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hi this is kanna from chennai, i m a 23 yr old, 5.8″ tall fat bottom guy, i love cross dressing. i also blessed with good sized boobs & A big thick mature ass. like every other cross dresser i love my femine side, like to be treated as women in bed. with my melons in chest & big butt i have attracted many cocks to it. Many cocks has enjoyed dark chocolaty ass. coming to the story i like to share about my gay affair with a young villag was during last year this incident happened, i happen to visit my uncle’s house. it was a village. uncle was living his wife & looking after my ancestors property. though he didnt had any kid he raised a boy servant on his own. he was a 15 yr old boy name raju. instead of calling him boy i would term his as a 15 yr hunk, he is 5.5″tall but a well built body. he had good masculine chest, broad shoulder & my favourite 6 pack. though he had a wonderful innocent face, i also noticed his eagerness to have sex.Frankly i completely fallen in love with raju. u may call love at first sight. if not for entire life at least for a night(r day wenver it happens). secondly i really liked his age. i started to think about my gay days in 15. The way my class friends treated me like girl & the sizes of their awesome cocks& so on. by his face i know that he is a virgin & i really want to take his virginity by myself. This was my first visit to this village, i have seen my uncle @ few functions @ one of those incident he had invited me to stay in house for a week. As usual he made all the arrangements to reach his house from the typical village railway station to his house. the house had a big back yard with well and space for cattle. i first saw the guy in this back yard he was cleaning one of the cow in the cattle. my room was in first floor, it was decent room, when u open the window, u could have a beautiful view of the backyard & my hot looking hunk. i love to see him from the window. in fact my only time pass at the first day was to look him & feel for having sex with him. i used to press my tits seeing him, even at times i will insert dildo shaped vegetables(from kitchen) into my ass thinking of his cock. my night went sleepless thinking of him madly & i made a decision to have him for sure next day.My uncle & aunt will go early in the morning to farm, before leaving they have asked raju to take care of me, they have also ordered him to give me a oil bath(my lucky situation). at 7 i was woked up by raju. at that time i was only in my banyan & a flower girly night shorts, my big thigh & boobs cleavage was completely exposed, i could see some mud stain in my nipple region of banyan. raju was dusty shorts. Raju was trying to wake me from long time, since I didn’t wake at that time time he pressed my tits. he gave me coffee and asked me to be ready for oil bath. i asked him to wait outside. while moving out he was adjusting his zip area with his hands & turned around, so that i will be unable see him & his hands in his zip area. he was really horny by seeing my tits & exposed thighs, his cock was really erect, he doesnt want to embarrass himself in front of his new sexy guest.

I was really happy for it, i really dont want to miss this opportunity, no one was their in home. it was only me & this horny guy, i went straight to the back yard with my night costume, he was making hot water & oil ready for me near the well. the place was rally cool & importantly no one could see the place from outside.I sat in a stool near the well, he was gazing me, i moved my hand inside my banyan & pinched my nipples to tease him. My nipples become erect & looked like braless girls top. he came towards me with oil in hand, he was looking on my erected nipples from my baniyan. i didnt say anything, he asked me to remove my top, so that he could massage me with oil, i did that & there was a little bounce in my tits, he was staring on it completely. i asked him to massage me, he went behind me, poured oil in my head & massaged me, he then poured oil in my shoulders, his strong hands really felt good. i asked him to stop massaging my shoulders & asked him to massage my legs, i stood up, revealed my tighs & and asked him to put oil and massage my legs, he was really passionate in doing that, he was really fast & even pinched my thigh while massaging. i could see tent in his pant. then i asked him massage my chest & stomach, first he started with stomach, while moving to my chest his hands was really passionate, he started to grope me, he even forgot himself & started toplay with my melones, with him i also enjoyed, he completely forget himself & nearly came to bite my right tits. i stopped him angrily & shouted at him for his action, he really felt sorry & began to apologize to me, he pleaded me to not to tell to my uncle. i taught this is my chance & i planned to blackmail him, i told him that he have to do whatever i say, he immediately said yes.i asked him to sit in the stool i sat, i really want to feel his hot body, so I told him that i m going to massage him, he pleaded me not, but i ordered him to sit quietly, I want to seduce him, so i stood before him turned around, bent & kept the oil in floor, this would give him a better look at my ass, i took oil by bending(showing my ass) took his hand & started to massage him, he really got strong hands, i moved to his shoulder by bending, so that my tits were falling on his face, i know that he really enjoyed my tits. He become restless, he even accidently touched it. Then i asked him to massage my body, except to my butt, he massaged me completely. i told him that he didn’t massage me completely, he asked me the part of my body. i showed my but. i orederd him to bring oil & asked him to remove my shorts, he did, he was delighted seeing my big sexy ass, i asked him to put some oil in my butt, he did. then i asked him to use both his hands, his hands started to massage with my butt. i walked to the well shaking my oiled ass, bent towards the wall to give the good view of my ass , he really liked my position, i signaled him to come behind me & asked him to lick my hole. At first he didn’t, then i blackmailed him, he licked me once it felt really awesome. I asked him to lick continuously, I immersed my ass into his face, he licked me passionately, his tongue was really teasing my hole. i then asked him put some oil on my ass cheeks & in my hole, he did that, it was really nice feeling, my hole was completely exposed to air, with oil flowing it made me some tickle.I stopped him after that & told him that my turn, i was on my knees, his shorts was really tight with that big tent, i even saw some pre-cum on the shorts, i just licked that part. I then took a small bite on his tent, he moved back, i pulled him near, kissed his awesome abs & my hand started to play with his cock. I came down and pulled it, his cock just poked out. it was really large & very thick, it also had nice odor which improved my mood, i slowly started to suck him, his big cock slowly started to, go inside my mouth, the un comfortable guy is getting comfortable now & slowly he started to replay for my storkes, slowly he started to fuck my mouth in minutes he sprayed his fluid inside my mouth, wowww it was really thick & my mouth couldnt able to hold so long in my mouth, i completely sucked the hot yummy fluid.

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