Hot Unexpected Sex With Neighbor Beauty!

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Now coming to the story. The girl of the story is Nidhi. She used to live adjacent to my house. And she was a bomb. She had dark hair that fell to her shoulders and fair complexion that contrasted it. She used to wear tight tee shirts that accentuated her shapely boobs and she had great flawless thighs. But she rarely wore shorts at home and I rarely got chance to admire them. Nidhi and I were good friends and used to flirt all the time. I used to flirt with her friends when they visited her home to make Nidhi jealous. But she never showed much interest in my games.

On one wednesday my parents had to go to a relatives function in the city and I was left alone at home. I was home in shorts and tee and turned the TV on and started watching music channels. There was a knock on the door and I opened it and there was Nidhi wearing a tight white tee shirt and black shorts. I said oh thank God u r home today. Im so bored. Come in.

She came in and started chatting about random things and I started staring at her legs and had no clue about what she was saying. Out of nowhere she said, penny for ur thoughts. I was startled and said what? She said u have been staring at my legs for the past five minutes u despo and started giggling. I was ashamed of getting caught and was trying hard to think of a response to save my face but words failed me and I ended up saying umm.. Sorry! She started laughing and I joined her laughter.

She came back and sat on the couch beside me and we started watching songs and she started babbling about the upcoming movies and crap. Her hair was wet probably from the bathe she took and the aroma was making me hard. I couldn’t stand any longer and said Nidhi u are very sexy. Hearing that she became silent and blushed.

I took at as a yes and moved closer to her and placed my hand on her thigh. Her body gave a slight shiver and she let out a gasp. I put my hand on her cheek and pecked her on her right cheek. She moved her hands on to my back and stared into my eyes. I grabbed her and kissed her on her lips. Her body aroma was making me crazy and I started kissing her more intensely. I slid my tongue in her mouth and started playing with her tougue.

When we broke the kiss both of us were gasping for air. She said u r a very good kisser. That’s not the only thing I’m good at I said. She said ohh I hope so and we started kissing and body grinding. My hands were running all over her body.. I slid them into her t shirt and started to play with her boobs. She started moaning hard ah ohh Ahhh ah.. This made me hard. I broke the kiss and lifted her into my arms and took her to my room.

I dropped her on my bed and took off her shorts. I started kissing her lower legs and playing my fingers on her black panty. Then I moved on to her milky white thighs and started licking and biting her inner thighs. She started moving like crazy and took her panty off and started licking her wet pussy and she was enjoying it well while pushing my head deeper into her pussy. I inserted my tongue deep as possible and suddenly she squirted in my face. I wiped my face on her boobs.

After a while I got up and took my boxers off. My dick was erect and rock hard. With full force I inserted my tool in her pussy and she yelled out loudly. Oooohhh! I was afraid that anyone in other flats would hear it. Then I was vigorously fucking her up and her warm pussy around my dick was the greatest feeling ever. She took her tee and bra off and for the first time she was completely naked. Her white boobs and pink nipples are just flawless.

I got into position and took her boobs into my mouth and sucked them hard while pressing the other boob with my hand. Her moans were so loud it might have scared away birds. I once again inserted my dick inside and she said please do it gently. I complied and started giving her slow thrusts. After I while I increased the speed and i could feel I’m about to cum. I took out my dick and cummed all over her waist and thighs. We lied next to each other and groped each others body for some time.

After a break she said lets get back to work. Then our patience was higherand I fucked her so hard and she was moaning like crazy. aahh uuu ohhhh yaaaa yeaaa aghhh. To make her stop I kissed on her mouth and we continued the fuck and kiss for a long time. We both cummed and decided to take a bath. She asked me to stay in bed went into Hall and came back with a towel wrapped around her.

She came on top of me kissed me and said wanna bathe me?

I lifted her and went into my bathroom. so we were in bathroom together bathing. She was rubbing my dick with soap and I too was rubbing her pussy and boobs and thighs. I applied soap on her waist, boobs, back and every inch of her smooth body. We cleaned off soap and started rubbing our naked bodies together.

After shower we were fresh and hungry. We had food on the couch sitting completely naked and later realized it was a bad idea coz we were groping each other and got food all over the sofa. We finished food well enough and I winked at her and said. Wanna do some exercise? She said only if you promise to do it from behind and winked right back.

We went back into bedroom and got into sixty nine. I started playing her pussy with my fingers and she started to lick and suck my balls. Then she slowly went up and took my dick into her mouth. I let out a gasp and forgot what I was doing. She slowly started sucking my dick and playing her tongue on my penis tip.

She took my dick deep into her mouth and started tongue fucking me. Her tongue was taking me to places I’ve never been to. It was fucking heaven. I told her i was about to cum. She took my dick out and took my cum on her boobs.

I spread my cum all over her boobs and poked her boobs and nipples with my dick. She suddenly grabbed my dick and said DOGGY!!

I made her kneel on the edge of bed and I got down on floor and I fucked her brains out in doggy.

That was the beginning of a long fuck relationship between Nidhi and me which we continued for months until she got busy with her love life.!

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