Hot Encounter With Unknown Woman In Queue

Hi, this is Aditya from vizag once again of age 19 submitting my third story. Thanks for your valuable comments on previous stories.

This is partly a true experience which I want to share with you.

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Now coming to the story once when I visited a temple in vizag on my birthday I got a wonderful gift in the temple. The temple was fully crowded but somehow I managed to get in to the queue line and here started the story after some time the temple got more crowded I was getting pushed from all sides than suddenly I noticed that the persons standing in front of me and behind are woman the breast of woman stand8ng behind me are touching to my back and I got an instant hard on and I moved my hands back and I touched her bare body than she moved back a little after sometime

Once again I touched her again she moved back a bit I felt disappointed and left and moved further than a call from a woman I taught it was the woman standing behind me but no it eas another who was in the other queue I saw her she was really beautiful she was wearing a saree and exposing her body enough.

I asked her why she called me she said that she waits to come in the que I was as the woman standing before me was her sister than I asked how can I help her she said that she will jump from the queue to my queue but I should help her holding for giving her support than I said ok than she lifted her saree a bit and pushed into her naval and I could see her side boobs through her blouse.

Now she climbed the que bar and asked me to hold her I kept my hands on her hip she did not mention as I was helping her than she came into my que line I could smell her sweat while she jumped into my queue line than once again I felt the woman boobs standing behind me once again bit I did not react this time than I was pushed forward now I touched the ass of the aunty who I helped to come into my queue line than she saw me

Then I said I am sorry she said it ok but she saw my hard on in my pants and smiled now due to rush in the temple I was continuously being pressed towards her and my dick was in her crack she was also moving back wantedly than I felt something on my dick it was her hand I moved back a bit once again she caught hold my dick this time I did not move than she saw me took my hand and kept it on her hip I was touching her bare hip once again slowly I was caressing her and moved my hand towards her naval and put my finger in it she covered my hand with saree and caught hold my dick tight than I slowly took my hands to her big boobs and pressed them over blouse due to sweat I could make out her bra through blouse

I kept my middle finger and pulled her bra elastic and left she said that it pained but felt good and said to press her boobs hard than I pressed hard and opened one hook of her blouse I could see her bra I slowly went to her ear and asked her what was her bra size she smiled shy and said you naughty I once again asked and she replied 36d I felt aw and said they are quite big and asked her body stats she said that she dont know and told me measure her body once we go out of temple to her house than she said her panty was getting wet and she said someone would see and we would continue the rest in her home I said ok and we were moving forward.

Then after some time I once again felt a hand on my dick and I taught the hand was the aunty standing before me but when I saw it was the hand of woman standing behind me I took her hand off and moved forward once again she held my dick tight came near me and said that she saw everything I was embarrassed and looked back at her she said me not to worry that she would not tell anyone but in return she want me do the same things I did with other woman and she said me to come behind her I told as she said and once she was before me she directly took my hand and kept on her breast under her pallu and asked me to press and I was pressing her and after pressing for some time I felt something wet on my hand I taught it was sweat but it was becoming wetter and wetter

I asked her she said she did not wear a bra as it was hot and it was her milk oozing out and I stopped to caress she asked me why I stopped I said than her whole blouse is becoming wet she said no problem and asked me press she asked me to taste her milk I kept my finger in my mouth she asked me how it tasted I said it is good she gave me her contact and said to call her when I am free so I could drink her milk more and free at home.

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