Hot Neighbour Aunty Fell For Me

Hi there, I’m Vinayak from karkala(Udupi). Age 27. Now working in Bangalore for an IT company.

Coming to the story, Heroine of my story is my neighbour. Her name is sabitha(Name changed). She is from an Orthodox Muslim family. She used to come to my house daily morning to take water from our well.

Now She is at her mid 40. She has 3 children. My first attraction towards her was when I was doing my PU. I had a glance at her big melons, from there I was attracted towards her. I used to like aunties a lot. Sabitha was average looking woman. As I had easy access to her I tried to seduce her.

My mom and dad work in a private company so they leave home at around 9. Sabitha used to come to take water at around 10.

I made a plan to seduce her. Whenever she come to collect water I used keep my door open. From door she can directly see bathroom. So I used to get naked and stand in bathroom, pretending I am about to take bath. She noticed this and ignored. I used to repeat but in vain. She got to know am seducing her so she tried to ignore me. Some where I was afraid but wanted to have her badly.

When I got to know her ignorance I switched to plan B. And I got courage as she just ignored it and didn’t open her mouth about all these things. Plan B was to go to collect water when she was there. So I started to stare at her boobs. That too while pulling water from well her boobs used to dance. I loved that sight. She felt weird. She used to wear nighty , after this incident she started to wear shawl to cover her boobs. Whenever I tried to seduce her she had other plans to resist.

She got to know I am seducing her but she had plans to resist which made me sad. But positive sign was I got more courage to seduce her as she kept quiet. So I switched to plan c. Though she knew my bad intentions she was talking to me. She used to wash her vessels cloths out side. When she comes out for these work, I started going to my friends house, my friends house is adjacent to her and I have to cross her house. So started to move across her house frequently that I used to stare at her boobs. While bending to collect cloth I could see her bra covered boobs. Looking at this my stick used to become hard, which I highlighted so that she can see. After all these efforts she didn’t fall for any of my trick.

So I made a plan to approach her directly. I was so desperate that I wanted her. Straight away I went to her when she came to take water. In a slow voice I asked her.

Me : Aunty I am in love with u. I don’t want to force u. But it’s my wish to have u. I will keep our relationship secret. Can u cooperate with me. If u say yes then only we will keep this relationship else no. It’s very common to have sexual feeling. I’m not forcing u. Can u ?

She listened to me silently and went home. I was in full tension that what will happen if she opens her mouth. But for my luck she didn’t. From next day she started to send her son to take water. I was very sad that I didn’t get any result for my efforts.

One day as her son went somewhere she came to collect water. I straight away jumped again

Me: Aunty please give me a response. Tell me yes or know

Sabitha : in a soft voice, can u be quiet?. You know am very old than u. How can u think me on the bed? I will tell to your parents if you continue this.

Me: Aunty age doesn’t matter. I know you are married. But I’m making a request.

Sabitha : she in angry mood said no and do not repeat this.

I got scared and came back

Up to 6 months I kept quiet as I was afraid. But to my luck almost after 6 months, she started to respond positively.

Whenever she used to come she gave smile and after some time she started to stare at my stick. One day while crossing her house she called me and started talking

Sabitha : Vinayak, u know it’s very difficult to maintain the relationship secretly. Even am tired of my husband. He doesn’t give any pleasure. So promise me u keep this secretly.

ME: Aunty I can’t believe this. I will keep this secretly. Aunty, I want you on my bed

Sabitha: Don’t be so fast. We have to be careful as there is a high risk of being caught.

Me: OK, so I asked her to let’s meet tomorrow at my home at around 10.

So daily during vacation, we started to meet at 10 at my home. We do sex for short duration as her husband will be at home most of the time.

I still remember our first meeting. I was in confusion to do things. But she was experienced that she guided. The first day I didn’t insert my stick in her sweet hole. I just enjoyed her boobs and lips. Her boobs are the best part of her body. I sucked it like anything.

As soon as she entered for the first time I closed the door. And took her to my bed room. I hugged her tightly and squeezed her ass. She held my back tightly and pressed her big breast to my chest. It was such an awesome feeling for the first time. I left her hair free and kissed her neck as hard as possible. I was putting ao much force that we were loosing balance. At last we fell on bed. I was on top and just held her nighty and took it up till I see her panty. And then opened her nighty zip and started sucking her melons. She started to moan badly that I had to tell her do not shout. I ate her boobs from top of her bra. Then slid her bra slightly and sucked her nipple. Then went to her arm pits and sucked it. She didn’t shave it properly so most of the hair came into my mouth as I was so desperate.

And she started to pull me up and started kissing my lips. We exchange our saliva. And then I jumped to her navel. Sucked it to the core. Then opened her panty and fingered her badly. At the mean time she started to stroke my penis. As it was my first time I ejaculated a huge load of cuns in just 1 min. It all fell to her navel and nightly. I swiftly took some tissue and cleared all juice from nighty. And ate juice from her navel. Then gave my penis to suck. She didn’t like as she didn’t have any experience. But I convinced her . She took it in her mouth but she didn’t like it and felt omitting sensation. So I took it out and gave a long lasting kiss to her lip. After 15 min we were still not satisfied buy for our bad luck she had to leave. So as last gesture even today we have a signature step to end our sex. I keep ice cube on her navel and suck it and and then I ll keep honey on her boobs and suck it. But she can’t take my stick in her mouth. So I eat honey and transfer all my saliva to her mouth and kiss.

I ll come up with my sexual intercourse in next part.

Any aunties who want to have a secret relationship please feel free to contact me. [email protected]. I am ready for sex chatting or sex.

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