Hot Encounter With Two Girls In The Bus – Part I

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Hi to all. I am a software engineer working in a MNC in Chennai. Here I am going to narrate an encounter which happened when I am going for an interview in Pune. I have reserved the bus ticket from Hyderabad to Pune which is aisle seat. Beside me there is a lady probably in her mid thirties of decent look. She covered her body completely with blanket except her face and hence not able to figure out her stats.

At 10:00 bus started from station. As this is a some festival season the bus is completely full and many people are standing in the aisle( space between the seats ). Beside me there is a lady standing with one hand holding the upper rod for support. She has huge boobs and ass which looks protruding from her chudidar. He stats looks probably like 36-30-40. She is little dusky in color but looks extremely beautiful and sexy. After ½ in hour the bus crossed the city and driver turned off the lights inside.

The lady standing beside me now leans on my seat a little because of standing for some time just brushing her side to me lightly. In fact her side of her ass is brushing on my shoulder. I have a laptop bag on my lap and I rested it on my chest. Now, I just embraced the bag such my my left hand on my right shoulder. While I doing this I touched her ass with back of my hand pretending that it happened accidentally. Now, she just moved to front a little but I did not remove my left hand from my right shoulder. After some time she again leaned on my seat and now her ass is touching the back of my hand. I felt the smoothness of her butt and those are irresistible. She is completely resting her butt on my hand when driver is applying brakes. I did not try to hold them but turned my hand such that she is now touching my palms and I am waiting for her reaction. But, she is behaving quite normal like before. Now I did a bold thing, cupped one butt lightly such that my fingers in her ass crack. She just turned to me stared for a moment (does not look serious and not encouraging as well) and again turned that side.

I did not understand her intentions but still I rested my hand there itself. After some 2 to 3 minutes I just squeezed her left butt a little, no reaction from her. I have repeated the same for other butt also, still no reaction. Now, I put my index finger deep in to the ass crack and poked in her ass hole. She jerked suddenly and try to adjust her dress pretending to behave casual . Taking this as advantage I lifted her chudidar and planted a kiss on her butt over her pants. She got scared with this and observed the surroundings but everybody is sleeping. With this she was relaxed and again standing normally as before. She is probably enjoying this attention but not admitting it. Now I bite her butt gently and for this she rubbed her butt because of little pain.

Now I moved my right hand inside chudidar and touched her bare back. I put my left hand inside from front and touched her navel. I turned her facing me but unable to clearly see her face expressions because of dark. Now I kissed on her navel and put my tongue inside navel. She is giving jerks and squeezing the seat with one hand in ecstasy. I licked and kissed her belly for at least 5 min. In between I have heard some little moans and making sure she is enjoying I made some bold moves. I find the knot of her pant, untied it and again tied it very loosely such that it I can have full access inside but not let to falling down. I find her pussy over her panty and it is soaked with her juices there. The feeling that I am making her wet excites me. Now I dragged her panty down and put my right index finger on her ass hole and my left in her pussy.

She does not expect my two fingers once and she seems felt some pain in her ass. So I removed my finger in the ass and licked it. Again I put it in her ass hole and now she is ok with this as finger is lubricated with saliva. I am moving my fingers in and out on both her holes. She is standing there very uncomfortable and for the first time she touched me, placed her left hand on my shoulder for support. Suddenly and un expected thing happen, she leaned towards my face and kissed me on my lips for a moment. She stand again and I continuing my to and fro motion of my fingers in her holes. I felt the pussy pulsations and looks probably her orgasm is building. She kept her handkerchief in her mouth to not let her moan out. She is holding my shoulders tightly and I felt her pussy muscles tightening and with a huge gush of juices she had her orgasm and a little moan came out from her mouth. It’s a very good orgasm as I felt the pulsations for more than a minute.

She collapsed on my lap and had tears on her eyes because of very good orgasm. She just hugged me lightly and lay on me for about 10 minutes. Now I took her and put kiss on her lips and we are licking each other lips for some time. Later she got up and knelt down on the floor. I understood her intentions and removed my belt. Now she took initiative by unbuttoning the pants and then the zip. I just got up from my seat a little and she dragged my pant and underwear in one go till my knees. My 6.5 inch cock is like a iron rod pointing to the sealing of the bus.

She licked the tip of my penis and encircling it and between she is licking the balls with a lot of passion. This is the great feeling I had till now. She started deep throating and her saliva is all over my balls and a little on seat as well. She is applying different amount of pressures on my cock. Some times she is biting and chewing my cock. I felt my orgasm building and I indicated her. She is now licking my ass hole and my balls in between and again pay attention to my prick. I felt a sweet sensation all over my body and I am nearing to my orgasm. She increased her pace now and using her both hands to increase stimulation and I groaned and cummed heavily with a huge gush hit straight on her face. Many spurts followed that for about 15 sec and still she is licking and stimulating with her hands.

I asked her to stop and now she is taking my cum on her face and started licking. Now I deep kissed her on her lips and I felt the taste of my own cum. She sat on my lap and leaned on my chest. We relaxed after the act and we are observing the surroundings. I asked her the name and she told Janani . As we are deeply involved in this act for 45 minutes and hence I did not observed the lady sitting beside me. Now we saw her and was shell shocked to see her directly staring in to my eyes. I am afraid whether she is observing right from the start of the act. Now she had a grin on her face and introduced her as Swathi. But still I was in a confused state. Again an unexpected thing happened. Geeta took my left hand and placed it on her boobs…………..I will continue this in my next part.

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