Hot Night With Hot Married Banker

Hi, Indian sex story readers, my name is Sameer and I stay in Delhi. I am 28 years old, single with a cock size of 5.4 inches. The incidence I am about to describe is a real one and it is one of the most memorable fucking session I can ever recall.

The incident happened when I came from Australia after my studies. Having a well-settled job and permanent residency in a well-developed country made me most eligible bachelor in my society. Every now and then plenty of matrimonies came from good families for getting their daughter married to me. But my cock had tasted the beautiful Australian pussies and deposited its juices in the cunts. I had raised my bars to that extent, where I needed a girl who had the same or equivalent features like that of Australian girls.

One day, I went to Connaught Place in order to remit my foreign currencies in a particular bank, where my friend used to work. But when I reached there, I came to know that he has shifted to a new branch and Mrs. Ritu (name changed) works on the same designation. She was a damn gorgeous lady with features resembling that of Penelope Cruz. Her bust size was around 34-D, though she had a wheatish complexion but her features were sharp and seductively attractive. I went to her desk and had a formal discussion and sorted out my work regarding the foreign exchange.

During our conversation, we came to know that our ancestral families left in the same village and also that my family had indirect connections with her family. She took my address and phone number and wanted to meet my parents, after which she came to my place and met my parents. She was looking for a bridegroom for her beautiful sister in law and was showing interest in me. But my eyes were focused on her and my mind had agreed of fucking both Ritu and her sister in law too. In order to get close to Ritu, I had joined the same gym where she used to go. Although, I had a good physique and muscular body and I stayed in shape, yet I joined the gym in order to get more close to Ritu. One day, while doing a workout, I removed my T-shirt and Ritu noticed my well toned and ripped body. When I turned around, she just pretended that she saw nothing.

It was raining heavily that evening while coming out from the gym, I saw Ritu standing at the bus stop. I asked for a lift to which she denied and after much insistence, she finally agreed on a condition that I would have a cup of coffee at her place. I thought that it’s a god’s gift to me to which I couldn’t deny. I said Ok and we went to her place. She told me about her husband and also the fact that her husband works in Merchant Navy and most of the time he stays out of the country. We reached her home and she asked me to come inside. She was drenched in heavy rain and was completely wet from head to toe. She asked me to sit in the hall, while she went inside for changing her clothes.

I told her that I will make the coffee while she changed her clothes. She said ok and went inside. While I was preparing coffee, she had changed and came in the kitchen. She was wearing a satin nightgown with nothing inside and her cleavage was revealing and inviting me towards her. In this distraction, she accidentally burnt her finger by touching the hot vessel and I closed the gas immediately. I responded me by immediately putting it my mouth and started sucking it. She moaned gently. Her moan clearly described the sexual hunger, which she was taming inside for the past couple of months. The moan gave me an indirect signal to continue my sucking process more and more. The more I sucked, the louder was the moan. All of a sudden, I stopped and looked into her eyes. Her eyes had a fire and hunger for a manly, wild and passionate love making.

She just pounced on me like a hungry lioness and started kissing me wildly to which even I responded in a wild kissing session, where I sucked her tongue and so did she. I opened the ribbon of her gown which dropped on the ground leaving her body completely naked and she removed my pullover and opened my pajamas.

We started kissing again and I pressed her boobs and she started gently stroking my cock. I started sucking her boobs and bit one of the nipples leaving a love bite there. I kissed on her belly and after that, I moved down to her vagina. I gently started stroking her clitoris to which she moaned again. I inserted my finger in the vagina and kept on licking her clitoris and her moan intensity kept on increasing.

“Aaaaammmm………………………yes, yes, don’t stop, don’t stop…….I beg you, please don’t stop……”, said Ritu and within the next minute, a stream of salty transparent fluid gushed out of her vagina and came straight in my mouth. Her entire body was shivering, but it was just like adding fuel to the fire. “My turn now…” said Ritu and she got up and took the hold of my penis and said, “Don’t cum soon..” and immediately pulled down the skin of my penis and started sucking it wildly with a gentle stroking. She was doing it so passionately that it was really getting difficult to hold my cum and after 15 minutes of wild and hot sucking, I came in her mouth.

She sucked my entire semen and laid herself on my chest. “Well, you have good abs and muscles, I hope that your cock muscles are powerful enough to rip apart my hungry cunt.,” said Ritu. I immediately rolled her and inserted my cock with full force in her cunt and said, “trust me, sweetheart, get ready for the memorable ride..” while she screamed a bit. I started at a slow pace and increased my speed gently and kept the intercourse going for the next 15 minutes after which she came again. This time we opted for the reverse cowgirl position for the next 15-20 minutes and I came in her pussy.

She got up gently from my cock and started pulling out the semen from her vagina. It came out like a thick viscous fluid and the volume might have been around 3-5 ml. She complemented me that never ever she had such a wild session with her husband and also said, that she is jealous of her sister-in-law for getting married to a sex machine like me.

We kissed each other again and slept for a couple of hours, after which we had sex again in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. After that, we had sex once or twice a week in absence of his husband.

I hope u guys liked the sex story. Any horny girl or any unsatisfied aunty, if they want to have sex, can mail me on [email protected]. Feedbacks are most welcome.

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