Hot Indian mom fucked by different men at funfair

After getting mom drenched with his cum, the labour guy was still hard. But mom was gasping and was surprised to see him still ready for more.

Mom: Ohh really! I am sorry. I want to, but I can’t right now.

Before mom could complete her sentence, the labor guy’s wife came beside mom and started spreading cum on mom’s face as if she was doing her facial massage. But there were many cum drops on her hair too.

Laborer’s wife: Mam, see the glow on your face. My husband wished to fuck you from the first day we started working here. I challenged him that it isn’t possible. But seeing you on your knees today like a puppy for biscuits made me proud of him. But mam, for today he is all mine and you too.

Mom: I am not someone’s property!

And saying that, mom adjusted her clothes and searched for her bra.

Labor guy: Mam, if you are searching for your bra then I am sorry, as I threw it into your parking space.

Mom: What?! Now, how will I go like this with other neighbors roaming outside?

Laborer’s wife put her hands on mom’s boobs and squeezed them hard. To this, mom got angry, but couldn’t scream or act because of others being awoken in the evening. So laborer’s wife held mom’s nipples between her index finger and thumb and pulled it. Still, mom obeyed to accept her orders.

Mom: Okay, umm, please, I am ready to obey you today. But at least give me cover by distracting neighbors.

Laborer’s wife: That’s not our concern. And don’t behave so modestly with a good glowing cum facial who is been fucked just before a few minutes.

Saying that, she called me and told me that mom had found what she was searching for and was coming back home. Mom with her loose clothes came back giving good visuals to neighbors.

One uncle wished mom “good evening” and mom too replied it. Mom came inside and asked me to make some tea. I too got bold and asked her to give me milk, to which she didn’t reply. I understood she wasn’t in the mood. Then I prepared some tea and gave her to drink. After that, she said she was tired and went to her bed.

I went outside to see what that labor guy was doing. He was standing outside and smiling. His wife too came and offered me to join them when mom and they were going out in the market. I nodded yes in excitement thinking about mom.

After an hour, the labor guy and his wife came to our house. He told me to close the door and I did the same. Laborer’s wife came near me and grabbed my crotch.

Laborer’s wife: Your mom is ours for today. I know that you too want some action. So ,you will get what you want at last. But till then, you will just keep your mouth closed and see the real side of your mom which she hides.

Me: Okay aunty, your words are my orders.

Laborer’s wife: I think the son is good pet than his mom. By the way, my name is Kritika.

Saying that, she pushed me back and went toward mom who was sleeping facing the side. Mom was in the same clothes as before so she was not wearing any bra or panties inside.

Kritika aunt took a broomstick and started rubbing it on mom’s butt. Mom’s nipple got erect and she gave a soft moan in sleep. Aunty slowly lifted mom’s dress and inserted the broomstick handle slowly-slowly in mom’s pussy while her thumb was pressing her asshole.

Kritika aunty gave a few strokes and about 6 inches of broomstick handle was in mom’s pre-fucked wet pussy. Mom was giving soft moans to it. By then, the labor guy also unzipped his pants and his hard rod was ready to work.

Seeing this, aunty tried to enter her two fingers into mom’s asshole. Mom woke up and was shocked. The labor guy quickly put his dick in mom’s mouth and closed mom’s nose with his hands for one minute.

Tears came rolling out from mom’s eyes because of that and due to auntie’s intense fingering, mom reached near her orgasm. But after one minute, the labor guy removed his dick. Mom took a deep breath and begged to continue for a few more minutes as she was near her orgasm. But Kritika kissed mom on her lips and told her to stand up.

Kritika: Stand up, Riddhi. We are going out to the market and as today you are our pet, I have a few surprises for you.

Mom: Okay, wait in the hall. Now let me go and pee. After that, I will change my dress and come.

Kritika: No, you are coming right now. And give me your vibrator.

Mom gave her vibrator to Kritika, and Kritika inserted it in mom’s pussy. And she connected it to her phone.

Mom: Hey, you said no before when I was near orgasm.

Kritika: Shut up and come.

Saying that, she held mom’s breast and pulled her outside. She was in a simple dress with no panty or bra beneath. I and the labor guy too followed them and I locked the house.

As soon as we walked a few steps outside our society, one SUV came nearby and stopped. I got surprised to see that it was the contractor who had given the job to Kritika. There was another older person of about 62 years in it with him. The contractor was nearly 38 years old named Visakh who was from Tamilnadu.

Kritika: Sir, you are on time. Come guys, sit inside.

We all did the same. I got in the third row with mom in between the labor guy and that old uncle whose name was Rahil. He was Visakh’s business partner. Laborer’s wife Kritika sat in the front seat.

Visakh: Kritika, you said you wanted to visit the funfair of the nearby village. So, let’s go via the highway, as I have a meeting in 3 hours so I can drop you off fast.

Kritika: Yes sir, it will be the best option.

Visakh smiled at it and we went on the highway. During that time, mom moaned loudly. Everyone was surprised.

Mom: Ohh nothing, I forgot the money, so.

Labor guy: Don’t worry, we have many ways to pay.

Kritika was smiling and the reason for mom’s moan. It was her vibrator, which was turned on by labor’s wife and mom was in her full control. Because of this, mom unintentionally put her hands on Rahil’s and the labor guy’s pants. Kritika further increased the speed to which mom tightened her grip. Kritika decreased the speed and mom came back to her sense. But as it was on at a slow speed, she put her hands on both front seats and held them for while.

Because of this, Rahil got enough courage to unzip his pants while the labor guy saw it and passed the smile to me. I was too hard and was enjoying the moment.

After some time, Kritika again increased the speed to which mom again grabbed Rahil’s cock which was semi-hard and the other hand was on the seat. As soon as mom gripped Rahil’s cock, it was growing bigger and hard.

All of a sudden, I got a text message from Kritika and she said now it was my turn to obey her.

Kritika: Come in front and start licking your mom’s pussy or she will creates a mess here. Rahil sir will come to fuck her regularly.

I immediately jumped into the middle row and settled down. Then I lifted mom’s dress and started licking her. Mom too grabbed my head with the other hand and buried it in her pussy. Her other hand was still grabbing Rahil’s cock which she was unaware of.

After a few minutes, mom reached her orgasm and I licked all her fluids to avoid the car from being dirty. Visakh stopped the car on the side. Mom got back to normal and found out that for this long everyone was watching her and she grabbed Rahil uncle’s cock till now. Mom was a bit astonished to see it. Rahil uncle’s cock was hard, white, and without foreskin with few white hairs on the sides and was around 8.5 inches in size and thicker than a labor guy’s cock.

Maybe this was the reason Kritika warned me about him. Mom immediately took her hand back, but her gaze stuck on uncle’s cock.

Visakh: I think Rahil she wants it. But as she is from an orthodox background she will not accept it.

Kritika: Yes, she is orthodox. But also a good dick drainer. I called you and said about a neighbor aunty my husband fucked right? And told you that today I will share that toffee with you. She is the same.

Kritika: From the outside, she is a strict mom, an orthodox, modest, cultural lady. But she got fucked by one young guy and my husband in these two days. And even now you can see her orgasm on her son’s face.

Visakh: Okay, let’s give her our best service and show her son how caring his mom is.

Mom: Wait, I never agreed to that.

Rahil uncle: Okay Visakh drive the car. We are getting late for the meeting. Drop them at the funfair and we will join them later to discuss them. Till that time, let this woman see what she is missing, as my pants are unzipped for her if she wishes to change her mind.

Mom ignored it and didn’t speak a word. At 7:00 pm, we reached funfair. As it was winter, it was dark till that time. Visakh dropped us and they both went to the meeting. We started roaming around. I got the call from my friend in whose house we stayed in the village. He said that his dad was also out for some work and he was too going to visit this funfair.

So he told me to say mom this good news and to be prepared for public adventure. I rushed to mom and told her about him. Mom got happy and a bit worried as she was knowing that if his dad would come he would not leave back until he bangs mom.

After roaming for about an hour, friend’s dad called mom and asked where were we. He asked us to take tickets for the open sky theatre till that he would come with his car in it. Mom excused us and went to buy tickets. We got the ticket easily and my friend’s dad too came there. To our surprise, he was with Visakh and Rahil uncle.

Mom: Hi, how are you?

Friend’s dad: I am fine. Come here and meet Visakh and Rahil, sir.

Mom: Ya, we met a few hours before. Let’s get ready. The movie is about to start.

Everyone adjusted themselves near the car while mom and friend’s dad sat in the third row. Friend’s dad removed his shirt and unzipped his pant.

Mom: Hey, are you mad? You will get us caught. What you are doing?

The friend’s dad pointed corner car and showed mom the car in which the couple was nude. Mom didn’t speak anything. He then slid his hands under mom’s dress and started caressing her.

The movie reached its interval so there was a 25-minute break for getting a refresher. So, mom adjusted herself back and excused us as she hadn’t released her pee till now and her bladder was full.

There was a huge rush into the toilet. But mom wasn’t able to control it. So she went to a nearby washroom. To her surprise, it was the men’s washroom. Mom was about to come out. But due to the crowd, she was pushed back. Because of this, she was facing the wall with multiple guys pushing her from behind to enter the washroom.

After some time, mom noticed someone have grabbed her buttocks and his hand was on her boobs. Mom was about to speak but due to the crowd, her mouth was zipped on the wall. The man behind her grew bolder and he lifted mom’s dress and started fingering her roughly.

Man: Oh, I thought you came here accidentally. But wow, you are already wet. Seems like you came here for this only.

Mom: Okay, but I need to pee.

Man: Do it here, it’s okay.

Mom realized that she didn’t have any option and accepted it. Mom got relief from that. But suddenly, she felt that her hand was touching some meat. It was a giant cock.

The man took mom’s hand and put it on his cock. Mom just grabbed it and squeezed it hard to move out. The man got angry and tore mom’s dress slightly from the front showing her half cleavage. And he increased his fingering speed.

After some time, when mom was about to cum, that man stopped. Mom wished he continued so she slightly bent and her buttocks touched the man’s cock. Before mom could get straight, he entered his cock into mom’s pussy.

Mom: Ahh ouch! I didn’t mean that.

Man: Are you sure?

Mom: I don’t know. People will see us.

Man: Don’t worry, this crowd will remain the same till the next 20 minutes.

And saying that, he pinched mom’s nipples and started banging mom. Mom too started moaning. After fucking mom in the same position, he grabbed mom’s boobs and hugged her tightly from behind with his cock still in mom’s pussy.

Man: Now, walk like this outside and stay in front of me.

Mom nodded to it and they came out during which mom got multiple slaps on her boobs which made her even more horny and bold. They both came out and went behind the food counter.

The man removed his cock from mom’s pussy which was dripping mom’s fluid. And told mom to get on her knees. Mom turned around and found out that the man was none other than Rahil uncle. And seeing his dick, mom bit her lower lip and knelt with a big smile on her face.

Mom: I really thought back in the car that I missed the opportunity. But now it is back.

Rahil uncle: I know moms of your age are deprived.

Mom: Yes, but you are old and still have the biggest cock I have ever seen.

Saying that, mom took cock in her mouth and started sucking it. Mom moved her tongue through her glans and her hands folded back. Rahil uncle too grabbed mom’s hair and started fucking mom’s mouth.

Mom started giving deepthroat to him and because of this, saliva mixed with uncle’s precum was dribbling down her chin on her boobs and making her even more worthy.

After some time, he asked mom to lay down on her back. Mom followed his order. And he spread mom’s legs and in one go, he entered completely mom’s pussy.

Mom: Ohhh ahhh ouuu.. yes sir.. fuck me. Please yes, fuck me.

Listening to this Rahil uncle started fucking mom roughly in a missionary position with his both hands squeezing mom’s boobs.

As mom was moaning loudly, he kissed mom and locked her lips. After a few minutes, he sat down and asked mom to sit on him. Mom obeyed the instruction and took his whole cock in her pussy.

Mom started riding his cock with her boobs jumping freely and her body was shining due to her sweat and dim lights. While facing Rahil uncle, mom took his nipple in her mouth and sucked it. It made uncle more excited and he too started banging mom roughly. He slapped mom’s boobs with each stroke and at the end of a few minutes, her boobs turned red from white with uncle’s hand marks on them.

After that, uncle lifted mom and turned her making her face toward the ground and dropped mom down on the ground.

Mom: Ahh.. yes.. use me roughly.

Rahil uncle: Don’t worry, I am sure that by the end of the night, you will say that you are tired.

Saying that, he spat on mom’s ass and tried to insert his cock inside mom’s ass.

Mom: No sir, you are too big for that.

But he didn’t hear what mom told and within a few strokes, he was completely in. Tears came out from mom’s eyes.

Mom: Ohh please, do it slowly.

But uncle never cared and started fucking mom roughly. But after one minute, mom too started enjoying it.

Rahil uncle: Now, you are enjoying. See, this is what a man can give you.

After banging mom’s asshole for a few minutes, mom reached her orgasm and squirted on uncle’s clothes. So he removed it and turned mom towards him. Mom was on the ground so he lied down on her and put his cock in mom’s mouth. He started fucking mom’s mouth on the ground. He lifted mom from down and put mom on her knees. Then he closed mom’s nose and released his half cum inside mom’s mouth.

In between that, he removed his cock and covered mom’s face and dressed with his thick white cum. Mom’s face got fully covered by it and some amount was in her mouth.

Rahil uncle: Don’t swallow. Now, we will go back as the break is over. Cum on your face will remain as it is.

Saying that, he grabbed mom’s buttocks and both started to come back near the car.

What will happen next? Does everyone see mom like that or has Rahil uncle changed his mind? It will be uploaded in the next update. Till then, do share your reviews on [email protected]

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