Hot Seduction With Cousin – 2

Hi again, this is Sanjay. I’m Sanjay, 25 years of age, a resident of Andhra Pradesh. This story is a continuation to my earlier story with my cousin sister. This is the actual core story, while the earlier story was my experience with her during my childhood. If any girl/aunty wants to have sex chat, reach me on [email protected] I’m a very private person, and so your privacy will also be guaranteed. Please read it slowly and enjoy the story. This is a 100% real story and has happened over many years.

To tell briefly about me, I’m 5’9, having an average body and looks, with absolutely no fat at all. I’m highly educated and have studied in two of the premier institutes of India.

Coming back to the story, many years after the childhood incident, when I was 20 years of age, I went to my cousin’s house and was going back to my college again. By that time, my cousin was married a few months ago and had come to her house for a couple of days. I met her in her house and was amazed. Her body has become so perfect that I instantly had a hard-on when I saw her. Her figure was about 36-28-36. Her face was also very hot, and beautiful flowing hair. I met her briefly as all family members were there. I was leaving back to college, when her mom asked me to take her with me to my college, from where her husband’s town is close by and he’ll come to pick her up. I said okay, and we started our journey on a bus. We chatted for a while on the bus, but never brought up any topic related to sex. She fell asleep and I was looking at her deep cleavage and mily white boobs tightly fitting to her dress. I tried to touch but was afraid. Then I started acting as if I was falling asleep and was holding her boobs. They were so soft from above her clothes, that I had a huge hard on. Slowly, I was falling on her and kissing her neck and falling on her boobs.

Suddenly she woke up but thought that I was sleeping. She set me up correctly and started sleeping again. I was again falling on her, and this time she was awake. She was repeatedly removing my hands from her boobs. One time, she removed my hand and tried to put on my thighs and accidentally touched my dick, which was too hard and long now. She was shocked and looked at me seriously. I was acting as if I’m sleeping, and was narrowly observing her feelings. I saw her being serious and stopped doing anything. In the morning, we went to my college, and we both had to stay in my room only. Her husband was supposed to pick her up in the afternoon. I didn’t attempt anything more, and she was watching movies on my laptop. At noon, her husband called saying he is caught up in something and will come next morning. So, she had to stay in my room for the night. I was excited but afraid too.

At night, we were about to sleep at 11 pm. I was sleeping on the floor, and she was sleeping on the bed. We were gen chatting about something, while she was turned towards me and her hand was on the floor. I was holding her hand and was telling her future based on the lines for fun. As I was speaking and she was laughing at my predictions, I dared and kissed her hand. She tried to pull back, but I held her tight and didn’t let go. Then I kissed her again and she didn’t pull back. I touched my trimmed beard with her hand and she was liking it. She was looking at me kissing and licking her hand and was moving her hand to get kissed where she wanted. I knew that my chance is getting real. I was licking her fingers, taking them in my mouth and kissing her palm. Suddenly she pulled back her hand and turned the other side on the bed. I was still lying on the floor. I asked her

Me – “What happened?”.She – “Nothing”Me – “ I cant see you. ”She – Why cant you?Me – You have turned the other side.She – Then come to this side and see.

Although the sentence sounds very normal, that was the most seductive sentence I had heard. I went on to the bed and turned her towards me. She was looking somewhere else. I kissed her neck and her cheeks. She didn’t resist. Then I kissed her chest, without going near her boobs and kissed her all over her neck region and behind her neck. She was moving in a way to make it easier for me. Then I went to her face, kissed her eyes, ears, etc and kissed her lips. We had a long French-style kiss. Then I whispered in her ear “Let’s play Mummy-daddy game” with a wink. She blushed, laughed, kissed me tightly and hugged me. I went below and removed her long top. She was wearing a black bra and her body was shining white. The black on white turned me on further. I was licking her navel, kissed her belly, and licked her chest area. She was twitching and moving in ecstasy. I then removed her pajama and saw that she wasn’t wearing any panty. She said that she doesn’t wear at night.

I saw her hairy pussy, which is what I like for some reason. Her thighs were very soft and smooth. I started licking and softly biting her thighs and she started moaning like my childhood days. It was loud and I said that my friends would wake up in the next rooms. She said she doesn’t care and continued to moan. She suddenly pulled me up, and pulled off my t-shirt and pushed me on the bed. She started biting my chest, pulling my chest hairs and held my dick with one hand. She was sitting on my with just her bra. I pulled her close to me and said that she’s looking hot and sexy. She kissed me and said, “Then fuck my god damn brains out”. That aroused me even further and I started pressing her boobs from over her bra. She was removing my short and catching hold of my dick. I was pressing her nipples from over the bra when she got oo excited and removed the bra herself. Then I got up and licked her nipples.. and she pressed my face tightly towards herself in ecstasy. She was trying to put my dick in her pussy, when I lifted her, made her lie on the bed and started licking her already insanely wet and burning pussy.

She was shouting now, and I took a nearby pillow and put it in her mouth. She was biting that pillow while I was licking her pussy and clit and pressing her boobs at the same time. She cummed 2-3 times in a very short time. Then I got on top of her and inserted my dick in her pussy. She was going mad and was looking at me shocked. She said “Your dick has become too large, even larger than my husband” And I started fucking her rapidly, holding her boobs in one hand and her hair in the other. She pulled me close to her and kissed me and then came on top of me. She started moving her ass fast and was moaning like she was suffering “aaahhhh…. Oooohhhh… ummm…. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Ooouuucchhhhhh…. Kaassssssss…. Sssssshhhhhhhh…… aaauuuuummmmm…. Ooouuuccchhhhhhh” Her ouch was driving me crazy and I was pushing my dick further in.. Her thrusts were also becoming more urgent. I pulled her close to me and said, “I won’t let you go to the bathroom now”.. She smiled and said, “ then you’ll have to wash your bedsheet” and cummed. But I didn’t cum yet. I made her give me an intense blowjob and cummed in her mouth. We had 2 more sessions at night and slept off. Next morning she went away with her husband. We used to sex chat over skype some times after that, but never again got a chance. She’s the sexiest girl I ever met or fucked.

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