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Hi, I am a regular reader and a great fan of ISS. This site is making immensely pleasure to guys and gals of all ages. Thanks you are doing a great job.

This is a memorable event that I cannot forget, but whenever I think of it, for the first time how it happened, it always make mines hard, wherever I am.

Letting into my story, this incident which is happening now, but when you know how it happened for the first time, you readers will become hotter. I am Krishnan from Coimbatore age 32, married, height 5 feet 9 inches, well-built as I will go gym regularly, whitish in complexion, works in an MNC, but

I do die for sex with gals who are dark in color. I don’t know why this taste has come to me, but I become more hot with black gals n aunties. This is about an aunt in my apartment, who i trapped into my desire. I was living in an apartment in Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore.

This is about the aunt Sangeetha, who lives in fourth floor and I live opposite to her house in that apartment. Her husband is a manager in a bank and he goes by 9 and return by 7. She is a mother of one, aged 10. She has the size of 36D-30-32.

I do die for her boobs; those mangoes are to eat raw. If I look at her my dick starts to rise. She is a friend of my wife and often visit to our house and talk with my wife and they exchange their recipes whatever they make.

I will observe her whenever I will be at home, seeing her beauties which make a tent in my night pants. I was planning to do sex with her, but no sign from her side.

But she do know that I am seeing her features. I was waiting to fuck her or a chance to get fucks her. It’s a lucky day, when I am returning from work, about 6.45 in the evening to the apartment.

A call-taxi came nearby and stopped seeing inside there was my Sangeetha aunty in her short kurtha and leggings. Her curves made me hot, while she was with huge bags. I think she has purchased grocery from nearby department shop.

I was helping her to taking it into the lift, while all the bags occupied the space and there was a little space for us to stand. We closed the lift and pressed the button for fourth floor, until then I was seeing her boobs.

The lift crossed the second floor and the current failed by 6.55, because there was shutdown daily for 7 to 8 in our area. To my luck the generator in our apartment was not running to insufficient fuel, which I came to know later. The lift was too dark and struck down in between the floors.

I switched on my mobile for little light and saw Sangeetha was tensed due to power failure. I told her to not worry, by that I Saw her boobs which was bigger than normal, I got hot, I became so mad I wanted to make a move.

I suddenly kissed her on back of her neck, as it the most sensitive part for gals. She did not expect this from me, she slapped me, but I don’t want to leave her and I kneeled down in that little space and started to smooch on her leggings.

And kissed and licked her groin area, pressed her back with my hands, and caught hold of her waist tightly so that she cannot move. She was making me not to smooch by pulling my hair, but I smooch her pussy area with the leggings, kissed, licked, she was calming down.

I hold her boobs from down to top with my hand and started to squeeze, she became hot and aroused. Now I inserted my hands into her leggings and downed her leggings and panties, the pussy was little hairy and wet. I don’t want to waste the time.

I licked with my huge tongue, tuned her clit lips with my fingers, licked her pubic mount with my lips, bite the lips of labia and inserted by fingers and caught the G-spot, sensed her to feel my lick over it and fingered while licking.

She was moaning and telling me that her husband never does this type of licking and all, because he feels it is not hygiene for health. I was licking her like a beast and squeezing her boobs like anything, screwed her nipples, rotated the grapes with my tongue and licked it.

She became hot and inserted her hand into my pant and took my 7 inch black cock out of my pant and was surprised to see how large it was, as her husband’s is 4 inch.

I made her bend in the lift inserted my tool from back in a doggy position and I stroked for 5 minutes and cum inside, she too cum, but when she cum she turned and locked her lips with me, blood oozed from my lips.

She licked the blood and said that she had never got fucked like this before and never got an orgasm like this before and said thank you great fucker. We waited for 15 minutes in lift as power comes by 8 then after about a week later.

Her husband went to a conference in Bangalore and my wife went to mom house. This was a great opportunity for both of us to have more fun andso, we decided to fuck in her house on that Monday afternoon as it was a holiday for me. We planned to have lunch and to have the play.

I went to her house by 2 in the noon and she opened the door with skin tight nighty and her mangoes were shaking out in that nighty, where I can sense out the nipples as it is poking out in that nightly.

I sat in the dining table and she served the food after finishing my meal, while she was near the sink I on purposefully on keeping the plate in the sink came behind her and let her feel my hard on.

She smiled at me and not moving and I washed my hand and looked into her. She stared at my look and we started to kiss passionately and our lips locked then our tongues locked. I put my hands around her waist and pulled her closer to me.

She looked at me and she turned, I caught her and grabbed her and pushed her to the wall and kissed her lips hard and pushed my tongue in and tried to bite her lips while my other hand held her waist and I was kissing her harder and harder.

She tried to push and ran to the bedroom, I too ran behind her. She lay on the bed and I started kissing Sangeetha everywhere. I kissed her ear, pushed my tongue in and sucked and licked all over her neck.

I moved back and saw her, she breathing heavily. I caught face and with one hand holding her face and the fingers running through her lips. She closed her eyes to my play and her breath was getting hot.

I was kissing her softly and sensually and wetting her lips letting my sucking on her tongue and I want her to be on my dick and now I moved my other hand to her waist and ran it all over her tummy and her belly button.

To the side I could feel here belly folds, small but sexy and then I brought it upwards my hands towards her boobs and squeezed lightly and started pushing my tongue in and out.

I held her boobs in my hands and found her nipples and took them between my fingers and pressed them lightly and bite the grapes lightly, she moaned. I was also smelling and licking around her cleavage.

I was crazy with them sucking and biting and liking rubbing my face on it. By this time I came up to her lips and kissed her back and she did that so beautifully. I took my dick completely out, I took her hand and got hold of it.

She slowly moved it up and down, I became hot. She had her hand running and caressing my length and let my dick got bigger. I brought her face close to my dick till her face was pressing my dick to my tummy and in return the pre cum flowed to her nose, to her lips.

I rubbed it all along her lips and she slowly opened her mouth and I pushed slowly in to her mouth. I was in heaven. Her hand was holding my dick and sucking on the head. She started moving her lips up and down and taking my dick deeper and deeper till I could feel the back of her throat.

I was amazed at how good she was doing. Now I made my dick more and more and faster into her mouth. I stopped and pulled my dick out and saw my dick all wet and slippery and rubbed it again on her face. I pulled her up and kissed her and this time she was reciprocating and moaning.

I pushed her back on the bed and I started to taste her clit whenever I hear her moan, I would do it fast. Then I inserted my tool into her bush and started to stroke, first I was giving her slow strokes, by hearing her hard moan.

I was making fast and striking hard to tear it and she was screaming with pain and I continued to my fastness and at last we both cum and we both hugged and kissed for another ten minutes and tears came out in her eyes as she never had a session like this before in her life and thanked me.

Now I am fucking this aunt very secretly in my terrace and in her house whenever her husband goes out of city. I am maintaining this secretly. I think you reader will like my story and wanted feedbacks to [email protected]. If you wish can come for a chat and mail me.

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