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Hello All, I am continuous reader of ISS and fond of star rated stories. This SEXY incident happened when I was in my 11th standard. I was not a talkative r interactive guy with girls. I’m decent and have a good body and a huge chest with big muscles, may be this attracted other girls.

On coming to the incident, Soumya was a very intelligent girl and she was one of the toppers in the class, also I was one of the toppers. She has a perfect figure with nice boobs, a very good waist and a nice BUM. I think lot attracted to her by seeing her bum. In the morning session, the classes will begin at 9.00AM and I used to come before half-an-hour and she used to come around 8.40.Actually she had a boyfriend ,who was also my childhood friend .

He was short, very weak and can’t satisfy any girl/women. Coming to the point, one day we were informed that the optional subject classes will start at 8.00AM.Many of the people doesn’t attended as it was an optional subject only interested people will come. My luck that me, Soumya and her friend who is also a good figure, having very nice assets. So we three used to attend the classes. I have many chances to talk with her alone but I was not supposed to, because she was my friend’s girlfriend and I have very bad and sexy intentions on her.

One day she asked why I was avoiding talking to her .I replied that I don’t know what to talk. (actually I would like to fuck her than talking).She said just talk casually, talk about your activities etc….later on we used to talk regularly and her friend doesn’t attend the classes regularly and this was a bit advantageous to us. One day I asked her about her boyfriend and she told that he is a good guy and she will marry him after her studies completion. She asked me that I do have any girlfriends and I said no.

She asked me why? I replied having a girlfriend is such a time waste thing and I prefer short term relationship with girls. She asked me what does the relation mean. I told u r a girl Soumya and I won’t tell it to you. She understands my intentions, and said that she will take it easy and tell the matter. I told her I prefer sex with girls not a relationship. She blushed and smiled, said then what are you expecting from me? I said u has a boyfriend and u can’t let me go on and u r my friend’s girlfriend and I can’t go on with you.

She smiled and remained calm for a minute.2 days passed she came to me on morning and said that she is also preferring a short-term r/ship with me. My god I doesn’t expected this. I was on the Bench she came near me and held my hand and sit on my lap. She was caressing my hands. My thing started growing up and I whispered in her ears “what about your boyfriend”. She replied “U R MY BOYFRIEND NOW, Let Forget about him”. I kissed on her neck first and then on her back. She is wearing a Panjabi dress.

I kissed on her back and kissed on her cheeks from backside, while that time I put my hands on her boobs and started squeezing them.ohm what a great feeling. She started rising and slowly she rubbed her ass on my dick. I turned her towards me and planted a kiss on her forehead on her cheeks and then finally on her lips. I kissed her 30 min on her lips as we do have time as it was a Sunday and classes will begin from 10.30AM.i kissed her lips very long ,exchanged our saliva she took my tongue and into her mouth and started licking it.

She had a Strawberry chocolate in her mouth and that allowed me to kiss her very longer. I just lied over her boobs and kissed them over her dress and my hands were on her BUM, pressing them very hardly. I quickly removed her top and her bra and started pressing her boobs and she was moaning like ohhhhhh…come on….harder….She Pressed my head towards her boobs. Session continued for another 15 minutes. Then I removed her bottom and I removed my pant. I asked her to remove my undies. She started to remove and I hold her hands and said remove it with your mouth.

She smiled and removed it and took my mining machine into her mouth. Oh god this was an awesome moment. I was feeling that I was in heaven. She did it 10 minutes .I took out my tool and cummed outside of her mouth as we don’t have any cloths to clean. Then it was her time she and I were eagerly waiting for. I put my two fingers on her cleanly shaved ass and started rubbing. She was moaning well. I entered one finger in her ass and it was very tight. I know that she will bleed and told her she will be going to feel hell and heaven at the same time.

She was in no mood to listen and said Start fucking now. I know it was hard to enter her pussy and I tried. I put my dick over her pussy walls and rubbed it. Then I took her to the wall, placing against me and hold her right leg with my left hand and slowly I started to insert into her cunt entered an inch and it took five minutes. She was smiling instead of crying while she was paining allot took out my tool put it on her mouth and said to lick it make it wet with saliva.

She made it wet .Then I slowly inserted into her cunt with 3 or 4 pushes I entered the cunt and stayed calm after a minute, I started to take it in and out. Slowly increased my speed and she was kising my lips instead of shouting. She loved the moments very much. After a 15 minutes of session I cummed in her hole. We kissed each other for 15 minutes and I dressed her and she dressed me. She also allowed me to take her nude pics, cleavage pics and her pictures showing her lovely cunt .I kissed on her lips and we both drank some water and went to classes.

After the classes I took an I-pill and gave it to her as I cummed in her hole. We have many fucking sessions on the next week and I used go her home and fuck her the whole day and I also got a chance to fuck her friend along with her one day. I will later explain it other story. This was my FIRST POST in ISS. Your suggestions and comments help me how I mirrored my incident to you Any Girls interested to have a good facing session, mail me:[email protected].

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