How I Cleverly Seduced My Mom’s Sis To Fuck Me Part – 1

This story is all about how I did it with my mom’s sis before my sister marriage ( i had a huge crush on my pinni from 19 age of mine and used to masturbation twice or thrice continues after seeing her asses and boobs)….. I’m Mahesh from Hyderabad a cool guy with 6.5 inch dick with a lot of stamina. I started my first fuck when I was 20 by going to a prostitute….. from then onwards I and my friends used to go every now and then and used to fuck the hell out of the bitches from north India. Later after completing my degree I applied for masters in UK and went to study there and I created a fake account in FB and used to chat with girls and trying to get them to bed and quite successful in doing so with a lot of white girls of many countries. I saw my pinni id in facebook once and got an idea of trying to chat and seduce her as a stranger.

I planned my idea very well and sent her to add request but she didn’t accept it and I messaged her once saying “hi sweety” ( sweety I used to call). To my world of incest luckiness, she replied asking ” who is it”. I replied to myself and started chatting with her regularly and in a period of time we became so close friends and she started to tell about everything of her. One day when we are talking we came across the sex topic of I having a sexual relationship with my girlfriend. I showed one of my friend’s pics with his girlfriend to her instead of mine and she started to ask more about our relationship. In course of time, the discussion moved towards our sexual relationship and she asked me everything detailed manner. I told her everything about how we used to meet and how I used to kiss her and how we used to do sex. I told her that we used to have a lot of sex every week and she cannot tolerate my stamina and used to cum before I ejaculate and I said I’m not satisfied completely with her ( now the main story begins).

She showed her concern towards my problem and said she will develop slowly don’t worry. Now I started to ask about her husband and her relationship. She said she don’t want to talk about it now and I left the matter there itself as it could damage our friendship if I stress. Slowly we used to discuss a lot about sex and we became to chat sexually in meantime we became so close that we used to sex chat with each other and I used to kiss, lick her boobs neck pussy armpits stomach legs in chat and fuck her in chat. Later it became a daily part of our life to chat in the morning and sex chart in the evening. She used to send me her pics with the face of her in bra and panty and sometimes without anything and she used to send me her ass pics where I use to lick the pussy armpits and ass from pic itself. I used to send her my dick pics as well and ask her to suck my dick from the pic and she used to do it.

One day when we are chatting she was so upset and I asked her what happened and she said her husband works all the day and he is not interested in having sex with her and I said y don’t u seduce him like dressing up sexily because no idiot will leave a beautiful girl like u in his dream as well. Then she said she tried all sort if things but her will be tried after all day work and sleeps. Then I said what u want to do. She said she wants to satisfy sexually and don’t want to damage their family name as well. Then I said try to do with someone u know better and be careful. After some days chatting she said she wants to have sex with me as she can only trust me of any other ( I thought my plan is working and I close to vet laid).

But then I realized that I chatting with her on my friend name then I made a clever plan to involve me from my actual FB account at the same time. I used to behave roughly with her and used to ask her to send dirty pics and asked her to dirty things and in a period of time she was fed up with me and started to avoid me. Then I started the second phase of the plan. I told her that I know ur sister son Mahesh in UK and he is my friend and if u don’t do what I say I will tell all this to him.she was taken back by that move and stopped talking with me and used to abuse me like anything. I took this as an opportunity and messaged her from my actual FB account to her enquiring about the issue as my friend told ur sexual relationship with him in FB. She said she didn’t chat with him and she doesn’t know him. I sent the chat screenshots to her and she understood everything. She told she has done a mistake and told what all dirty things he (actually me from the fake account) asked her to do and she was scared. I told her that I will handle this issue don’t worry I will take care.

I again opened my fake account and messaged her that actually, mahesh saw ur nude pics and he started admiring u and he wants to have sex with you. She abused me like anything. We chatted a lot about that issue. I told her that I will prove to her that he wants to have sex with her. She asked me to prove that and then I opened my actual account from my laptop and fake account from my phone and started a trio group chart in FB.

She started to abuse me( fake account) in group chat and I used to tell sorry and I won’t repeat this. I messaged from my actual account that I will kill u if u do any harm to her and I don’t have any objections if she wants u, but don’t force her ( stating to my fake account). She replied chi ee yedava tho eppudu nenu cheyyanu. ( then I messaged privately from my fake account to her asking her to keep quiet but see the messages and she said okay).Fake account Mahesh don’t talk like that I love herMahesh: she doesn’t care about u now leave her.. A lot of discussions happened.. she is seeing every message.

Fake account: I just want her to be happy and she is sexually not satisfied

Mahesh: I too want her to be happy if she want to be with u I don’t have any problem

Fake account: she doesn’t want to do with me but she likes u why can’t u do with her and make her happy

Mahesh: what are you talking are you out of tour mind

Fake account: Mahesh don’t act I know u want her sexually when u saw her pics and she also likes u

Mahesh: if she likes me I don’t have any problem dude to satisfy her.

This is where all started turning around and she started messaging my fake account that I damaged all the relationship between Mahesh and her and abused me a lot.

Same time my degree completed and I have to return to India and my sister marriage was planned at the same time. I left London before 1 month to marriage to Hyderabad. She already came to our home at the same time as it was summer holidays for her children.

After reaching home everyone greeted me and asked me how I am and I gave the gifts to everyone and I gave a love symbol gift to my darling and she took it and saw it smiled a little and kept it in her bag. That day in the afternoon when I was relaxing on my bed she came to my bedroom and started to chat. I slowly moved my hand towards her ass. She saw that kept mom and started asking about all the stuff in the UK. She stands for something to see and I kept my hand where she was sitting. She sat exactly on my hand and my hand was below her ass. She didn’t speak anything regarding that and started to chat normally. I started to move my fingers on her ass and she started to show some expressions on her face and she started liking it and I knew that.

To my bad luck, some idiot came there and she left immediately from there. To my luck, my parents and some relatives left to our village to give cards and only some of us are left at home. I taught to utilize this chance and tried to sleep beside her in the night. To my bad luck, she slept in my parent’s room along with my grandparents. But I thought I shouldn’t miss this chance and I went to my parent’s room and said I can’t sleep as I’m alone in that room. Then she said I can come and sleep beside her and I immediately jumped to her side( on the bed first grandfather then grandmother then my darling pinni and me) we adjusted in the same blanket to my luck. I started to move my hand on her stomach slowly and she acted as if she is sleeping and slowly moved my hand towards her boobs and massaged them quite well for half an hour and she used to give expressions. I moved my mouth towards the armpits and licked them for 20 mins and I slowly moved towards her pussy and started touching her pussy from the dress. The. I started to pull the dress till her stomach and she held my hand not to pull the dress. But I didn’t listen to her and started to pull her dress up forcefully as I know she can’t do much as my grandmother is besides her.

Successfully I pulled the dress and lowered the stomach with a lot of effort and kept my hand on her pussy and realized that it was already wet and dripping. I started to move my hands on her g-spot and slowly she lowered her resistance and started enjoying by keeping her mouth shut. I started to move fastly and inserted my another hand finger into her pussy. Now I’m rubbing and finger fucking her pussy at the same time at the maximum speed and she can’t control and she cummed on my hand and I started licking my hand before her. She said chi but she started to like that and we kept hugging for some time like that. I asked her for a blowjob and forced her to do so and finally, she agreed to give me. She slowly took my dick in her hand started jerking and I moved my dick towards her mouth and she kissed it first and took it and started blowing my dick and I was out of my mind with her trick to blow my dick with her hand working on my dick and balls and ass and sucking at the same time. Then we arranged ourselves in 69 positions and she started sucking mine and I started licking her. We did that for 35 to 45 mins and she cummed twice and I cummed in her mouth after a lot of sucking. We adjusted ourselves and kissed hugged and slept for that night.

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