How An Indian Housewife Made Me A Perverted Submissive Cuckold

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This is the first time I am submitting one of my real encounters as a submissive cuckold slave. I have read great stories on this fantastic site and I felt it was time to quit being lazy and tell readers about the seedy side of Indian cuckolds. The events narrated below tell the story of how I was cuckolded, humiliated and dominated by a real Indian housewife with a huge and hung bull.

Well, I’m a 30 year old guy. Decently built and working in a good company at a managerial position. I am a regular guy but with a deviant perverted bent of mind as you will soon find out below. I travel often and this gives me the chance to meet many couples from online sites. So before much ado, let me get straight to one of my true encounters, which happened few years back:

I am a member of some online adult sites and I got in touch with this lady through one of these sites. I had mentioned in my profile that I am looking to get dominated by a dominant Indian woman, so this is the reply I got from her, “Dom Indian bitch and her hung stud want a slave. I liked your description and if you’re game, write back to me. Further discussion and pics will be shared later.”

I was stunned and overjoyed. Wow! So this was really taking shape, I thought. I contacted her through the site and she asked me what all I could do for her. I told her that if the lady was really bitchy, dominant and feisty, and the bull was hung and clean, I would go to any lengths. I won’t describe our conversation in detail because it will be played out in the following paragraphs. After a cock-raising chat online, she shared her number with me and we started chatting on Whatsapp on a daily basis. She also sent me her pictures, which left me dumb-struck!

She was about 34 years old, with a really feminine and smooth silky body with flowing curves. She had light brown hair and very fair creamy skin. Her full lips were pink naturally, and her pout could make even a dead man’s cock erect. The thought of those divine lips encircling a throbbing cock-head was just too much to handle! She sent me pics of her in expensive high heels, and tight figure-hugging miniskirts and tops. She never sent me her face pics though. I almost thought the way she was chatting with me, it might lead to one-on-one sex. But she never mentioned anything like that.

After a couple of weeks of chatting she knew that I was completely hooked onto her. She knew that she could make me do anything she wanted. I had already told her that I was not very good at fu**ing, but I was good at other things. This is when she told me that she is married, to a rich businessman who was about 42, and had no time or energy for her. Whenever they would hit the sack, which was once in a month or so, he would just quickly pump her and go to sleep after cumming with her being left completely unsatisfied.

She told me that she met a guy online to kill her boredom and slowly, she got hooked to him. Of course she did as you can see, he was 27, with a 6 foot 2 inch athletic masculine physique, and smooth hairless body. AND a 9 inch long and thick cock! She told me he used to screw her non-stop and she would sometimes pass out and when she awoke, he would still be pumping her. Her busy hubby was too pre-occupied with his work to notice the change in his wife’s clothes or attitude. Or the looseness of her cunt. Dumb bloke that he was. She told me that she had been seeing this guy since a few months and she wanted to do something which would symbolically equate to punishing her hubby for not being able to f**k her properly.

She told me she wanted to make her hubby their slave. But that was out of the question as her hubby was rich and it was he who was unknowingly paying for their hotel room bills and other expenses. She couldn’t possibly divorce him. She tried curbing these feelings for some time but then they started driving her crazy and everytime she would be screwing with her stud, she would fantasize that her useless hubby was preparing her cunt for her bull, and watching as they f***ed.

I understood that now we’re getting to the point and this is where she wanted me to come in. I was to be their sub cuckold slave. Well, I had told her before that I was looking to get dominated by a woman and that I couldn’t f**k well, but I really had not much idea what this would entail. She wanted me to serve both of them. I was hesitant at first, thinking about another naked man in the same room, but then I got curious and the following is what happened few days later:

We agreed to meet at a club, and the plan was that she would meet me alone first, then if she liked me, she would call her hung guy. So I went to the club before time and chose a side table a little away from the dance floor so we could talk. I waited for her to text me and soon enough she reached the entrance where she texted me to escort her. She told me she would be wearing a purple mini dress. I was stunned when I set my eyes on her, she looked even more stunning than her pics! She was fully toned and slim, and her bubble butt was almost threatening to tear through the fabric of her mini skirt. And her face was so feminine and bitchy at the same time. I was almost in love with this woman.

Anyway, so I took her to my table and we began chatting over drinks. She told me that she thought I could do what she wanted after our chats, and she told me I also had a striking resemblance to her hubby’s face. I thought, I’ll do anything for this Goddess. After a couple of drinks, she took me to the dance floor and erotically rubbed her body against mine. She turned around and put my hands around her waist and rubbed her ass on my crotch in full view of everyone. All the guys were staring so hard their eyes could have popped out. They were thinking what a lucky guy I was to be dancing with this nymphomaniac and that I must be having a really long cock. When the reality was that soon I was gonna become her slave. I secretly was turned on by the bittersweet irony of the whole thing.

Around 11pm, she called her guy and told me he was coming to pick us up. I got kinda nervous as to how I would react to the upcoming alien situation for me. Well, I would soon find out. We were greeted at our table by this huge beast of a man. I was 5’9” and this guy towered over me. She smooched him with their tongues rolling in front of everyone. The same guys were now staring even harder. I didn’t know where to hide.

Well, he quickly downed a couple of drinks and we paid the bill and then headed over to the parking lot. She told me to walk behind them. His huge hand was on her ass as she walked. Now I was certain the other guys who saw all this knew I was their bitch. Fuck. I didn’t know how I felt. It was strange but a chill ran down my spine in anticipation of what was to come.

When we got home, she assumed a completely different tone and stance towards me. Earlier she had been talking sweetly with me, but the moment we entered her flat, she had a steely look in her eyes and a bossy tone to her voice. She was a woman who knew what she wanted. She showed me the kitchen and almost ordered me to prepare drinks for them and serve them on a tray. When I came out with the tray, I saw that they were sitting on the sofa and kissing dirtily with saliva drooling and tongues rolling. It was such a turn on. She had her smooth creamy thigh draped over his knee and his hand was fondling her pussy.

She ordered me to come over and after taking their glasses she tossed the tray behind and told me to get on my knees. She pushed my face to her cunt and I realized she had not been wearing panties the whole time. Oh her pussy was heavenly! Waxed, soft and smooth; just like the rest of her. I could spend my life there. I got lost in licking her slit when she suddenly jerked my head up and I couldn’t believe what I saw; she had his cock in her hands and was slowly stroking it…it was insanely bigger than anything I could have imagined. He was an animal or a man?! The thing looked almost a foot long to me, had so many bulging thick veins and I guessed my fist wouldn’t be able to fully close around it, it was so thick. His balls were smooth and shaved and were as big as two ping-pong balls hanging in a loose sack. I almost lost my erection in my jeans as my cock was a thin worm compared to this monster.

She looked at me with a penetrative gaze and told me that this is what she needs. She hadn’t even seen my cock in real yet but she said she knew I had a worm. I couldn’t feel more embarrassed. She told me that I was supposed to act like I was her hubby that night. I almost blurted out, “Yes Mistress”. She slapped me and told me I was to call her Honey that night. I was stunned at the force of her slap and knew I was in for a tough time tonight with this Goddess and her beast. Now she ordered me to get naked, which I did reluctantly. They burst out laughing when they saw my 3.5 inch thin worm. She said even her hubby’s cock is bigger than that.

She next told me to come within inches of his cock and watch as she stroked it slowly, while she abused me and humiliated me on my small package. I was beginning to lose my discomfort and actually started getting turned on in a strange way. My tiny weener was fully erect and I thought I would cum anytime.

She slowly wrapped her full pink lips around his massive globe of a cock-head and my fantasy of watching those lips in action came true. She seemed to sense this and slowly took only his cock head in her mouth so that her lips would spread and again come closer as it went in and out of her sensuous mouth. I was almost about to cum! But what happened next shook me out of my reverie.

She suddenly spat on his cock and told me to stroke it while she continued to lick the head. I hadn’t touched a man before and I said no I can’t. She slapped me so hard my ears began to ring. I was out of my daze and thought I should go home. But before I could do anything else, she grabbed my hand and put it on his cock. I couldn’t believe the power of that tool once I felt it in my hand. No wonder she was hooked. She bent down and gave me a sloppy wet kiss and said “now be a good little cuck and stroke my bull’s cock for me, pleeeeeeeease honey, will you?” I melted and complied.

So there I was, sitting on the floor between their legs while they sat on the sofa and I stroked his cock while she continued sucking his cock head…I was beginning to enjoy this. She gave a wink now and asked me to bring my head close to hers. She licked the cock head in a sensuous slow wave of her tongue and then leaned to kiss me. I knew that it had another man’s cock taste on it, but I couldn’t control myself from kissing her so we shared a lingering wet tongue kiss while her bull groaned oh yeah. We parted mouths and she asked me with a devilish smile, “honey, did you like the taste of a stronger man’s cock on your wife’s tongue?” I nodded, but to my utter surprise received another slap from her! I looked at her gawking, and she said, “you’re supposed to say, ‘Yes Honey, I loved the taste of another man’s cock on your tongue’”. So I parroted it out. The fact that I was being dominated by this beautiful and sexy cheating housewife was too intoxicating.

Soon she had held my head and forced it down onto his cock. I almost gagged and threw up as it hit the back of my throat. But her cooing and svelte voice made me go on. I felt the shaft all around with my tongue; it was really wide and it was difficult fitting the damn thing in my mouth; I wondered how she did it with that little wanton mouth of hers.

She held his shaft from the base and massaged his huge balls as I worked my mouth up and down the length of it and really wished it was not so long; my neck was beginning to hurt. But she pulled my hair and started kissing me again, our mouths met just millimetres from the tip of his cock. “Let me taste my bull’s cock from my cuck’s tongue…mmmm”, she purred. “Oh honey, my stud’s cock tastes sooooooooo good on your cuck tongue…mmm…yeahhhh”. I was going wild with lust, what was happening was too surreal for me.All this while I had been stroking and holding my tiny weener, her gaze fell on it and she laughed again.

I knew she had another devilish thought. I was right. She made me stand up by pulling me up by my cock and then turned to her lover, “baby will you please stand up next to him, let’s see how small his loser dick is compared to your love-pole”. I thought fuck, this is gonna be really humiliating, and that was when I fully saw her bull’s nude body; he was hugely built with rippling muscles that were accentuated by his hairless olive skin.

He towered over me and he really was hung like an ox. His balls hung so loosely in their sack, and his sack was longer than my erect cock! What a beast, I thought.

She made us stand next to each other and held both our cocks in her open hands. His monster reached almost upto her entire forearm from her fingertips while mine ended in her palm next to her thumb. They both laughed viciously. I cringed with humiliation. I almost had started to lose my erection but then she began sucking my cock and slowly stroking his dick. She noticed me eyeing his cock and couldn’t help laughing out, “so honey, you are in love with my man’s huge boner aren’t you, you are waiting till I let you suck it again….mmmm…isn’t it honey?” I was surprised when I found myself saying, “Yes honey, it’s so big and powerful”. I knew then that I had become a sissy cuckold.

She made me kneel on the floor beside her in front of him and soon we both started sucking his mammoth cock in turns. She made loud slurping noises and was behaving like a real slut. She took my mouth to his hanging ping-pong balls and told me to suck it into my mouth which I did. She joined me and we were sucking both his balls together. We popped them in and out of our mouths and he seemed to love it. She would slurp loudly and then bring his cock to my mouth and then after I sucked for a while, she would kiss me with tongues rolling, and she looked up into her bull’s eyes while she did so, “you like seeing your slaves worship your cock this way, don’t you baby?” The beast grunted in approval. She told him, “you’re gonna love what I make him do next”.

She told him to stand with his legs little wide apart and pushed me directly beneath his ass and turned me around so I was facing her with his balls hanging between our faces. She told me to suck both his balls together and pop both of them into my mouth while she sucked him hard now. I tried my best but he was too big and my jaws began to hurt. She was wanking and sucking him wildly now and he started groaning; I knew he was gonna shoot a blast of his cum soon. I made my way back to the front and couldn’t wait to see what would happen. She was sucking his cock, wanking it fast with one hand and also squeezing his huge balls with the other hand; babe sure knew how to please her man. Suddenly his ball sack contracted and I saw him shooting his load straight into her mouth. She almost gagged with the sheer force and volume of his thick cum. Even though she tried, some cum spilled out of her mouth onto her chin, cheeks and boobs. She continued to milk his cock till the last drop and then turned again to me. I was horrified; what, did she expect me to really lick his cum now?? She guessed my trepidation and pulled my face close to her mouth, “honey come over and kiss your wife, don’t you wanna taste her mouth filled with another man’s thick cum…mmmm….”. Fuck I almost cummed hearing this, to my sheer surprise; was I liking this, REALLY??

She came close to me and we shared the longest, most passionate kiss with our tongues and lips slurping and rolling, covered in his hot jizz. It was crazy. She looked up at him and saw he was looking down at us intently; he hadn’t experienced dominating a man this way before. It took us almost 5-10 minutes of hardcore kissing to finish off his cum. I licked her chin and boobs wherever his cum had fallen and then shared it with her. We had become his cum sluts.

She turned to my cock and quickly gave it a few rapid strokes and sucked hard and I came in no time, she licked her lips with my cum on them but spat it onto my body; she didn’t swallow it. She told me how weak my cum felt and tasted in her mouth after the rich filling her bull had just given her. That giant of a man laughed mercilessly when he heard this. He didn’t have to talk much, anyway.

She was exhausted; and so was I. So they sat back on the sofa and she ordered me to sit between his legs. They started kissing and making fun of me, that I’m such a sissy loser. I sat like a dog on a leash and listened to this degradation of my sexuality. She pulled my head to his crotch and told me, “let’s play a game”. I was to take his limp cock and loose-hanging balls into my mouth all together and sit like a dog with my mouth stuffed. She said I could lick her cunt for as much time as I could keep his junk in my mouth without my jaws getting tired. I really wanted to eat her heavenly puffed pussy, so I complied. His cock was so fleshy when limp, and so heavy…my jaws almost split open trying to take in all his equipment.

He was enjoying this and she was caressing his chest and thighs and telling him all the dirty things she would use me to do with him later after he was rested for the round of sex that was to follow. I just sat like an obedient dog and listened to all this, when I realized he was oozing post-cum into my mouth. It spilled out and she instantly leaped to suck it out of my mouth. That woman sure knew to not a single drop of his juice.

Well, folks, I am going to end this session now because my fingers are hurting from all this typing, LOL. I will tell you the later part of this episode in another story. How she used me as a sex toy to enhance her f**king pleasure with her big bull. The title of the next story will be the same, followed by Part 2.

Tell me how you liked this experience of mine. This was a few years ago and I have become a full-blown sub cuckold now. I have just begun writing about my experiences. I will continue to write more if you guys like it and let me know. Any dominant Indian women or girls who wanna use me as their degradation doll with their studs can also get in touch on [email protected] That’s cuckboyfriend at gmail. Bye for now.

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