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Hi, I am Rahul again 26 yrs from Kerala working in Trivandrum for a while. This is my email id:

I am interested in mature woman from my child hood my attraction was more towards aunties and married woman. Any matured aunties or ladies who want to have relationship with me can write to me.

I happen to have sex with couple of our matured Aunties during my teenage. This was a story where I happened to get a chance to get a sexy mature lady and I hope this story is will be interesting.

Once I was travelling from Chennai to Trivandrum in by Jet Airways. I boarded the aircraft and occupied my seat and was waiting for the flight to take off and suddenly I heard someone close and when I turned back I was astonished to see a beautiful woman.

She seems to be in her late 30’s and she was fair and gorgeous and seeing her breath stopped for a while. She was looking sexy in her blue jeans and red top. She had a lovely structure approximately her figure would be 36 24 38.

She had cute and sexy lips and her waist was very attractive and her round butts and fleshy thighs (like KFC drumstick chicken) and her projecting boobs were making her to look as the sexiest woman on earth. I was floating in joy when I came to know that her seat was just next to me.

The Air Hostess came to help her in putting her hand baggage on top and this lovely lady just sat next to me. I wanted to talk to her badly but dint know what to start then after few minutes I gained some courage and asked her destination.

She told me with a cute smile that she was going to Trivandrum as the plane took off we just started to talk. I came to knew that her name was Sreelekha. She said that she stays in Dubai and Trivandrum and her husband is running a business in Dubai.

She has a kid was doing her schooling in Trivandrum. She was visiting her relatives at Chennai and returning to Trivandrum as we were talking I was observing the Air Hostess who was moving by.

She was very sexy and this lady noticed it and gave me a naughty smile as it was a small aircraft our seats were close and we were rubbing each other when ever there was a chance. This was not purposeful but it was happening as we were talking.

I understood that this lady was interested in interior design and she was also constructing a house. Then I started talking about interior background related to my construction profession. She was interested much and the talk was going smooth. We both also wanted to pass time.

Then we were given magazines to read which also had some interior pattern. She was watching at the patterns and I was watching the girl’s pics in the magazine. She noticed this too and gave me a naughty smile once again. Then she inquired about me and my profession, interests and so on.

She asked me if she can approach me for any idea for her house construction. I accepted it by which we became more comfortable with each other as I was talking to her more I was observing her figure which she too noticed.

She gave me some naughty smiles by which I got the message that he also likes it. Later we reached Trivandrum. I had to take a taxi for which she said her car will pick her up and she can drop me at the city from where I can take some local transport.

So she dropped me as she promised and I left for the day immediately from the next day I started getting casual calls from her where she asked me so many questions on her house building. I could not answer many as she could not give me the technical details.

So I said I can answer her only if I see the site and current building plan for this she invited me to her home when I went home she showed me a land nearby where foundation was already completed. I went around and gave her suggestions on what more can be done.

She was in a tight white T-Shirt and black leggings which was revealing her body shape and all this time what I could not avoid is watching her breasts and buttocks. Her white bra was also visible through her T-shirt.

She read my mind clearly which she revealed by some stares and naughty smiles after that she took me home and I left having a cup of coffee slowly our frequency of phone calls increased and we were talking freely and at time.

I was commenting on her way of dressing and complementing her which she also liked. Then I told her that she was looking sexy in the white T-Shirt and black leggings. Basically crush was also building in her and one day when I went to her home on her call no one was there after helping her in choosing tiles.

She asked me if I would like to have some vodka. I readily accepted. She brought 2 glasses, 1 bottle of vodka, soda and ice bucket. I filled the glasses and we cheered each other and started drinking after having one glass she started to sit much more relaxed spreading her legs.

She said her kid and parents have gone to her relatives place and will not come tonight. Hearing all this I was getting aroused and my cork started to get hard. We started to talk even more freely and I slowly started to complement her structure. I told her and you are looking damn sexy.

She laughed and she filled the next glass. This time she came close to me and sat beside me giving me a clear signal that she was getting into mood.Then I put my hand on her and she dint object. We were talking and she put her hand on my thighs and was feeling my thighs.

This gave me a green signal and I put my hand on her back and started to feel her butt (the most exciting place for me) she as ked me Rahul, what are you doing? I said I was feeling the softest part of her and slowly we were getting closer to each other and we hugged each other.

I felt her lovely hare with my hand and felt her face and lips which were made so perfectly. I was doing this her facial expressions changed and she way giving sexy looks. I then kissed her lips and she responded passionately.

Then we locking each other’s lips and were kissing each other passionately for around 10 minutes as we were kissing she did the most shocking thing. She directly held my cork and asked me if it was ready in no time.

She started undo my pant zip, pulled my pants down then pulled my underwear down and my cork sprang out. It was 7 inches long 2.5 inches thick. She held it in her hand and started to kiss in all around.

She opened her mouth and took my cork kin her mouth and started sucking it passionately. Wow, what a suck she was an expert cork sucker. I was enjoying that as she was sucking my cork.

I took off my shirt and banyan and pushed my pants and underwear even more down till it was out of me. I was completely nude in front of her and she was sucking my cork wildly in between she was also licking my balls.

She was sucking it so badly that finally I gave out my sperm in her mouth and she drank it completely and sucked my cork clean. Then she asked me is that all I’m not going to fuck her? For which I said it will take some time, at least 15 to 20 minutes for my cork to get erect.

She challenged me that she will bring it up by 5 minutes. She was still fully dressed and I was nude in front of her and I usually like being nude in front of full dressed woman and my favoured porn sites belong to the CFNM clothed female nude male category.

She pushed me back on the sofa and told me to relax and she went off to the next room switching main lights and leaving dim lights while going she gave me the remote of the home theatre and told me to switch it on when she instructs me to do it.

She did not come for the next 20 minutes by the time my cork became soft. Then I heard some sounds of her coming and she told me to switch on the home theatre with this started a slow Arabic music. To my shock she was wearing sexy black lingerie as the music start.

She slowly walked in and started a sexy dance slow and sexy when she came in front of me I got a clear view of her transparent dress was all above her buttocks and her buttocks were revealed completely and she was warring black thongs.

I started to watch her dance sitting nude and very soon my cork became erect at 90 degrees. She dint want me to get up and wanted me to sit back and watch the way she was dancing. This was building my mood badly.

Slowly as the music ended she came close to me and offered her to me by putting her hands across my, one knee on the sofa and leaned towards me.I hugged her immediately and started to kiss her all over her face and slowly moved to her neck all around.

Then I undid her lingerie zip and slowly took it off her and her entire body was exposed and her fair milky breasts were firm and her nipples were in reddish brown color which made her look beautiful. I held her breast and started to squeeze it.

She was mourning with pleasure. I squeezed both her breasts and sucked and as I was doing it she held my cork and started jerking it then I removed her Thongs which made her nude completely. I was thrilled to see the fair clean shaved pussy and the inner red in it.

I felt her pussy by my hands by the time she stopped me and she stood up and told me to follow her. He dragged me to upstairs by holding my cork. Then she pushed me on the bed and she came over me in 69 positions and then I held her butts and started to lick her pussy both of us were doing it roughly.

I was exploring her pussy completely and was consenting on her clitoris licking and tickling it hardly with my tongue. I was feeling her butts completely and squeezing it and pushing her pussy close to my mouth as I was doing this she started to shiver and started to shout.

I got the signal that she is reaching her orgasm and I started licking more roughly and was squeezing her butts. I was spreading her pussy and licking it deep in later deeper. I was mainly concentrating on the clitoris and I put my fingers into her pussy and finger fucking her.

I was increasing my speed she was also complimenting me with her movements after around 10 minutes and she gave a loud shout she reaches her orgasm and gave out her love juice which I licked and drank. I liked out every drop of it and after that she wanted to put my cork in her pussy and fuck her.

So I brought my cork near to her pussy opening. She guided it in the opening with 2 to 3 thrusts it went inside. She spread her legs wide and lifted it up and I started fucking her. I was increasing my speed slowly and she was getting aroused again.

I started building up my speed. She was shouting and giving all sort of sound. Dear fuck me, tear my cunt drill it deep down. She was reaching the next orgasm and I increased my speed I wanted to take my cork out to avoid pregnancy.

She was holding me tight and wanted me to release in her and finally I exploded in her and she came at the same time. Then we slept close to each other. We had 2 more sessions that night and I left the next day morning from that time.

We had many sessions in hotel rooms, her home and my room as she stays Dubai around 6 months and Trivandrum 6 months we always meet and have sex when she is in India. She comes with new ideas every time and she makes it more interesting. Please write to me at [email protected]

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