Hot Sex With Mom On A Rainy Day

Hi all this is my first story ….I love sex as all do .I love sex with everyone female, cross dress and even male this story is about that day how I got a chance to fuck my mom so without wasting time let’s start the story. I am Arul I am 26 years height is 6.2 weight is 50 and my cock size is 5 inch I medium dark with hairy body my cock is covered with hair .My mom name is priya nadar her age is 45 but she looks like she is just 28 …her fig is fully sexy she is hot and she love to wear sarees ..

So now it starts it was a rainy day and I returned back from office I work as in a ptv company that day when I returned as I forgot to take my umbrella I was fully wet and my mom opened the door and saw me fully wet she said go and change your cloth I went in the bathroom and changed my dress and we had dinner and I came back to my room …ya my dad works in railway so he mostly comes home once in a weak I and mom slept and at night at around 2:00 I got up to drink water so I came into the kitchen drank water and returned when I was going towards my room I just saw my mom sleeping and I my eyes was opened wide

I saw that my mom’s upper saree was out of her upper body as her boobs were clearly seen it was really big I switched off the light and was standing there and enjoying seeing her boobs and without knowing my hands was in my dick and I was rubbing it I was hard now I went in the washroom and made myself relax and went to sleep .Morning my mom came and woke me up that time she was wearing a maxi and it was low neck I was sitting in chair and having tea my mom was swiping the floor bending down her big boobs were clearly seen she was not wearing anything inside I couldn’t control myself after some time we had our breakfast and wear talking to each other and my eyes wear in her boobs mom asked me what are you looking at I said nothing mom your beautiful so now I started making plan I asked my mom ..

My mom came to know that I was looking at her boobs she went inside and after sometime she call me in I went inside her room I was shocked she was in her bra and panty I was feeling like go and kiss her full body I said what happened mom she said can you hook my bra I went near her and hooked her bra and asked her mom your beautiful she smiled and said thanks son and hugged me I tightly held her and her boobs were so soft and I kissed her in her neck I heard a noise ahaah I knew that she is also hungry of sex I slowly moved my hand towards her ass and pressed slowly she said in my hears son I am fully us from today enjoy yourself baby I unhooked her bra and removed her panty omgg she was dam hot she was fully nude I kissed her on her lips started pressing her boobz …

After some time I was also fully nude ..We kissed each other for 15 mins and I told my mom my cock is waiting to go in your mouth will suck it she went down and started sucking my cock ooooo mm that was a good feeling after 10 mins I laid my mom in bed spreading her leg took her full pussy in my mouth it was lovely and it was time to put my cock in her pussy I kept my cock in her pussy and pushed it inside she was aaaa slowly baby but I was in full force then she started to have fun and there was just fuck your mom faster baby yay a yay a ya mm oooo fuck its nice then after fucking her for 20 mins

I kept my cock in her mouth and she drink all her comes aaaaa mmm then we both layed togather and after some time I was hard again and now it was time for her ass I told mom I want to fuck ur ass also she said no it will pain I said please mom she said ok but do it slowly I opened her ass and started licking her hole its so nice ooo and she was just hhh lick it baby its ur put ur cock into it

I placed my cock in her hole and started pushing in she was aaaa its paining but I didnt stop not my cock was half inside with my full strength I pushed it inside she shouted aaaa I closed her moth and started fucking her after sometime she was ooo fuck harder baby fuck I was ya ya ya mom take this one you bitch fucking you bitch fuck aaaa she mmm yayayay baby oooo mmm then after 20min I poured my cum inside her hole and kissed her full body ….. From that day I was her husband when dad was not at home …… if you like the story let me know I have many sex life story with my sister …. Aunty ….. Friends sister and even with boys who had sex with me and how I sucked there cock … Aaaaamm

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