Hot Gym Guy And Me Fucked All Night Long

Hi Guys,

I am a young cute boy and have been in Noida for many years and I became a Noida whore because I slept with many boys and girls. I have many stories to tell but this one is about how I cheated on my BF who loved me a lot. We had a fight once because he wouldn’t tell me about his ex about whom he was depressed because she was getting married. I tried to kiss him but he did not let me kiss him either. He was sad I know but he wouldn’t share anything with me. We had a fight about this and I got really angry when he left without kissing or fucking me. I wanted to do something bad.

I went online dating chat and saw a guy eagerly looking for sex. I contacted him and found out he lived nearby and he said he went to the gym everyday. We exchanged pictures and this guy really looked hot. He was tall and he had muscles everywhere. he had an amazing ass as well and he said he was versatile. I was excited that we would fuck each other because my boyfriend never lets me fuck him. We decided to meet at the petrol pump at sec 37. I was waiting there and he came on his bike. Seeing him in the bike made me so horny. He was very hot. His name was Imran and you know Muslim guys looks so good. I then sat behind him and we went to his room where we had decided to fuck all night.

While riding his bike he suddenly touched my dick with his right hand. I got really excited. He started rubbing it while we were on the bike. It felt really good. Then he asked me to touch his dick. I first tried to hold him from behind the way girls do when on a bike. I touched his chest and it felt so good. His nipples were hard and his chest was amazing. Then I slowly touched his dick over his pants. Guys, I was shocked to touch it. It was too wide. the biggest girth I had ever felt. It was 8 inches long but it was very mota. I felt so good that this guy will be inside me. My BFs dick is also 8 inch but it wasn’t so thick. For the first time, I felt all my dreams were coming true.

We reached his place and instead of wasting time started making out. and I instantly reached for his cock, took it out and inserted it in my mouth. The biggest dick in my mouth and it was so delicious. I couldn’t stop blowing it. Knowing what a whore I was even he started to fuck my mouth. While I was busy sucking his beautiful cock, he had undressed me and himself. Next thing I know he reached for my ass and started fingering it while his cock was inside my mouth. The gym guy was an animal. And he was giving me the best time ever.

Next, he asked me to get in doggy position and slowly slowly inserted his dick from behind. It was hurting me but once he was inside, it felt amazing. he quickly started fucking and increased his speed. He was fucking me and with one hand rubbing my dick and with another hand he was grabbing my chest. and after fucking me in that position without breaking for 20 minutes, he came inside me. His cum was all inside my ass and the warmth felt wonderful. He then took me in his arms and we slept naked together.

After an hour or so, he got and started kissing me with force and biting me on the neck. He had woken up in between sleep and was very eager to make love. He then asked me to ride his dick and I sat on his big fat cock. I have never felt this good in my life ever. He was inside me and I was jumping on his cock. He got in sitting position and started biting my nipples. Then I sucked on his nipples and we passionately kissed each other. A few minutes later he started thrusting it very fast. He was so fast that it started hurting me but the kind of sweet hurt that you want it badly. He came inside me again. My ass was filled with his sweet delicious cum. I felt very lucky because he was a complete man and all he wanted was to fuck me and cum inside me.

I was having the best night of my life and both of us could not stop fucking. We fucked once more in the shower where he picked me up and was fucking me while we were completely wet and had to soap all over us. The way our body was rubbing because of soap was making both of us crazy and he was so strong he had picked me and kept fucking me while I was in his arms. After fucking in the shower I cleaned his body and we took bath together. It was very erotic.

I was enjoying his cock so much that I had completely forgotten that he was versatile or I had wanted to fuck his ass. I would gladly become his slut and let him do anything to me anytime without ever complaining. I wished I could have his cock every night and call it mine.

We slept naked holding each other and next morning I woke up early and left. I felt very bad because I had cheated on my boyfriend like this but I knew I will never get a guy like this who looked so good, had the best cock ever and could fuck like a man. I met him once more before leaving noida when we both fucked each other but that story later. Tell me how you liked it and you can email me on [email protected] to fuck anytime because I have never said no to anyone in my life for sex till date.


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