and told “this is the answer I can give you for all your questions.”

Now she is smiling at me and said “thank you”. Her face looks very relaxed now. But, I am struggling with my hard on in my pants. So, I moved closely to her such that my penis touching her abdomen. She understood my intensions and with mischeivous smile asking me “wanna me play with some thing???”. She put her hand on my penis over pant and raised her eyebrow after feeing my penis. Now, she got up from the berth and moved towards my legs. She sat beside my legs and leaned towards me. She removed my belt and pulled my zip down and tip of my penis is visible out from top of my underwear.

She kept her palm on my penis and rubbing the tip slowly. Now she holds the edge of my underwear and she pulled it down below my thighs. She kissed my penis and it sent shivers down to my spine. Now she licks the tip of my penis with her tounge ( I am in heaven). She holds my penis in her hand and kept in her mouth.

She asks me now how I feels. I just pulled her up and kissed her on lips and again it lasts for more than 2 minutes. She moved back to my penis and is now moving up and down on my penis and applying pressure with her lips. In between she is msichievously biting my penis very lightly giving me an un explainable pleasure. Orgasm is building in myself and when I am about to reach the threshold point I pulled her again and kissed her for a long time. Now I am in very erotic mood such that I am kissing her lips, licking her cheeks nose and kissing on her eyes as well. While kissing we are exchanging our saliva again. This might happenened atleast for 3 minutes. Now she reached to my penis again and masturbating it with her mouth. She also become very aggressive now with the kissing and licking as she is burying her face deep between my legs reaching my ass hole.

She is licking my penis and my ass hole and giving love bites on my inner thighs as well. This is too much for me and a very strong orgasm is building in me and a little shiver started throught my body. My penis becomes rock solid with orgasm building and she understoods this and increased her speed and pressure of licking and sucking. I am moaning rather loudly and with a huge shake throught my body I finally exploded with a huge gush of fluids which hit her on her face. I released my fluids more than 10 sec. Her cheeks totally drenched with cum as her mouth. She came up now and my cum falls on my face as well. My penis is still pulsating and I have experienced the best orgasm ever had till now. She rested on me quietly now for some time to make me settle.

After a while she started licking my cum on my face and I even licked her face and cleaned it. We chatted now for some time now and finally fell into deep sleep after a huge satisfaction for both ( Some passengers in my compartment easily understands what had happened because of our moans. But, luckily nobody shouted at us which would have completely spoiled our mood. They might enjoyed this as well ).

Hope you all enjoyed reading this story. Please send comments or your feedback of this story to my mail [email protected]. Your comments will be a good encouragement for me. My next story will be on how I enjoyed three days with my female friend in a room which we forced to share initially.

This is not a fake email like in some stories and hence expecting feedback especially from female. Please share your experiences as well.

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