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Hello, my name is Roshan and I am a 25 year old engineer from Cochin. I am a huge fan of the ISS, so I decided to share my own experience with you after graduating from college

I took up a job in Bangalore. I was busy with work most days which included long night shifts. I lived in a rented house and had little time to clean the place. So I decided to hire a maid who could cook for me and clean the place.

It was difficult to find a servant in the city so I asked a friend who had connections and he helped me find one her name was Radhika. She was 26 years old and had a 2 year old daughter from the first time I set my eyes on her I got very attracted to her assets.

She was 5 feet 4 and was slim. I estimated her assets to be 33 23 34. She was wearing a red sari and a red blouse. Her bulging ass was prominently visible. Her huge boobs were perfectly round. She was not too fair but had an attractive face.

One thing was sure, she was extremely hot. She agreed to come during early mornings and evenings every day. I was looking forward to that.

After my girlfriend broke up with me my sex life had taken a long break. I am 5 feet 6 and due to constant workouts in the gym has a well built body. As I lived alone in the rented house I was getting very lonely.

Radhika was very punctual and hard working. She made breakfast for me in the mornings and cleaned the house every day. During the evenings she would cook dinner and go home. I used to inquire about her well being and make petty conversations.

I liked her cooking and complimented her. I used these opportunities to enjoy her assets, but she didn’t seem to notice. Soon we became very close and she used to tell me about all her worries. Her husband was a drunkard and he used to beat her.

I tried to console her by saying some reassuring words. My job was taking up so much time and I was getting very tired. The only consolation was the times spend with sexy Radhika. Soon I decided to take a break from work, I took two days leave.

Radhika came early morning as usual. I noticed that her eyes were teary. I asked her what happened to you, why are you crying? She replied, “Sir, it’s nothing and she started to sob.

I went near her and she was wearing a pink half sari and a red blouse stop crying! Whatever it is, you can tell me.”I said sir, its my husband. He came home last night and started to beat me and today he left and took all my money.

She started to sob uncontrollably then suddenly on impulse I hugged her tightly. Please don’t cry dear. Stop it!” I said she stopped crying. Both of us were still in tight embrace. We didn’t move for a few minutes then she let go and there was an awkward pause.

I gave her some money and asked her to take rest. She said she will come back in the evening and went home. I spend the rest of the day thinking about her and the hug we had. I wank off fantasizing about having sex with her.

She came earlier than usual in the evening. She was cheerful and was wearing a blue salwar with a low neck. Her cleavage was visible and she even wore lip stick for the first time. Damn! She was very hot!

Sir, I will first clean the room and then make tea and she said politely. She started cleaning the house floor with a broom and my eyes got a treat of her sexy cleavage. Her boobs were swaying from side to side. I was enjoying her bent backside.

I couldn’t wait any longer and I went forward and held hugged her from behind. She didn’t protest. I knew she was enjoying it. I started to press her boobs hard. They felt very soft and I caressed them.

I stroked her backside and started to kiss her neck. She started to moan in pleasure. I then kissed her lips. She felt very sweet and soft. Her round boobs were pressing against me. I removed my pants and she looked in wonder at my cock.

My 7 inches cock now stood upright. I then started to undress her. First I removed her salwar. She wore a black bra. I started to suck her boobs through her bra my tits wants to be free and she said. I removed her bra and her bulging round boobs fell forward.

She was now just in pink underwear. I started to press her underwear and she was moaning in ecstasy. I removed her underwear. Her pussy was shaved. I started fingering her pussy oooh haaaa sir more and I want more

She moaned and I put two more fingers in. Her pussy was tight. I fingered hard. After fingering for a few minutes, I put my mouth in and started to suck her juices. Oww Mmm Haaa faster she said. I started to suck her clit faster.

Then suddenly she had an orgasm then I asked her to suck my cock. She took my huge cock in her hand and started to suck it. She was good. I liked the way she took my cock deep down her throat. She continued sucking for 15 minutes.

I then cum onto her face then I asked her to bend over. I slowly inserted my cock into her tight pussy. She started to moan. I slowly increased speed and thrust deep into her vagina aah ah ah ow ow aaaaah fuck me hard aaah

She moaned do I fuck better than your husband? I asked her while ramming her pussy with my dick. You fuck 10 times better than my damn husband. Yeaahhh oh your dick is so big ooh my god oohh aaah aaaah she cried.

Then we both came at the same time.

It was time to leave so I asked her to take a shower with me. We both went in and started to kiss each other passionately. She started to give me a hand job. I turned on the shower and started to press her boobs. I applied soap on her boobs and her pussy.

I even put my finger in her asshole. She was extra turned on and my dick was still hard. I put my dick in her pussy and lifted her up. I then pressed her hard against the wall and started to fuck her very hard.

Oh mmm yeahh fuck me Roshan fuck my pussy harder and she moaned then I cum inside her and she looked very satisfied. She said she wanted this badly since it released her stress. She thanked me and went home. From then on we had sex whenever I had free time. This is my first story, hope you enjoyed it.

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