Hot Sex In A Car With My Ex Girlfriend In Delhi

Hi, I am back with another story for fellow readers. I am samir from Delhi, young, good looking, educated well placed and hot and horny guy. Thank you for response to my previous stories and few girls are now my friends on email and whatsapp. Comments and suggestions are welcome at [email protected]

Coming to the story, this one is with my ex girl friend. We often used to go for long drives and she liked my company a lot. But anyhow, there were certain issues and we had to break up. Once we were driving from our office on the roads of Gurgaon in the evening.

After some distance she began caressing my dick and I began caressing her thighs while I was driving. During the same we smooched each other for some seconds and she warned me about the road. We continued to caress each other and I inserted my finger in her pussy and began fingering her. She opened her legs more and gave me more room to finger her. With one hand I was steering the wheel and with other I was fingering her pussy.

After certain amount if distance at a secluded place I took out her top and began sucking her big boobs one by one. I licked her niples, bite them one by one and gobbled both boobs together. Once a man passed by but somehow he didnt see us.

We continued the same and she took out my dick and began caressing and pressing it in her hand. I continued sucking her boobs vigorously and passionately. I was mad about her big juicy boobs and I pressed, pumped, kneaded them together. I sucked them more and more, licked every bit of it. I lowered my pants and she took my dick in her mouth and started giving me blowjob. She licked the head of my dick kissed it many a times. She like a pro licked from tip to base and back. She spit on my dick several times and sucked it well.

I told her not to use hands instead put her head on my dick so that the whole dick goes into her mouth. She did same and believe me she took my whole big dick till her throat. She kept it like this and began fucking her mouth and face.

I held her head and helped her fucking her face and mouth. I hit her throat many times and she gagged and paused and continued to suck on it. I lifted her face up and we began smooching each other passionately. I sucked her tongue and inside of mouth. I licked her whole face and I licked the inside of her mouth on every inch. She again sucked my dick vigorously and I warned her that im about to cum. She sucked more and more and I spurted in gushes in her mouth. She drank all of it and some fell in the corners of her mouth over her face. I lifted her face again and we smooched each other more.

We both liked to get dirty and nasty. I also tasted my cum mixed with her saliva and we cleaned each others mouth very well. I again began to suck her boobs. I took each boob in my mouth and sucked each boob hard. I bite her boobs in between. Meanwhile it was little dark outside. I made her nude in car and I now began working on her pussy. I went down and put my mouth between her thighs and began licking her pussy. Though it was very difficult but somehow I managed to do it. I pushed the front seat backwards as possible and I like a mad dog licked her pussy very well.

I took each of her lip and licked and sucked it well. I gave light and soft kissed on her pussy and all over the sides of her pussy. Her pussy was always a treat to eat as she always used to keep it clean and smooth. I licked it more and more and began fingering her hard. I fingered her vigorously and she began shouting loudly. The windows were closed and I dont know if the moans were heard outside or not.

I continued to lick her pussy and payed more attention on her clit. I licked and smooched her clit more and more. I smooched very hard and fast. Meanwhile she squirted very hard like a river on my face and I opened my mouth and tried to drink as much possible. She was a heavy squirter as before also I had made her squirt. I drank her juices and she became numb.

After a while she rode me while I was seated and I held her waist and helped her go up and down. She rode me fast and hard. We smooched each other while I helped her fuck me. She was fucking me very hard and she increased her speed. She was moaning shouting and grunting like anything.

When it was total dark, we moved outside the car on the same secluded place nude. She put her arms on the car and I began fucking her from behind. I fucked her hard and fast as much as I could. I pressed and pumped her boobs while I was fucking her from behind. I held her by her hair pulled her hair and I was real hard on her. I mishandled her and she liked this hardcore fuck.

We smooched each other while she turned her head towards me. I continued to fuck her more harder from behind. I took out my dick and tried to put in her asshole but she was not ready for the same though I had drilled her asshole before. I inserted again in pussy and fucked her fast.

I turned her around and she mounted on the front of car and I fucked her while I placed her one leg on my shoulder. I now began very fast as I feared someone should not come. With few more pushes I cummed my milk in her cunt and she also cummed along with me. We quickly move inside the car and using tissue papers we cleaned ourselves. We wore our clothes back and went for dinner and after that I dropped her at her pg.

This was one of the best sex I ever had and it is 100% true and genuine. There is no fantasy in it as people ask me if my acts are fantasies and I tell them I never write fantasy. I write what I did and rest is upto you, believe or not. Else you are most welcome for a try and see for yourself. Anyways suggestions and comments are welcome on [email protected] particularly from delhi folks.

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