How I Enjoyed My Sex Experience With My Ex Colleague Pragyna

My Dear ISS readers..I have been a big follower of this website and have read most of the stories posted here..After reading all the stories even I wanted to post my story which happened to me recently….

Let me tell you about myself my name is Ravi am from Bangalore aged 30 and married and enjoying sex life everyday trying to do differently, my personality height 5.8,weight 73Kg my dick 7inch while erect and 3inch width black color skin and purple color head of the dick.

The queen of the story is a Bengali her name is pragnya, a beautiful hot married lady mother of a kid. Her features 36D.32.38…Hmm imagine the figure ophhhh..crazy isn’t it…tell me who wont feel Horney..We both know each other from office days and worked in the same team.

I would admire her rosy lips nice round boobs big long thighs and of course her juicy ass..(ah while typing feel like my tool is already in between the ass).. I would get the pre cum admiring her. Later she quit the company and even I quit. But still friends on fb.

After few days met her on face book chat and her profile pic was hot and spicy I could not control myself looking at the pic and texted her on chat casually. While chatting told her

Me :hey how are you

She: fine how about you

Me: feeling hot

She: Why

Me: Looking your photoShe: Really

Me: Got some guts and told how lucky her husband could to enjoy all the white flesh.

She: Felt shy and told ya he is lucky coz we both are Horney and am more Horny.

This gave me a chance to feel free to talk about sex to the white tall fat horse…told her feel like hugging you tight and kissing on that lovely pink lips..She felt nice and got in the mood with my talks and we both had nice sex chat and felt each other through messages(am good at having sex chat)..She started making sounds on messages like ummm … ahhhh … .ophhh.

Later asked to send her pics on whats my surprise she selfie with her bra and panty which was real delicious pics..And she asked for my pic.I sent her pics of my chest and my rocket which hard and long…

Me: Hey sex doll

She: hmm Ravi

Me: your boobs look like mango baby

She: ummm..really do you like them

Me: if I get a chance will pinch press and eat them

She: hahaha…you making me horny. And last night when I was having sex with my hubby felt like you were fucking my horny pink pussy

Me: wow my baby even I felt the same when I was having sex with my wife last night, hmm ummm when I can I fuck you my sex doll.

She: hmm very soon will tell you

After a week she messaged me

She: Hey come home for breakfast after 10 my daughter and hubby would have left for office and school and we can have breakfast together…

Me: I eat only mangos and drink mango juice for breakfast (with a naughty smiley)

She: hahahaha

Finally the day has come I reached her place, it was a nice flat in an apartment went and rang the bell..She opened the door, wow and she was in black tight T-shirt and white track pant…we spoke for some time later she offered me a glass of whisky with breakfast. I was sipping whisky and admiring at her rosy lips and the big boobs which was struggling in her bra and tshirt ..She saw me and asked hey what are you staring at..I winked my eyes and told at u..she asked first drink..said ok and finished my drink I was not hungry to eat breakfast but was hungry to eat her lips and boobs and her entire self.

Then we sat on the sofa and chatted for while…I went near her sat in front of her and told her I want to kiss you baby…She said no am scared because I am married, I told I am married too it’s ok just a kiss please her body was shivering I sat close to her and went near her lips, I could feel her breath it was smelling like crazy then slowly kissed her lips to which she initially was in fear, then I held her hand and smooched her for which responded well by opening her lips and taking my lips in hers…she was a very good smoocher , she got comfortable and we smooched for 5 to 10 minutes we eat each other’s saliva it was yummy specially her breath made me go mad and my tool was getting harder like tearing the pant, my tool was struggling inside my undie..I kissed her all over her neck and biting her lips and enjoying spit and breath..By now we both got real horny and I started to press her boobs on her Tshirt for which she started to moan ahhh slowly its paining..

Then pressed it slowly and again we began smooching and eating our saliva, she then whispered in my ears..Hey Ravi y you pressing.. hmmm on my Tshirt remove it and taste the mangoes and eat your breakfast..listening to this went crazy immediately removed her Tshirt wow the mangoes were covered in black bra(I love to see ladies in black bra and panty) …

Removed her bra and started sucking the juice from the mango she was feeling nice and pressing my head and biting my ears and making sweet nice in ears…ahhhh Ravi my fucker you are saw nice hmm eat it Ravi fill your stomach with the juice ahhhh umm my fucker…I started to feel her pussy on her pant and started to press it removed her pant and saw white printed panty and glowing thigh she already in heaven with eyes half opened and making lovely noises hmmm ophhh you great Ravi…Ravi want you also to be naked she begged me in a slow voice…I got naked she saw my black big rod and her mouth started watering…

Me: Do you like my dick

She: um ya nice and thick

Me: So what are you going to do with it

She: Burry it in my hole

Then I gave it in her hand she started feeling it I continued to smooch and feel her boobs and back…She kissed my dick softly and pulled my foreskin and licked my dick…Wow whata pleasure now I started to moan ahhh umm sexy you doing it well baby…She said Ravi can’t wait lets hit the bed and she walked naked to the room…I was staring at that big ass and walked behind..she laid on her back and opened her legs wide…

I slowly kissed he pussy lips it was juicy and smelling nice then started to lick her pussy and fingered it for a while the room was full of noise and smell of sex…she was acting mad pulling my hair and pressing my head…by then she had come out I licked it clean…

Then got up and put my dick in the hole wow it went peacefully inside and we started to smooch again…she was playing with my chest pinching nipples which makes me go mad and she started sucking my nipples while I was fucking her…I increased my speed she started to shout loud….Ravi my baby you are a real fucker ahhhhh umm uhhh I started to fuck her fast and hard when I was about to come started shouting sexy am coming am coming she held back tightly and dint let me take out my dick from her pussy I poured my hot sperm inside the hole and fell on her…

After 5 mins we smooched and was hold my dick and said this is real rod and a toy to play and kissed my dick and licked the juice on it I too licked her pussy and we again smooched to taste each other juice…Finally got dressed and while leaving smooched her and pressed her boobs and left home…We still do it when her husband is not there and my wife is no there..

I hope you all enjoyed my story request your feedback and to be honest I love aunties so any ladies who are widows divorcee and any aunties please mail me [email protected] am happy to have sex chat and sex for sure would be private and confidential.

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