How A Women Dominated Me And Make Me Cry Part – 2

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Hi guys thanks for the likes and ur response to my previous story and here is the continuous of the story from where I left.After thrown from the flat I went to my room and took a bath and reminded what happened and I am very happy for that and I got a message from Mistress that next week I have to come again to her flat at weekend and I replied “No” mam, I can’t come I have work then she laughed and messaged me I know how to make you come after 5 days passed on Friday morning she messaged me “Be ready today evening come with a neat shave there should not be a single hair in your body” and I replied “No mam I will not come ” then she sent me a video to my WhatsApp that consists of me drinking her piss and getting waxed and said she would post publicly then I said no mam I will come..

And I neatly shaved all my parts including my ass and armpits and had a nice perfume and went to her flat then she came and opened the door and said to kneel down there outside the door for 15 minutes I said mam please someone would see this and started to beg her then she said ok but on one condition I would allow you inside and I agreed to it but she didn’t tell the condition and told I will tell you later I thought she has something cruel idea in her mind and as usual she bought dog belt and tied to my neck and asked me to follow her as I did in part one she tied me to bed and put on a.C.

And went away forget to say you I am nude here but she didn’t start the punishment for 2 hrs she stayed in the hall and didn’t come to room I am shivering here because of a.C and there is no way I can communicate with her as she locked the door and went away after 2 hrs she came and turned lights on and saw me shivering with coolness and laughed and said you deserve this punishment bitch as you said no to your mistress this would not repeat again I said “Yes mistress” that’s good my boy and she said to come close and made me lick her pussey and licked like a dog and she is moaning like anything after 20.Min she cummed in my mouth and closed my mouth with her hands so that I would not drop a single drop of her juices from my mouth and I swallowed her cum.

I said mam I need water then she opened her pant once again and started pissing on me and I drank puss like a water from tap and she said for these 2 days my piss will be your water and the waste which I left will be your food dog I said yes mistress and she went to kitchen.

After half an hr she bought some bread and jam and crushed it with her legs and thrown on the floor and ordered me to eat them I started to with my hands then she took a belt and beat me on my back and said u bitch fold your hands on your back and eat like a dog without touching with your hands and I did as she said while I am eating she spit her saliva on the bread and some drink from her mouth to bread I have no option left except to eat them and I did after some time she sucked my cock and when I am about to come she pulled off and tied a band to tip of my cock omg that pleasure I cannot explain in words but also it’s paining then she started to beat my cock with her hand she gave some 10 to 15 slaps and I am shouting like hell pls mam pls mam my moans gave her more pleasure and started to give more beats after some time she removed band and I crammed on her hand she asked me to drink my own cum and I drank it like a dog then she tied me to the pole of bed and went to sleep I also slept after sometime..

Next day morning she woke me up with a strong beating on my chest as I am sleeping facing upwards she ordered me to go and fresh in bathroom and said not to close the door I went inside the bathroom and fresh by washing face and all then suddenly she came inside and ordered me to kneel down and she sat on bathroom and completed her shit and I am watching everything she is doing she didn’t clean her ass after shiting she asked me to clean her ass with tongue I refused to do and said mam pls I don’t like this type and she gave a tight slap on my face and said shut up and do what I say bitch and she forcefully pushed me behind my back and she sat on my face with her ass and it smelled dirty and some of shit is still on her ass and I have no option and ate that shit then she went away and asked me to stay in bathroom and tied me with a rope to the tap in the bathroom after 15 min she came inside and removed the rope and started to take shower and said to me stay below my legs and suck the feet and while I am sucking her feet she is taking shower and I am sure I have drink so much of water from her feet after finishing her bath she said to take me also bath and I bathed and came outside she even didn’t gave me a towel to dry up and instead ordered me to roll like a dog on mat and make my body dry and I did as she said afterwards she gave me breakfast some idly on a dog bowl while I am eating like a dog she put her feet on my neck and started to beat me with belt and I am moaning and eating the food after finishing she put her pussies on my mouth and pissed on me as she said there would be no water she tied me and went outside for shopping and came after 3hrs and saw me sleeping and she bought a spoon that is lighted on the stove and put in on my buttock and I shouted like he’ll and even cried but she had no mercy on me and told you have no permission to sleep these 2 days without asking me and I cried for 5 min for that pain she came after sometime and ordered me2 to follow her to hall and I did as she said she tied my both hands and legs to the window she bought a whipping tool and started to whip on my back she gave me 10 to 15 whips later I counted them it was 15 whips that marked on my back I am crying like he’ll and no one will hear that as it is a closed area.

After whipping she ate some food and didn’t offer me anything to eat to my bad luck she put a bra and pantie on my mouth and I am not able to speak anything she ordered me to press her legs while I am pressing her legs she slept and without gap I am pressed her legs for 2 hrs and my hands are paining like hell and I am crying some drops of tears fell on her legs and she woke up with anger u bitch spoiled my sleep and gave me a hard slap on my face and I fell on floor she went away with anger and I started to cry again and also thinking what she would do in night and afraid of it after sometimes I heard door lock sound and thought she went outside without my knowledge I slept because of the pain and work I did to her to my luck I got up before she came home.

At night same repeated with food and water but to my surprise she asked me to kneel like a dog on 4 legs and tied my hands and legs backwards my ass is completely visible to her then she started to insert her finger inside I made a loud sound to which she shouted shut up bitch and then she inserted 2nd finger and 3rd and 4th and the whole hand and I am moaning and shouting after that she removed her hand and applied some oil to my ass and she had a strapon and started to insert her strapon and started to fuck me like a bitch and I am moaning with pleasure and pain she is enjoying it after half an hr of intense fucking she cummed inside and thrown me aside and went away and she slept in her room leaving me outside the hall..

Next day she woke up and called me inside the room and said to lick her feet fingers one by one and I did licking for half an hr and she said to stop and asked me to cum on her feet while I am trying to cum she is beating on my face and after some time I cummed on her feet and she asked me to clean them with my tongue and I did I ate my own cum once again after that she went inside bathroom and called me inside and said to shave her pussies I applied shaving cream on her pussies and started to shave with raser and tried to clean the hair but she ordered me to take that hair with cream with my tongue and I did and some of the hair went inside my mouth also then she asked me to repeat the same with her armpits also and I did it neatly cleaned with my tongue and she got freshen and went outside and called me back she said I have some work and I need to go and I am impressed with your and said for that I am giving a chance to you to fuck me I said yes mam and inserted my tool inside her pussies and started fucking her like a bitch and after some time I am about to cum she said to remove the tool and I cummed on her body and again she said to drink my own cum and cleaned it very neatly and she left me and went away..

That’s it hope you enjoyed my story any female from Hyderabad to treat me as like this pls do msg me [email protected] I will do each everything that I did there.

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